Blog Article 11/02/2017

2017-2018 Commercial Blend Ice Melt $11.99 for 50 lbs. Bag with FREE METRO DELIVERY! FREE METRO ICE MELT DELIVERY Stacked Where You Want It! Hassle-Free Pricing (10 Bags Minimum Order)

Blog Article 08/29/2017

This customer is one of our favorites. It's a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Church, its Daycar...

Blog Article 08/15/2017

Embedded Soils Removed From Commercial Flooring. All Commercial Flooring Needs to Have a Regular Maintenance Program in Place (and that maintenance program needs to include buffing the floor on a regular basis).

Blog Article 08/07/2017

Ways to Control Odors in Your Facility. Clean, Disinfect and Treat with a Good Enzyme Product. Absorb, Neutralize and Masking Will Also Help. Scrub-n-Shine has all of the products and knowledge to combat and eliminate odors within your facility.

Blog Article 06/20/2017

Trash Chute Cleaning Service at 10-Stories High-Rise Building in Minneapolis. We Clean Trash Chutes with Special High-Pressure Equipment that Blasts Every Inch of the Tube.

Blog Article 06/16/2017

12 Stories High-Rise Trash Chute Cleaning Job by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Contact us to discuss your trash chute cleaning needs. Nobody gets trash chutes clean like we do!

Blog Article 05/25/2017

Parking Garage Pressure Wash and Floor Scrubbing Job in St Cloud MN. Scrub n Shine teamed up with Hello Kitty on this St. Cloud parking garage floor cleaning job! Contact us to Discuss Your Commercial Parking Garage Floor Cleaning Needs Pam's Hello Kitty...

Blog Article 05/16/2017

Vinyl Floor Scrub and ReCoat Service in Chanhassen MN. General Contracted Cleaners have our assurance that we will not compete with them. We appreciate the work that frequently comes from cleaning companies that do not have the experience nor expertise to...

Blog Article 05/09/2017

Schedule Your 2017 Parking Garage Floor Cleaning NOW! While sweeping parking garage floors helps keep dirt and debris from entering your building, salt, oil and grease continue to penetrate and break down concrete floors. Don't sweep - SCRUB! Contact us N...

Blog Article 02/15/2017

Scrub-n-Shine Trash Chute Cleaning Video on YouTube. You can hear the power of our state-of-the-art equipment as it blasts the crud away!

Blog Article 01/10/2017

17" Corded Brush-Assist Self-Contained Automatic Scrubber for $2,199.99! Limited Time Offer. Contact us for all of your commercial cleaning equipment needs. We can help!

Blog Article 12/10/2016

Parking Garage Pressure Washing and Power Scrub Service in Minneapolis. This parking ramp is in the Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue area. Embedded Salt Stains Were Removed Along with Several Pounds of Dirt and Debris. Management of this property couldn't...

Blog Article 12/10/2016

Deep Gloss on ANY Commercial Flooring is All About "The Build". We rarely strip floor finish. We prefer to deep scrub and build up the floor's finish with multiple thin coats. It's critical to keep the floor clean between re-coats to prevent soils from be...

Blog Article 08/18/2016

This parking garage is located beneath an apartment community in St. Paul, MN. Apartment Management Companies Appreciate Our Attention to Detail We pressure wash parking garage floors with high-pressure equipment that blasts water approximately an inch fr...

Blog Article 08/18/2016

Small Community Room in an apartment property located in Maplewood, MN. Large or small, we do them all. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor care needs. We can help!

Blog Article 08/04/2016

Sealer and Clear Coat Finish Put on New VCT Floor in Remodeled Retail Store. We enjoy working with VCT floor tile installers and commercial remodelers in the Twin Cities!

Blog Article 07/13/2016

Scrub-n-Shine Trash Chute Cleaning and Enzyme Treatment in Minneapolis. After blasting away the crud, we apply an extremely strong enzyme that continues to consume organic matter after we leave. This enzyme treatment has a fresh, pleasant scent.

Blog Article 06/29/2016

Video of High Pressure Trash Chute Cleaning in Minneapolis. Check out our YouTube video. You Can Hear the Power of Our Equipment and See How Clean the Chute and Hopper Are.

Blog Article 06/21/2016

This floor was stained and initially ground to a very smooth surface by another contractor. We were brought in to seal, clear coat "finish" and buff it to a high gloss. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor situation. We can help!

Blog Article 05/02/2016

Scents Influence Consumer Behavior. Scents are not only very subliminal, triggering emotions in ways you would never expect, but they are also more memorable than any other sensory experience. Scrub n Shine has several deodorization (odor control) product...

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Contact Scrub-n-Shine to remove embedded salt and debris from your parking garage. Each Scrub-n-Shine Garage Service Includes: We pressure wash your floor at well over 3000 PSI - not once, but TWICE. Then we mechanically scrub and remove all water and deb...

Blog Article 03/21/2016

Polished Concrete Floor Gets Much Needed Scrub and ReCoat in Wayzata. The customer was told that polished concrete will never need a sealer or coatings - ever. Well, after years of wear, it needed a little help.

Blog Article 02/13/2016

Scrub n Shine is a leading distributor of commercial cleaning equipment, tools, chemicals and much more! If it helps keep your facility clean and safe, chances are we can help! Contact us for a free review of your situation.

Blog Article 01/02/2016

Dial Professional Foaming Hand Soap System with Leaking Issues. Most commercial hand soap systems have dispensers with bottom push pads and valves that are built into the dispenser itself. As you can see, these systems will eventually fail and leak all ov...

Blog Article 12/30/2015

Easy to Understand Guide to Industrial Wipers. We think this article on choosing the right industrial wiper is our most concise and easiest to understand. Six categories are rated, using a simple 5-Star rating system. Other brief, yet thorough description...

Blog Article 12/21/2015

VCT (Vinyl) Tile Floors Cleaned, Sealed, Clear-Coat Finished in Clean Room Environment (St. Paul, MN). This business is a Research and Development Facility in St. Paul, MN (Twin Cities). They were amazed at the amount of ground-in soil that was removed an...

Blog Article 12/06/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Washing and Cleaning in Wayzata, MN. We took advantage of this stretch of unseasonably warm December weather to pressure wash and scrub this 2-level parking garage in downtown Wayzata, MN. Scrub n Shine Deep Cleans C...

Blog Article 12/02/2015

WANTED! Businesses Using Restroom Paper Products From GP (Georgia-Pacific), KC Professional (Kimberly-Clark), SCA-Tork and Wausau Paper-Bay West. We invite you to let us show you how much cleaner, softer and brighter our paper products are versus what you...

Blog Article 11/29/2015

Using a Spreader to Apply Ice Melter Products Wastes Product and Kills Grass. Broadcast Spreaders are the Biggest Culprit. Calcium Chloride "Burns" Hottest. Overuse of Ice Melter Products Kills All Plantings AND Destroys Concrete.

Learning Article 11/26/2015

Scrub n Shine Floor Pad Selection Guide. Proper floor pad selection depends upon matching the characteristics of the floor machine, such as speed, weight, etc., as well as the characteristics of the floor finish, such as hardness, buff-ability, etc.

Blog Article 11/11/2015

10 Easy Tips to Reduce Electro-Static Discharge Caused (in Part) by Carpeted Floors. In summary, if you're pacing around while dragging your feet in synthetic shoes while wearing your fleece outfit and flinging your long hair, you better have sprayed the...

Blog Article 11/04/2015

Limited time offer. SAVE $200 and order yours NOW. NEW 18 Inch Corded Electric Self-Contained Auto Scrubber for ONLY $1799.99! Why mop when can scrub a 4000 square foot area in just 20 minutes!

Blog Article 10/01/2015

Scrub n Shine Commercial Floor Maintenance Services at a Large Manufacturing Facility in the Twin Cities

Blog Article 09/29/2015

What Poor Floor Finish Coalescence Looks Like. We recently experienced an expensive learning curve with a new floor finish product and wanted to share.

Learning Article 09/02/2015

Use of Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths Can Reduce Cross-Contamination. Assigning specific cleaning tasks to color-coded cleaning tools can drastically reduce or eliminate cross-contamination. For cleaning most surfaces, microfiber cloths, dusters and mop pa...

Blog Article 09/01/2015

Home Depot Buys Interline Brands for a Reported $1.625 BILLION. This seemingly started with little Brissman-Kennedy, a janitorial supply distributor. BK was bought by AmSan, who then merged with Wilmar (and others) to form SupplyWorks. SupplyWorks was sol...

Blog Article 08/21/2015

Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Pet Odor Counteractant and Pet Stain Remover. Strong Pet Odor Natural Bio-Enzymes Formulation May be Diluted Up to 5:1. Non-Staining Pet Odor Counteractant Liquid Contains No Harsh Chemicals.

Blog Article 08/09/2015

National Retail Chain Store Via National Janitorial Company Calls on Scrub n Shine. National Janitorial Company's Lack of Knowledge Led to an Unsustainable Floor Care Program. After 2 Years, We had to Part Ways. A Few Weeks Ago, We Were Called Upon to Try...

Blog Article 07/15/2015

Are You Still Using These Unsanitary Multifold Towels? If so, WHY? Had to snap a picture of this out of disbelief. If you're going to use multifold towels, PLEASE USE INTERFOLDED TOWELS. Consider hard roll towels with dispensers that cut and leave enough...

Blog Article 07/14/2015

Bomb Shelter Doors in the Basement of This Old Minneapolis Building. Seeing these doors brought back memories of when elementary school teachers made students hide under desks as part of "bomb drills". After that, Frau Oplesch taught German on Channel 2 (...

Blog Article 07/10/2015

Parking Garage Pressure Wash Cleaning and Scrubbing Services in Bloomington, MN. This Bloomington, MN was definitely a full day's work! There was quite a bit of trash and deeply embedded oil stains that made it challenging.

Blog Article 07/08/2015

Parking Garage Pressure Wash Cleaning and Scrubbing Services in Minnetonka, MN. This Multi-Housing Apartment Parking Garage in Minnetonka, MN was thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed.

Blog Article 07/06/2015

This VCT Tile Floor in New Brighton, MN Just Needed a Serious Burnishing to Restore its Gloss. This commercial VCT tile floor in New Brighton, MN needed our 10% solids spray buff solution along with 2000 RPMs and a lot of patience to restore its gloss. By...

Blog Article 07/02/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in Woodbury, MN. This Woodbury, MN commercial parking garage was deep cleaned with high pressure washing and mechanical scrubbing equipment. Contact us to discuss your situation. We...

Blog Article 06/29/2015

Buyer Beware "As Seen on TV Products" Under Perform and Way Over Priced. There are new products constantly emerging in the cleaning industry with crazy claims, gimmicks and flashy marketing. Always Contact a Reputable Distributor Before You Buy an Unfami...

F.A.Q. 06/15/2015

What is a Synergist? Synergist is a boosting ingredient that multiplies the effectiveness of the product it's being added to. For example, an insecticide plus a synergist does not add up as 1 + 1 = 2, but rather 1 + 1 = 4 or perhaps 8, when property balan...

F.A.Q. 06/13/2015

What is Surface Tension? Surface Tension is a property, due to molecular forces, by which the surface film of all liquids tends to bring the contained volume into a form having the least superficial area. The purpose of using chemicals to aid in cleaning...

F.A.Q. 06/06/2015

Why is Hue Important in Clear Floor Coatings? Hue is a term given to describe a bluish coloration that promotes perception of depth in clear films.

Learning Article 03/10/2014

Scrub n Shine's Commercial Restroom Cleaning is a top to bottom, dry to wet process. Scrub n Shine only uses EPA Registered disinfectants.

Blog Article 03/28/2014

A Comparison of New GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Existing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Versions The Following Table Provides Comparison of MSDS Elements for the Following Systems: Globally Harmonized System1 ISO Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Pr...

F.A.Q. 04/01/2015

What is a Neutral Cleaner? Neutral Cleaners are cleaning chemicals with a pH (potential percentage of hydrogen) that is generally between 7-9. pH ratings are logarithmic. Each unit rating is 10 times different than the unit next to it. For example, a chem...

Blog Article 04/11/2014

In March 2012, OSHA issued a final rule that substantially modified the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to conform to the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The final rule requires that all em...

F.A.Q. 05/23/2015

What Causes Dirt Embodiment on Commercial Floors? Dirt Embodiment (on floors) is the presence of trapped dirt and foreign matter which cannot be removed by detergent washing. Soft films or excess plasticizer are the usual causes of dirt embodiment.

Learning Article 06/06/2014

Polymer Matrix Technology™ represents an innovative approach in the formulation of resilient floor care coatings. It is a new process of blending a “polymer within a polymer”. Through this unique process, our exclusive manufacturer is able to create overa...

F.A.Q. 04/28/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Total Solids? Floor Finish Total Solids is a combination of the volatile and non-volatile solids in the finish minus the diluent content. It is expressed as a percentage of all ingredients.

F.A.Q. 05/30/2015

What is Dual Solubility? Dual Solubility holds dissimilar liquids together. An emulsifier (a chemical agent) is used to suspend one incompatible material in another. Generally, one end of an emulsifier molecule is soluble in water; the other end is solubl...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Conductive Nylon has an electrically conductive carbon suffused onto the surface. This coating is durable but not indestructible. In abrasive applications it wears at about the same rate as the rest of the fiber. Its conductivity is unaffected by humidity...

F.A.Q. 01/27/2015

What's the Difference Between Floor Finish "Build" and "Build Up"? Floor Finish Build is the proper (deep scrubbing to remove ground-in soils before) application of multiple layers of floor finish film. The "Build" occurs over a long period of time. Floor...

F.A.Q. 01/14/2015

What is the Most Efficient Way to Clean a Room or Indoor Area? Clean Top to Bottom, Clean Dry to Wet, Work Your Way OUT of the Room.

Learning Article 06/03/2015

Commercial Floor Gloss is a Combination of Visual Perceptions. Gloss is a combination of visual perceptions which promote the appearance of wet sheen. Terms Used When Describing Gloss Include....

F.A.Q. 05/21/2015

What is Floor Finish Coalescence? To Coalesce is to blend together to unite into a whole (or to fuse). As is relates to floor finishes, it is the formulation of the film as the water evaporates. A Floor Finish Coalescent is a solvent, usually a glycol or...

Learning Article 11/24/2014

Traditional coatings like floor finish are densifier-based. These products create coatings of urethane and acrylic in which the urethane and acrylic polymers are linked together through relatively weak covalent bonds. With Interpenetrating Polymer Network...

F.A.Q. 03/17/2015

What is Floor Finish Islanding? Floor Finish Islanding occurs when applied floor finish is not adequately anchored (poorly bonded), resulting in small pools of finish scattered over the substrate, surrounded by uncoated areas.

Blog Article 04/21/2014

Official Looking Letter NOT ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY Don't fall for this apparently worthless service.  The letter and envelope will list Minnesota Corporate Compliance as the servicing agent. Minnesota Corporate Compliance Company in St Paul, MN...

F.A.Q. 02/27/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Flexibility? Floor Finish Flexibility is the ability of a floor finish to bend and flex without powdering, cracking or peeling.

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

What is Soft Hair Used for in Commercial Cleaning? Soft Hair is usually goat hair, ox ear hair, Japanese pony belly hair and badger hair. Soft hairs are very expensive and are used in applications where very soft material is needed and marring is not allo...

F.A.Q. 04/08/2015

What Causes Discoloration Under Floor Mats? It is usually caused by Plasticizer Migration. This occurs when a plasticizer in a floor mat or floor material (usually vinyl or other synthetic-backed matting) transfers itself (migrates) into the floor finish...

Blog Article 05/19/2014

What is VCT Flooring? VCT floor tiles are composed of colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips formed into solid sheets by heat and pressure. Floor tiles are generally cut into 12" squares and are usually 1/8" thick.

F.A.Q. 03/11/2015

What is High Solids Floor Finish? High Solids Floor Finish generally contains 20% or more of non-volatile solids. The solids are what is left on the floor after the finish has completely dried.

Learning Article 06/13/2014

The Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association (MFMA) defines panelization as “a condition where localized excessive cracks develop between some strip flooring boards while adjacent boards remain tightly bonded together with no apparent separations”. With t...

F.A.Q. 12/28/2014

What are Carpet Bonnets or "Bonnet Pads"? Carpet bonnets are round, soft, cloth pads that made of cotton, rayon, polypropylene yarns and/or synthetic blended of yarns. There are also bonnets made of microfiber material. Bonnet pads are soaked in a special...

Blog Article 12/08/2014

Wood Gym & Synthetic Sports Floors Back in Use 24 Hours After Re-Coat! Scrub n Shine's Water Based Gym Floor Finishes are tough, offer great gloss, great slip resistance, and you can use the gym the next night! We're in and out the same day with very...

Blog Article 03/06/2014

There is No Janitorial Industry-Wide Uniformity Unsubstantiated claims are being made on just about everything, while construction quality, packaging sizes, and workmanship quality continue to go down. "Race to Zero" Product Packaging Continues to Shrink...

F.A.Q. 04/22/2015

What is a Scrub and Re-Coat? Scrub and Re-coat is a process used to restore a floor's finish when it has become embedded with soil and/or has excessive scuffs, scratches and marks. This is usually done with a free rinsing, deep scrub ...

F.A.Q. 01/23/2015

What is Buff-able Floor Finish? Buffable Floor Finish responds well to being buffed (or burnished) with mechanical action. A floor machine or burnisher with a buffing pad, is typically used for this purpose.

Learning Article 12/15/2014

Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) Codes. Sometimes referred to as HazMat or Haz Mat codes, HMIS symbols are found on all chemical containers as well as many delivery trucks. HMIS Categories are Health, Reactivity, Flammability Flashpoint, an...

F.A.Q. 03/25/2015

What is Floor Finish Mottling? Mottling is the physical migration of floor finish film from smooth, even distribution at the time of application to small discrete pools of material, resulting in a blotchy or spotty appearance.

F.A.Q. 02/22/2015

What is Ease of Application of Floor Finish? Ease of Application (of floor finish) is the amount of (mop) drag encountered when applying the floor finish.

F.A.Q. 05/27/2015

What is an Emulsifier? An Emulsifier is a chemical agent used to suspend one incompatible material in another. Generally, one end of an emulsifier molecule is soluble in water; the other end is soluble in organic solvent. This dual solubility helps hold t...

F.A.Q. 06/02/2015

What is a Floor Sealer? Floor Sealer is a temporary or permanent coating applied to help fill voids and pores in the floor surface before floor finish is applied. After the floor is sealed, fewer finish coats are necessary because less finish is absorbed...

F.A.Q. 04/30/2015

What is Considered a Stain (Versus Just Being Dirty)? Stains are blemishes or deposits that are embedded into a substrate material and may be permanent. Many stains cannot be removed with conventional cleaning methods and require special chemicals, cleani...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Floor Finishes May Contain as Many as Twenty-Five Ingredients! But, there are five basic categories of floor finish ingredients: polymer emulsions, film formers, modifiers, preservatives and water.

Learning Article 12/28/2014

USDA Non-Food Categories with Abbreviated Descriptions. Let Scrub n Shine help make sense of compounds authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs. Compounds such as dusting aids, furniture waxes or polishes, wall or floor finishes or wa...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Many people believe that the higher the solids, the better the floor finish. This frequently discussed subject is misunderstood and simply not accurate.

Learning Article 03/31/2015

Disposable Gloves Durability and Fit Quick Reference. This quick reference compares the strength, protection, comfort and fit of disposable gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl.

F.A.Q. 05/15/2015

What is Acid Hardness in Concrete and Terrazzo? Acid Hardness is achieved with chemicals, generally metal fluorosilicates, that are applied to concrete or terrazzo, reacting with free lime and calcium carbonates to form silica quartz, a very hard substanc...

Blog Article 05/08/2015

Scrub n Shine Offers Turn-Key Odor Control System in Twin Cities and St. Cloud. 24/7 Odor Control Deodorizer (Deodorization) System From Scrub n Shine for Less than $6 per Month! FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE to Any Twin Cities' Apartment Community with More Than...

F.A.Q. 11/13/2014

What Substantiation is There for Ice Melter Product Performance Claims? Ice melter products are currently unregulated. Try reviewing Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) data, university studies and credible user testimonies that provide third party...

Learning Article 12/04/2014

Commercial Mat Rental vs Purchasing Entrance Mats. Renting a 3x5 mat will end up with a cost of $780 over a five year period! Purchase a better quality 3x5 mat for $70-120! That's a huge savings! Purchasing also allows you to coordinate colors, styles, si...

F.A.Q. 11/10/2014

What are the Effective Ingredients Found in Ice Melter Products? Chloride (salt) is treated with a brine solution of various chemicals and/or minerals to enhance its ability to effectively melt snow and ice. Often times, corrosion inhibitors are added to...

Blog Article 04/25/2014

School Districts Face Continuing Pressure to Cut Costs Custodial and Maintenance Work Has Come Under Increasing Scrutiny According the NEA, some cost-cutting has been accomplished through minor improvements in efficiency, but there have been many short-si...

F.A.Q. 01/17/2015

What is Floor Finish Adhesion? Adhesion is the process of bonding together. Poor adhesion of a floor finish can cause peeling, flaking and powdering

Blog Article 04/10/2015

Health Department Inspection Flags Trash Room in Senior Center. Trash Rooms Should Be Clean, Disinfected and Non-Porous. Hire Scrub n Shine to clean trash chutes and trash room on a regular basis!

Blog Article 06/07/2014

Seal Doesn't Mean "Finish". There is a Difference Between Floor Sealers and Floor Finishes. Floor sealers penetrate and create a bottom layer of protection as well as a bonding film for floor finishes to adhere to. Floor finish is a sacrificial protective...

F.A.Q. 03/22/2015

What is Metal Interlock Floor Finish? Metal Interlock floor finish provides improved detergent resistance and ability to remove its protective film if desired (it is "strip-able"). A metal salt is added to the polymer emulsion to provide this special bind...

Learning Article 02/27/2014

We pay attention to transition pieces, trim, baseboards and edge-work when we re-coat and maintain floors as well as all other cleaning duties.

Blog Article 12/19/2014

NEW! CarpetMaster 30 (CM30) 30" Wide Vacuum with 20 ft. off-aisle hose and built-in accessory kit for just $2,499.99! No other wide area vacuum touches the quality of this machine. Great deals on new and used commercial cleaning equipment can be found at...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

What is Palmyra? Palmyra is a vegetable fiber from India and adjacent islands. It’s usually a cinnamon color and has medium stiffness and is water resistant. It is good for scrubbing and durable.

Blog Article 01/13/2015

What is C-diff? The Clostridium difficile (or C. diff) bacterial strain was discovered in 1935 and first associated with disease in 1978. The C. diff strain normally lives harmlessly in the human digestive system but can grow out of control when the body'...

Learning Article 03/01/2015

Paper Products Industry "Green" Glossary.