The following was taken from the January-February 2016 issue of Sanitary Maintenance magazine.

Internal Company Relationships Need to Be as Strong as Customer Relationships (If Not Stronger)

You keep telling yourself that you’re in the customer relationship business. But, are you making the time to create the same bonds with your employees?

Focus on the Team that Focuses on Your Customers

Commit to meeting with your employees.

Try 15-20 minutes per day, 3 days per week and go from there.

Listen and Learn from Interactions with Your Employees

Put away the electronic devices, make eye contact and sincerely bond with each other. Ask how their families are doing, what their goals and dreams are and discuss ways to put them on a path to possibly achieve them.


Be transparent. While most people joke about no news is good news, they’d rather be in the know. Lack of communication and feedback creates a black hole, where speculation thrives, creating a perception of your business and their careers that may be entirely false and damaging.

Use the Right Communication Style

Formal hard copy memos stuffed in an internal mail bin can be perceived as cold, distant and uncaring. While it is necessary to physically document most communication, supplement the hard copies with a quick personal explanation, text, phone call, etc. Use of inviting body language and a warm tone of voice also goes a long way.
Consider morale boosters, such as handing out plaques, certificates and endorsements on LinkedIn.

Provide Proper, Productive Tools and Equipment

Few things are more frustrating than a lack of technology that hampers productivity. Improper tools and equipment will make your employees’ jobs more difficult and possibly dangerous, while being a huge de-motivator.

Freedom and Flexibility

The modern workplace is a humane workplace. Provide flexibility for employees to handle important errands, attend children’s events, help a sick family member, etc. Freedom should also extend beyond PTO. Employees should be able to collaborate with their immediate supervisors when setting goals and help determine the best ways to achieve them. Micro-managing is an enthusiasm killer.

Meaningful Work and Ability to be Successful

When empowered with the proper coaching, teams, tools and goals, everyone can feel like their work makes a difference.
At Scrub n Shine, we work hard to nurture healthy relationships with everyone we come in contact with. Vendors, customers and each other.
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