Blog Article 12/12/2017

Types of Disinfectants and How to Make the Best Choices for Your Facility. Make an Informed Decision on Purchasing the Best Disinfectant Products for Your Situation. Having the right products on hand along with a solid plan to prevent disease and infectio...

Blog Article 11/02/2017

2017-2018 Commercial Blend Ice Melt $11.99 for 50 lbs. Bag with FREE METRO DELIVERY! FREE METRO ICE MELT DELIVERY Stacked Where You Want It! Hassle-Free Pricing (10 Bags Minimum Order)

Blog Article 08/29/2017

This customer is one of our favorites. It's a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Church, its Daycar...

Blog Article 08/15/2017

Embedded Soils Removed From Commercial Flooring. All Commercial Flooring Needs to Have a Regular Maintenance Program in Place (and that maintenance program needs to include buffing the floor on a regular basis).

Blog Article 08/07/2017

Ways to Control Odors in Your Facility. Clean, Disinfect and Treat with a Good Enzyme Product. Absorb, Neutralize and Masking Will Also Help. Scrub-n-Shine has all of the products and knowledge to combat and eliminate odors within your facility.

Blog Article 06/20/2017

Trash Chute Cleaning Service at 10-Stories High-Rise Building in Minneapolis. We Clean Trash Chutes with Special High-Pressure Equipment that Blasts Every Inch of the Tube.

Blog Article 06/16/2017

12 Stories High-Rise Trash Chute Cleaning Job by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Contact us to discuss your trash chute cleaning needs. Nobody gets trash chutes clean like we do!

Blog Article 05/25/2017

Parking Garage Pressure Wash and Floor Scrubbing Job in St Cloud MN. Scrub n Shine teamed up with Hello Kitty on this St. Cloud parking garage floor cleaning job! Contact us to Discuss Your Commercial Parking Garage Floor Cleaning Needs Pam's Hello Kitty...

Blog Article 02/03/2017

Stinky Apartment Halls and Common Areas? We Can Help! Our Odor Control Deodorization Services for Multi-Housing properties are an extremely cost effective way to increase tenant satisfaction and retention. Free Samples Available to Twin Cities and St Clou...

Blog Article 01/27/2017

Old VCT Floor Restoration Job in Edina, MN. Unfinished VCT Floors Absorb Rust and Other Stains. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. We can help!

Blog Article 01/09/2017

Decades of Neglect Left Soils So Deeply Embedded, You Can Still See Shadows Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance situation. We can help!

Blog Article 01/04/2017

This VCT Tile Floor is at Least 25 Years Old Our Floor Finishes Can Handle Heavy-Duty Winter Foot Traffic  Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. We can help!

Blog Article 12/21/2016

FDA Issues Ban on All Medical Grade Powdered Disposable Gloves Effective January 18, 2017. Contact us about all of your disposable glove needs.

Blog Article 12/09/2016

New VCT Floor Sealed and Finished at Maple Grove Church. New VCT Floors Need to Be Professionally Sealed and Finished.

Blog Article 09/23/2016

Small Area VCT Floor Scrub and Re-Coat Service in Minneapolis. Just need a small floor re-coated? We can do that!

Blog Article 09/22/2016

St Cloud Apartment Garage Floor Cleaning Service. Sweeping garage floors will help prevent dirt from being tracked into adjacent buildings, but will not remove salt residue from the concrete. Our high-pressure equipment deep cleans and removes salt, drama...

Blog Article 08/25/2016

Property Cleaning Soft Surfaces Helps Prevent the Spread of Disease. Cleaning hard surfaces, especially non-porous hard surfaces, has been relatively easy for many years. Soft surfaces, such as chairs, couches, pillows, beds, curtains, rugs and carpet con...

Blog Article 08/09/2016

5-Stories Trash Chute Cleaning Service in St Paul. We clean trash chutes anywhere in the Twin Cities. This job happened to be in downtown St. Paul. We Include an Active Enzyme Treatment with Every Trash Chute Cleaning Job.

Blog Article 07/11/2016

Old VCT Floor was Stripped Sealed and Clear Coat Finish Applied in St Paul. We Were Able to Clean the Vinyl Baseboards and Scraped Off Several Layers of Finish

Blog Article 06/20/2016

Restoration of Old VCT Floor in Minneapolis Church. This may be the first VCT floor ever installed! It was in a church basement on Lake of the Isles. We stripped at least 10 coats of finish, possibly upwards of 20 coats! Before replacing your old VCT floo...

Blog Article 05/18/2016

Scrub n Shine's Passive Odor Control Versus Plug-Ins. Just one Scrub-n-Shine passive deodorizer does the work of (at least) 6 Febreze Plug-ins and 24 Glade Plug-ins!

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Scrub n Shine Delivers Just About Anywhere! Restroom products, cleaning chemicals, janitorial equipment and much more!

Blog Article 03/30/2016

What are ESD Commercial Floor Mats? ESD Industrial Matting is designed to quickly drain static electricity from people to help protect sensitive equipment from damage. Scrub n Shine Sells ESD Industrial Matting.

Blog Article 02/13/2016

Scrub n Shine is a leading distributor of commercial cleaning equipment, tools, chemicals and much more! If it helps keep your facility clean and safe, chances are we can help! Contact us for a free review of your situation.

Blog Article 01/01/2016

Water Based Wood Floor Coatings in St Cloud Area. While we don't do residential jobs, I thought it was worthwhile to share the results of a Scrub n Shine staff member that tried one of our new one-part water based floor finishes on his own floors.

Blog Article 12/30/2015

Very Old VCT Tile Floor Stripped, Sealed and Clear Coat Finished in Minneapolis. This VCT floor job was challenging. Not to be outdone by the Evansville, MN job a few years ago, but close. Nobody knows how old their floors are, but we were able to get the...

Blog Article 12/22/2015

Scrub-n-Shine's Foaming Hand Soap System versus Other Hand Soap Systems. At, we strive to bring you quality products that help reduce your bottom line. Our foaming hand soap systems offer many benefits, especially in high-volume situatio...

Blog Article 11/29/2015

Using a Spreader to Apply Ice Melter Products Wastes Product and Kills Grass. Broadcast Spreaders are the Biggest Culprit. Calcium Chloride "Burns" Hottest. Overuse of Ice Melter Products Kills All Plantings AND Destroys Concrete.

Blog Article 10/28/2015

NEW! US Products Cobra-H 9 Gallon Extractor with Heat $2,599.99. SPECIAL BUY! Normally $3000+ for this model with 15 ft. hoses and floor wand. Great deals on new and used commercial cleaning equipment can always be found at

Blog Article 10/08/2015

Parking Garage Pressure Washing and Mechanical Scrubbing Minneapolis. Despite scheduling this job 7 weeks in advance, several parking spots were occupied during the cleaning process which made the job much more difficult than it needed to be. Also, severa...

Blog Article 10/07/2015

Scrub n Shine Sells High-Quality Custom Commercial Floor Matting. Stop 85% (or more) of crud from coming into your building at the door with quality entrance matting from Scrub n Shine. We also sell anti-fatigue (cushioned) mats, bar/restaurant kitchen ma...

Blog Article 10/07/2015

Scrub n Shine Loves Albertville Premium Outlets! We have scrubbed, sealed and clear-coated several retail store floors at Albertville Premium Outlets.

Blog Article 09/15/2015

Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Janitorial Products Available at Scrub n Shine! Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Commercial Restroom Equipment and Supplies, Commercial Floor Matting, Highest Quality Floor Finishes and Heavy...

Blog Article 09/03/2015

Vendor Managed Inventory - Conflict of Interest Versus Convenience. Vendor Managed Inventory is a trend that is gaining popularity. Some businesses are willing to give up inventory control in exchange for convenience. How much inventory are you sitting on...

Blog Article 09/01/2015

Home Depot Buys Interline Brands for a Reported $1.625 BILLION. This seemingly started with little Brissman-Kennedy, a janitorial supply distributor. BK was bought by AmSan, who then merged with Wilmar (and others) to form SupplyWorks. SupplyWorks was sol...

Blog Article 08/14/2015

Use of T-Bar Finish Applicator Works Great on Large Open-Area Floors. Most floors that we scrub and re-coat have many walls, corners and objects in the room to work around, so the use of a t-bar isn't practical. But, when we recoat gym floors and other la...

Blog Article 07/16/2015

Commercial Kitchen Degreasing and Deep Scrub Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. The Health Department cited this restaurant kitchen in Minneapolis for unsanitary conditions due to their build-up of grease. It should be noted that WE DO NOT CLEAN HOOD DUCTS, but...

Blog Article 07/06/2015

This VCT Tile Floor in New Brighton, MN Just Needed a Serious Burnishing to Restore its Gloss. This commercial VCT tile floor in New Brighton, MN needed our 10% solids spray buff solution along with 2000 RPMs and a lot of patience to restore its gloss. By...

Blog Article 07/03/2015

Slate Floor Tiles Need Penetrating Sealer. Slate is a porous, natural stone that needs to be sealed. We use an "invisible" water-based sealer that leaves the stone in its natural-looking state. Slate is beautiful, but is not our favorite flooring material...

Blog Article 07/02/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in Woodbury, MN. This Woodbury, MN commercial parking garage was deep cleaned with high pressure washing and mechanical scrubbing equipment. Contact us to discuss your situation. We...

Blog Article 06/29/2015

Buyer Beware "As Seen on TV Products" Under Perform and Way Over Priced. There are new products constantly emerging in the cleaning industry with crazy claims, gimmicks and flashy marketing. Always Contact a Reputable Distributor Before You Buy an Unfami...

Blog Article 06/22/2015

Parking Garages Need Pressure Wash and Power Scrub to Properly Maintain Concrete. Grit, oil, salt (and more), are absorbed into the concrete, then driven deeper into the concrete by vehicle and foot traffic. Look at your parking garage floor during the wi...

F.A.Q. 06/17/2015

What is Top Scrubbing? Top Scrubbing is a maintenance procedure usually done in conjunction with Top Coating. Previously finished floors are mechanically scrubbed with appropriate cleaning pads and a ...

F.A.Q. 06/15/2015

What is a Synergist? Synergist is a boosting ingredient that multiplies the effectiveness of the product it's being added to. For example, an insecticide plus a synergist does not add up as 1 + 1 = 2, but rather 1 + 1 = 4 or perhaps 8, when property balan...

F.A.Q. 06/14/2015

What is a Surfactant? Surfactant is a contraction of the words 'surface active agent.' This is the general name given to the type of surface-active agents used in cleaners. Surfactants reduce surface tension and provide improved ...

F.A.Q. 06/04/2015

What is Water Hardness? Water Hardness is an expression of the concentration of inorganic salts in water which prevents effective cleaning and germicidal action. Hardness is measured in ppm (parts per million) calculated as calcium carbonate (CaCO.)

Blog Article 05/26/2015

NEW! Heavy Duty 12 Inches Wide Bag-Less Commercial Upright Vacuum with Extra Large Dirt Cup $229.99!

Blog Article 05/25/2015

NEW! Nobles-Tennant 1600 RPM Corded High Speed Burnisher Only $1299.99! Special buy. Limited time offer!

Blog Article 05/19/2014

What is VCT Flooring? VCT floor tiles are composed of colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips formed into solid sheets by heat and pressure. Floor tiles are generally cut into 12" squares and are usually 1/8" thick.

F.A.Q. 04/14/2014

What Ingredients are in Floor Finish? Polymer Emulsions are Key Ingredient When Manufacturing a Quality Floor Finish Product

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Refinishing Commercial Floors is Challenging, Costly and VERY Labor Intensive Not to mention, if you use the wrong products, wrong equipment, wrong cleaning procedures and/or application techniques, you may do more harm than good. Variables That Affect Wo...

F.A.Q. 04/29/2015

What is Spray Buffing? Spray Buffing is the application of a spray buff chemical then buffing the area with a floor machine with appropriate spray buff pad.

F.A.Q. 03/17/2015

What is Floor Finish Islanding? Floor Finish Islanding occurs when applied floor finish is not adequately anchored (poorly bonded), resulting in small pools of finish scattered over the substrate, surrounded by uncoated areas.

Blog Article 02/28/2014

Use a Building Service Contractor (BSC) or Clean In-House? In-House Cleaning May Afford a Facility the Following Five Benefits: Vested Interest Security Staff Consistency Pay and Benefits Value-Added Service 1. Vested Interest With a “vested interest” in...

F.A.Q. 05/10/2015

What is Floor Traffic Wear? Traffic Wear is the marring or deterioration of a floor finish caused by foot and mechanical traffic.

Learning Article 07/07/2014

Exposure to mold may cause or contribute to watery eyes, congestion, coughing, skin irritation, asthma and other respiratory problems. Scrub n Shine Uses Products that Effectively Eliminates Existing Mold and Inhibit Mold Regrowth in a Single Solution! Ou...

F.A.Q. 05/18/2015

What is an Anionic Detergent? An Anionic Detergent is a cleaning material which carries a negative charge. Most soaps are anionic, as they combine fatty acids and an alkali. Oleate Soap, Amine Soap, Sodium Soap and combinations of the three are frequently...

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Too Many People Use Muriatic Acid to "Clean" Their Pools Harsh Acids Destroy Pools This extremely harsh chemical, simply burns everything that it comes in contact with, including the pool surface, pipes, heat exchanger and filters!  Whatever soils remain...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

What Types of Plastic Brush and Broom Bristles are Available? Plastic comes in many varieties, with unique properties. Polypropylene and polystyrene are most commonly used. Used in almost every kind of broom and brush application. A common synthetic filam...

Blog Article 09/09/2014

Residential Wood Floor Re-Coat. We Don't Usually Work on Residential Floors, But...

F.A.Q. 04/27/2015

What are Floor Finish Non-Volatile Solids? Non-Volatile Solids are the film or percentage weight of material that is left after the volatile materials have been evaporated. Non-volatile solids are the true solids that make up the actual film that dries on...

F.A.Q. 02/27/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Flexibility? Floor Finish Flexibility is the ability of a floor finish to bend and flex without powdering, cracking or peeling.

Blog Article 04/23/2015

CRI Gold Certified 500 PSI Box Extractor with Heat 200 Inches Water Lift Only $3999.99! Get truck-mount power in this 110 lbs. portable beast! Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Portable Carpet Extraction Equipment

Learning Article 05/12/2014

Conversion Tables that help convert mils to microns, microns to mils, kilograms to pounds, millimeters to inches, liters to gallons and much more.

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Shopping For the Best Floor Finish (for Your Situation) is a Bit Like Shopping for Trash Can Liners In the old days, it was always believed that the thicker the trash bag, the better it was. Similarly, it was also believed that the higher the percentage o...

Blog Article 04/17/2015

Shooting Hoops the Day After Wood Gym Floor Re-Coat. This patron of a Twin Cities fitness club was unaware that we had just deep scrubbed and recoated the wood gym floor with our specially formulated finish the night before!

F.A.Q. 04/24/2015

What is a Self Polishing Floor Finish? Self Polishing Finishes dry to a gloss without buffing. it is sometimes referred to as a "dry bright finish."

F.A.Q. 03/28/2015

What is Non-Buffable Floor Finish? Non-Buffable Floor Finishes are very hard and not repairable by buffing. This type of finish is usually an epoxy coating.

Blog Article 05/05/2015

Why is Cinco de Mayo Celebrated? What is Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for "fifth of May", is a celebration held on May 5th each year to commemorate the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862...

F.A.Q. 04/01/2015

What is a Neutral Cleaner? Neutral Cleaners are cleaning chemicals with a pH (potential percentage of hydrogen) that is generally between 7-9. pH ratings are logarithmic. Each unit rating is 10 times different than the unit next to it. For example, a chem...

Learning Article 03/29/2015

How to Determine Disposable Glove Sizing. The sizing chart above can assist in determining the glove size that would best fit an individual. Please note with the variations in types of gloves this is only a guide to help determine sizing. Nobody has a lar...

F.A.Q. 02/09/2015

What is Meant by the Term, Coverage? Coverage is the expected area that a product will effectively cover when used as directed. For example...

Learning Article 03/05/2014

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Floor Finish. Here is a Short List of the Numerous Questions We've Been Asked About Floor Finish Over the Years (Many of These Were Asked By Other Floor Contractors)

Learning Article 06/27/2014

Floor Machine Brush Selection Guide. Machine Brush Should Be 2" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating. Machine Pad Driver Should Be 1" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating

Blog Article 08/22/2014

Response Brand Polypropylene Flooring by Sport Court can be sealed and clear coated. Scrub n Shine uses a uniquely formulated product that produces a great sheen and scuff resistance with some flex.

F.A.Q. 01/12/2015

How are Strip and Wax Procedures Similar to Scrub and Re-Coats? The Strip and Wax Process is Similar to Doing a Scrub and ReCoat in the Following Ways: We generally place wet floor or caution signs in appropriate areas; mix our Scrubbing or Stripping solu...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Keep the coat thickness of floor finish on the medium to thin side. If drying conditions aren’t ideal, lengthen your times between coats. If you think that your floor may be trapped with moisture, deep scrub and burnish the floor to assist in the curing p...

F.A.Q. 04/25/2015

What is Floor Finish Slip Resistance? Slip Resistance is the resistance a floor finish provides when people walk on it with their shoes. It is measured as a slip coefficient by the James Machine. A rating of 0.5 is generally considered the minimum safe co...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

This is one of the most common problems users have with floor finishes. The user applied “too much finish too fast.” What happens in this instance is that the first few coats of finish haven’t cured, trapping moisture, which keeps the top layers of finish...

F.A.Q. 05/09/2015

What is Thermoplastic? Thermoplastic is a polymer which can return to its original shape after being softened or heated. Technically, floor finish polymers are not thermoplastics. But, many companies ....

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Nylon-AS (Anti-Static) reduces the problem of static electricity by adding an anti static agent composed of hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments. This provides a rapid dissipation of static charge faster than standard nylon filaments. Anti static material...

F.A.Q. 05/25/2015

What are the Four Levels of Floor Finish Dry Time? Four types of floor finish drying phenomena exist: 1.Dry to Touch 2.Tack-Free Time 3.Recoat Time 4.Full Cure Time

Learning Article 03/31/2015

Disposable Gloves Durability and Fit Quick Reference. This quick reference compares the strength, protection, comfort and fit of disposable gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl.

F.A.Q. 04/05/2015

What Causes Peeling of Floor Finish? Floor Finish Peeling is when floor finish pulls away from the floor surface in large flakes or strips. It is caused by poor adhesion, usually related to alkali residues.

Learning Article 04/10/2015

Floor finish manufacturers have had to continually adapt technologies to keep up with stringent VOC regulations. With the recent explosion of waterborne floor finish products (many are low-quality box store products), we're seeing more panelized floors th...

F.A.Q. 03/12/2015

What are UHS Floor Finishes? UHS is an acronym for Ultra High Speed. UHS floor finishes are High Solids Floor Finishes that generally contain 20% or more of non-volatile solids. They provide a hard protective coating, but are difficult to maintain because...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

When Reflected Light Becomes Scattered, it Produces a Dull, Flat Appearance. Quality floor finishes will release soil when cleaned and buffed, producing a long term, high gloss finish.

F.A.Q. 03/23/2015

What is Minimum Film Forming Temperature with Floor Finish? This can vary depending upon the floor finish ingredients. However, the temperature at which most floor finishes lose their ability to film form on a cold floor is about 45-50 degrees F.

F.A.Q. 03/19/2015

What is Floor Finish Leveling? Floor Finish Leveling is the ability of a freshly applied finish to spread and dry to a uniform and streak-free appearance. Poor leveling properties may result in ....

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Water based acrylic finishes dry faster than oil based finishes. You’ll have less downtime, limiting the amount of debris that may fall into a finish, resulting in a smoother finish. Cheap acrylics will include ingredients such as vinyl acetate or styrene...

F.A.Q. 04/04/2015

What is Particle Size in an Emulsion? Particle Size in an emulsion is the actual size of the suspended droplets. Typically, the smaller the particle size the clearer the emulsion.

F.A.Q. 01/21/2015

What are Auto-Scrubbers? Auto Scrubbers are self-contained, motorized, floor cleaning machines that dispense cleaning solution, scrub the floor and vacuum it up in one pass. Auto scrubbers operate using rechargeable batteries or with an electrical cord.

F.A.Q. 04/02/2015

What are Non-Volatile Solids in Floor Finish? Non-Volatile Solids in floor finish is the amount of the floor finish that stays on the floor after everything has evaporated and the finish has cured. It is expressed as a percentage. Most floor finishes have...

F.A.Q. 01/22/2015

Is it OK to Mop Commercial Floors with Bleach? Bleach is an oxidizer that will severely deteriorate floor finish. Bleach can also ruin fabrics, carpets, clothing – just about everything it comes in contact with.

F.A.Q. 01/23/2015

What Causes Floor Finish to Bloom or Blush? Blooming or Blushing is a condition in which moisture has condensed upon and becomes trapped by the floor finish film, rendering a haze over the surface. This situation may occur when high humidity conditions ar...

F.A.Q. 05/17/2015

What is an Amine? Amine is an organic chemical characterized by the presence of nitrogen and an alkaline pH. Unlike ammonia-type cleaners, amine-type cleaners are pleasant to work with, having no strong ammonia odor and will not irritate the nose and eyes...

F.A.Q. 05/23/2015

What Causes Dirt Embodiment on Commercial Floors? Dirt Embodiment (on floors) is the presence of trapped dirt and foreign matter which cannot be removed by detergent washing. Soft films or excess plasticizer are the usual causes of dirt embodiment.

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Our Floor Maintenance Programs Dramatically Improve the Safety of Your Floors ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894 In accordance with ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894, Scrub-n-Shine’s floor finishes create a safe surface on VCT tile, resilient flooring, terrazzo, wood...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Many people believe that the higher the solids, the better the floor finish. This frequently discussed subject is misunderstood and simply not accurate.

F.A.Q. 04/06/2015

What Causes Floor Finish Pitting? Floor Finish Pitting is a term given to small holes that form in a floor finish or hard surface. A common cause of pitting is "spiked" heel shoes.