Scrub n Shine is the Leader in Synthetic Sports Floor and Wood Gym Floor Maintenance!

Re-Coating Sports Floors and Wood Gym Floors

We Clean and Tack the Floor

  • We clean the floor thoroughly to remove loose dirt, grit, tape, or gum from the floor, then
  • Tack with an untreated mop or tack towel.

We Optimize Adhesion

  • We use apply a Re-coat Conditioner and Prep Cleaner over the floor. While wet, we deep clean and condition the floor with a low speed floor machine, using a Floor Prep Pad (FPP). This cleans and conditions the existing finish to optimize adhesion.
  • If the floor finish is in rough shape, we may abrade the floor once it has dried (approximately 30 minutes) with two FPP’s (one driving the other) or a 120-grit screen to prepare for the finish coat. Then we tack to remove residue after abrading.

NOTE – It’s OK to Use an Auto Scrubber

  • Usually on large floors (such as gymnasiums), we may use an auto scrubber. Some people say that auto scrubbers can’t be used on previously finished wood sports floors, but that’s not true. The reasons that we’ve heard over the years range from “the floor can’t be wet at all” to “the scrubber is too heavy for the floor”. We point out that the floor should be damp mopped regularly (if not auto scrubbed) and that the solution is actually on the floor for just a second or two before it’s picked up by the squeegee on the rear of the scrubber. We work in manageable sections when we scrub, so the floor is never wet for extended periods of time.
    *** A 100 lb. woman can exert up to 1600 psi when wearing high heels, much more than an auto scrubber ***
  • We set the auto scrubber to its normal maintenance setting for proper application rate and pad pressure and apply a Recoat Conditioner and Prep Cleaner. An FPP pad is typically used. This step cleans and conditions the existing finish to optimize adhesion.
  • We tack to remove residue.
  • If the floor is in really rough shape, we may abrade the floor with a Prep Pad or a 120-grit screen and tack again to remove all residue after abrading.


  • We apply multiple coats of a waterborne heavy duty floor finish that is specifically made for your type of flooring. Wood gym floors typically receive a different coating than synthetic sports floors. Oil-modified finishes are available upon request.
  • It should be noted that our sports floor finishes are 1-part waterborne finishes that have very low odor (almost none) and the floor can be used in 2-3 days. Many of our competitors are still mixing 2-part oil based products that take several weeks to cure and its flammable fumes linger for months in the building!

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