Blog Article 11/02/2017

2017-2018 Commercial Blend Ice Melt $11.99 for 50 lbs. Bag with FREE METRO DELIVERY! FREE METRO ICE MELT DELIVERY Stacked Where You Want It! Hassle-Free Pricing (10 Bags Minimum Order)

Blog Article 08/29/2017

This customer is one of our favorites. It's a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Church, its Daycar...

Blog Article 08/15/2017

Embedded Soils Removed From Commercial Flooring. All Commercial Flooring Needs to Have a Regular Maintenance Program in Place (and that maintenance program needs to include buffing the floor on a regular basis).

Blog Article 08/07/2017

Ways to Control Odors in Your Facility. Clean, Disinfect and Treat with a Good Enzyme Product. Absorb, Neutralize and Masking Will Also Help. Scrub-n-Shine has all of the products and knowledge to combat and eliminate odors within your facility.

Blog Article 06/20/2017

Trash Chute Cleaning Service at 10-Stories High-Rise Building in Minneapolis. We Clean Trash Chutes with Special High-Pressure Equipment that Blasts Every Inch of the Tube.

Blog Article 06/16/2017

12 Stories High-Rise Trash Chute Cleaning Job by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Contact us to discuss your trash chute cleaning needs. Nobody gets trash chutes clean like we do!

Blog Article 05/25/2017

Parking Garage Pressure Wash and Floor Scrubbing Job in St Cloud MN. Scrub n Shine teamed up with Hello Kitty on this St. Cloud parking garage floor cleaning job! Contact us to Discuss Your Commercial Parking Garage Floor Cleaning Needs Pam's Hello Kitty...

Blog Article 05/16/2017

Vinyl Floor Scrub and ReCoat Service in Chanhassen MN. General Contracted Cleaners have our assurance that we will not compete with them. We appreciate the work that frequently comes from cleaning companies that do not have the experience nor expertise to...

Blog Article 05/09/2017

Schedule Your 2017 Parking Garage Floor Cleaning NOW! While sweeping parking garage floors helps keep dirt and debris from entering your building, salt, oil and grease continue to penetrate and break down concrete floors. Don't sweep - SCRUB! Contact us N...

Blog Article 01/07/2017

Restaurant VCT Floor Scrub and High Gloss Clear Coatings Job in Minneapolis. This Restaurant VCT Floor had Badly Embedded Soils. We Deep Scrubbed the VCT Floor then Applied a Several Coats of a Commercial-Grade High-Quality Clear Acrylic. Before Replacing...

Blog Article 12/10/2016

Deep Gloss on ANY Commercial Flooring is All About "The Build". We rarely strip floor finish. We prefer to deep scrub and build up the floor's finish with multiple thin coats. It's critical to keep the floor clean between re-coats to prevent soils from be...

Blog Article 10/17/2016

NEW 12" Heavy-Duty Commercial Upright Vacuum with Clear Dirt Cup $229.99. This heavy-duty commercial grade vacuum will last for several years!

Blog Article 08/18/2016

This parking garage is located beneath an apartment community in St. Paul, MN. Apartment Management Companies Appreciate Our Attention to Detail We pressure wash parking garage floors with high-pressure equipment that blasts water approximately an inch fr...

Blog Article 07/13/2016

Scrub-n-Shine Trash Chute Cleaning and Enzyme Treatment in Minneapolis. After blasting away the crud, we apply an extremely strong enzyme that continues to consume organic matter after we leave. This enzyme treatment has a fresh, pleasant scent.

Blog Article 07/11/2016

Old VCT Floor was Stripped Sealed and Clear Coat Finish Applied in St Paul. We Were Able to Clean the Vinyl Baseboards and Scraped Off Several Layers of Finish

Blog Article 06/20/2016

Restoration of Old VCT Floor in Minneapolis Church. This may be the first VCT floor ever installed! It was in a church basement on Lake of the Isles. We stripped at least 10 coats of finish, possibly upwards of 20 coats! Before replacing your old VCT floo...

Blog Article 05/18/2016

Scrub n Shine's Passive Odor Control Versus Plug-Ins. Just one Scrub-n-Shine passive deodorizer does the work of (at least) 6 Febreze Plug-ins and 24 Glade Plug-ins!

Blog Article 05/10/2016

You're Not Still Renting Commercial Floor Mats, Are You? Floor mats looking a little rough? Let Scrub n Shine help! Get What you Need AND What you Want by Purchasing Commercial Matting from!

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Contact Scrub-n-Shine to remove embedded salt and debris from your parking garage. Each Scrub-n-Shine Garage Service Includes: We pressure wash your floor at well over 3000 PSI - not once, but TWICE. Then we mechanically scrub and remove all water and deb...

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Scrub n Shine Delivers Just About Anywhere! Restroom products, cleaning chemicals, janitorial equipment and much more!

Blog Article 03/30/2016

What are ESD Commercial Floor Mats? ESD Industrial Matting is designed to quickly drain static electricity from people to help protect sensitive equipment from damage. Scrub n Shine Sells ESD Industrial Matting.

Blog Article 01/03/2016

Commercial Restroom Fixtures and Restroom Supplies Available at Scrub-n-Shine. Disposable hand towels and dispensers, toilet paper and dispensers, hand soap and dispensers, touch-free flush valves, faucets, deodorizers, urinal screens and blocks, antimicr...

Blog Article 01/01/2016

Water Based Wood Floor Coatings in St Cloud Area. While we don't do residential jobs, I thought it was worthwhile to share the results of a Scrub n Shine staff member that tried one of our new one-part water based floor finishes on his own floors.

Blog Article 12/30/2015

What is the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Eye Wash Devices? This article serves as a general reference, is not all encompassing and should not be used as legal advice. The ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard establishes a universal minimum performance and use requiremen...

Blog Article 12/21/2015

VCT Floor Coatings Services in Minneapolis Medical Manufacturing Facility. This customer's business is growing and they remodeled (moving walls, etc.) and asked us to deep scrub their old and new VCT tile floors. It's always a challenge trying to blend ol...

Blog Article 12/21/2015

VCT Vinyl Tile Floor Really Pops After Deep Scrub and Re-Coat (Maplewood, MN). We've worked for this customer before and love how the multi-colored floor looks when we're done!

Blog Article 11/11/2015

10 Easy Tips to Reduce Electro-Static Discharge Caused (in Part) by Carpeted Floors. In summary, if you're pacing around while dragging your feet in synthetic shoes while wearing your fleece outfit and flinging your long hair, you better have sprayed the...

Blog Article 10/28/2015

NEW! US Products Cobra-H 9 Gallon Extractor with Heat $2,599.99. SPECIAL BUY! Normally $3000+ for this model with 15 ft. hoses and floor wand. Great deals on new and used commercial cleaning equipment can always be found at

Blog Article 10/09/2015

Doesn't Take Long for Parking Garage Floors to Get Dirty. We recently cleaned a very large parking garage that we couldn't finish in one day. Unfortunately, one small pile of crud wasn't picked up after Day 1 and it was tracked throughout the entire garag...

Blog Article 10/07/2015

Scrub n Shine Loves Albertville Premium Outlets! We have scrubbed, sealed and clear-coated several retail store floors at Albertville Premium Outlets.

Blog Article 09/15/2015

Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Janitorial Products Available at Scrub n Shine! Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Commercial Restroom Equipment and Supplies, Commercial Floor Matting, Highest Quality Floor Finishes and Heavy...

Blog Article 09/02/2015

Scrub n Shine Matches Global Industrial's "Special" Pricing on 18 Inch Corded Scrubber. At Scrub n Shine LLC, we work hard to bring you the best values in the industry! Even if it's against the humungous national chain stores. Some common sense restrictio...

Learning Article 09/02/2015

Use of Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths Can Reduce Cross-Contamination. Assigning specific cleaning tasks to color-coded cleaning tools can drastically reduce or eliminate cross-contamination. For cleaning most surfaces, microfiber cloths, dusters and mop pa...

Blog Article 08/15/2015

Wood Gym Floor Clear Coatings Services Job in Minneapolis. Their hired cleaning service (that cleans the entire school) used a tennis ball to remove scuff marks and marred the finish. Then, they panicked and mopped a large area of the gym floor with a str...

Blog Article 07/16/2015

Commercial Kitchen Degreasing and Deep Scrub Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. The Health Department cited this restaurant kitchen in Minneapolis for unsanitary conditions due to their build-up of grease. It should be noted that WE DO NOT CLEAN HOOD DUCTS, but...

Blog Article 07/14/2015

Bomb Shelter Doors in the Basement of This Old Minneapolis Building. Seeing these doors brought back memories of when elementary school teachers made students hide under desks as part of "bomb drills". After that, Frau Oplesch taught German on Channel 2 (...

Blog Article 07/07/2015

Old VCT Tile Floor in Burnsville, MN Deep Scrub and Re-Coat with Mid-Solids High Gloss Finish. This business wanted to convert an old storage room into a small meeting room and had concerns whether the floor would need to be replaced or not. We were able...

Blog Article 06/26/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, MN. These guys were great to work for! All vehicles were out of the garage and they were blown away at how clean the floors were when we finished.

Blog Article 06/25/2015

Wood Gym Floor Scrub and Clear High Gloss Gym Coating Services in Minneapolis, MN. Contact us to clean and restore your sports floors to a high gloss. We can help with ANY flooring material including "Sport Court" type synthetic flooring!

F.A.Q. 06/15/2015

What is a Synergist? Synergist is a boosting ingredient that multiplies the effectiveness of the product it's being added to. For example, an insecticide plus a synergist does not add up as 1 + 1 = 2, but rather 1 + 1 = 4 or perhaps 8, when property balan...

F.A.Q. 06/04/2015

What is Water Hardness? Water Hardness is an expression of the concentration of inorganic salts in water which prevents effective cleaning and germicidal action. Hardness is measured in ppm (parts per million) calculated as calcium carbonate (CaCO.)

Blog Article 05/25/2015

NEW! Nobles-Tennant 1600 RPM Corded High Speed Burnisher Only $1299.99! Special buy. Limited time offer!

F.A.Q. 05/18/2015

What is an Anionic Detergent? An Anionic Detergent is a cleaning material which carries a negative charge. Most soaps are anionic, as they combine fatty acids and an alkali. Oleate Soap, Amine Soap, Sodium Soap and combinations of the three are frequently...

F.A.Q. 05/17/2015

What is an Amine? Amine is an organic chemical characterized by the presence of nitrogen and an alkaline pH. Unlike ammonia-type cleaners, amine-type cleaners are pleasant to work with, having no strong ammonia odor and will not irritate the nose and eyes...

F.A.Q. 05/08/2015

What are Tack Rags or Tack Cloths? Tack Rags (or tack cloths) are made of a specially treated cloth material that is tacky to the touch. The rag/cloth is generally wrapped around the end of a broom or dust mop then used on a floor surface to clean up fine...

Blog Article 05/07/2015

Mopping Alone Will Not Prevent Embedded Soils. Without a regular buffing program, soils become embedded, even with daily mopping.

F.A.Q. 05/03/2015

What is Floor Finish Stripping? Stripping is the process of using stripper, a chemical product used to remove floor finish from the floor without causing damage to the surface. Stripper usually needs agitation while on the floor to work most effectively a...

F.A.Q. 04/22/2015

What is a Scrub and Re-Coat? Scrub and Re-coat is a process used to restore a floor's finish when it has become embedded with soil and/or has excessive scuffs, scratches and marks. This is usually done with a free rinsing, deep scrub ...

F.A.Q. 04/06/2015

What Causes Floor Finish Pitting? Floor Finish Pitting is a term given to small holes that form in a floor finish or hard surface. A common cause of pitting is "spiked" heel shoes.

F.A.Q. 02/07/2015

What is a Copolymer? Copolymer is a chemical molecule made from two or more types of monomers. Copolymers are preferred over...

Blog Article 03/14/2014

A cluttered or dirty parking ramp or garage detracts from all of the other services that you provide for your patrons. Protect your investment and reinforce a positive image with regular garage or parking ramp pressure wash and power scrub from Scrub-n-Sh...

Blog Article 08/01/2014

Nilfisk-Advance's Third Independent Study of Tennant's ec-H2O™ System Still Shows No Performance Difference Versus Plain Tap Water Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning equipment, released a third set of...

F.A.Q. 01/25/2015

Is Buffing the Same as Polishing? Buffing is a polishing or smoothing process generally achieved by using a rotary floor machine equipped with a buffing pad, brush, special screens or honing discs.

F.A.Q. 04/20/2015

What is a Floor Finish Restorer? Floor Finish Restorer is a product used to restore a floor's finish without re-coating. It can be sprayed and buffed, mopped on and buffed or included in the daily scrubbing solution.

Blog Article 06/07/2014

Seal Doesn't Mean "Finish". There is a Difference Between Floor Sealers and Floor Finishes. Floor sealers penetrate and create a bottom layer of protection as well as a bonding film for floor finishes to adhere to. Floor finish is a sacrificial protective...

Blog Article 11/07/2014

Going Through Paper, Soap, Trash Can Liners and Cleaning Chemicals Faster Than Ever? Manufacturers continue to make products thinner, smaller and cheaper than ever. In these instances, the manufacturer and/or distributor are usually trying to cut corners...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Horse hair is sometimes used to make cleaning brushes. It is usually from Argentina. Price increases with length and stiffness of the hairs. Usually soft, but may be blended with other fibers to a moderate stiffness. Usually white, black or grey. Used as...

F.A.Q. 01/21/2015

What are Auto-Scrubbers? Auto Scrubbers are self-contained, motorized, floor cleaning machines that dispense cleaning solution, scrub the floor and vacuum it up in one pass. Auto scrubbers operate using rechargeable batteries or with an electrical cord.

Blog Article 04/10/2015

Health Department Inspection Flags Trash Room in Senior Center. Trash Rooms Should Be Clean, Disinfected and Non-Porous. Hire Scrub n Shine to clean trash chutes and trash room on a regular basis!

F.A.Q. 05/02/2014

What is Industrial Cleaning? What is the Difference Between Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning? Industrial Cleaning is a much more specialized, heavy-duty cleaning service. Commercial Cleaning is much more generalized and lighter duty in nature.

F.A.Q. 03/01/2014

What is Travertine? Travertine is a Natural, Heavy Stone. Travertine is Not the Same as Marble or Limestone.

Learning Article 02/27/2014

We pay attention to transition pieces, trim, baseboards and edge-work when we re-coat and maintain floors as well as all other cleaning duties.

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Beryllium Copper is generally comprised of 98% copper, 2% beryllium. Beryllium copper has exceptional strength, thermal and electrical conducting and outstanding wear resistance.

F.A.Q. 11/10/2014

What are the Effective Ingredients Found in Ice Melter Products? Chloride (salt) is treated with a brine solution of various chemicals and/or minerals to enhance its ability to effectively melt snow and ice. Often times, corrosion inhibitors are added to...

Blog Article 01/09/2015

Touch-Free Restroom Solutions Available at Scrub n Shine. Scrub n Shine has the latest sensor (motion) activated, infra-red commercial restroom fixtures! Touch-free commercial faucets, flush valves, hand soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, hand dr...

Learning Article 07/07/2014

Exposure to mold may cause or contribute to watery eyes, congestion, coughing, skin irritation, asthma and other respiratory problems. Scrub n Shine Uses Products that Effectively Eliminates Existing Mold and Inhibit Mold Regrowth in a Single Solution! Ou...

F.A.Q. 01/28/2015

How Many Types of Burnishers are There? Burnishers are ultra high speed rotary machines that are used to polish existing commercial floors that have substantial build of ultra high solids (UHS) finish. These machines are powered by ....

F.A.Q. 01/30/2015

What is Ceramic Tile? Ceramic Tile is a clay tile with a hard glazed surface. It is commonly used on floors and walls of restrooms. Wall tiles are frequently...

Blog Article 12/29/2014

Can't help but notice all of the different derivatives of Scrub n Shine showing up on the internet now. Others are filing business names and website domains using every combination of punctuation along with the letter N, as well as "AND". We Are: SCRUB N...

F.A.Q. 03/16/2015

What is Floor Finish Impact Resistance? Floor Finish Impact Resistance is the ability of a floor finish to resist damage from being struck (impacted by) a sharp blow.

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Conductive Nylon has an electrically conductive carbon suffused onto the surface. This coating is durable but not indestructible. In abrasive applications it wears at about the same rate as the rest of the fiber. Its conductivity is unaffected by humidity...

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Polish Granite Floors. Granite Resurfacing and Polishing Procedures: Strip, Hone, Vacuum, Mop, Polish, Sweep

F.A.Q. 04/13/2015

What Causes Floor Finish Chalking? Floor Finish Chalking is the partial or total disintegration of the floor finish film resulting in fine, light colored dust. It is the result of ...

F.A.Q. 02/21/2015

What is Dust Mopping? Dust Mopping is removing dust and loose soils from the floor surface with a dry or treated dust mop.

Learning Article 12/28/2014

Parts per Million (PPM) Chemical Dilution Formula. When calculating the amount of concentrated disinfectant or sanitizer that is needed to get the job done, it's important to know the parts per million (PPM) of "actives" (active ingredients). This is also...

F.A.Q. 02/22/2015

What is Ease of Application of Floor Finish? Ease of Application (of floor finish) is the amount of (mop) drag encountered when applying the floor finish.

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Floor finish is a liquid that is applied to a flooring material and dries to a hard, durable and protective, smooth film. This film is extremely thin and is expected to protect and extend the life of the floor while providing an attractive appearance and...

Blog Article 02/24/2015

Scrub n Shine Has Rugged Commercial Vacuums at Unbeatable Prices! Dual Motor Upright Commercial Vacuum with On-Board Accessories for only $389.99! 10-Quart Backpack Vacuum with Aluminum Wand and Accessories for only $359.99! (6-Quart only $339.99) 12" Com...

Blog Article 01/13/2015

What is C-diff? The Clostridium difficile (or C. diff) bacterial strain was discovered in 1935 and first associated with disease in 1978. The C. diff strain normally lives harmlessly in the human digestive system but can grow out of control when the body'...

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Shopping For the Best Floor Finish (for Your Situation) is a Bit Like Shopping for Trash Can Liners In the old days, it was always believed that the thicker the trash bag, the better it was. Similarly, it was also believed that the higher the percentage o...

F.A.Q. 03/24/2015

What is Mop Contamination? Mop Contamination occurs when finish mops or wet mops are not properly cared for after each use and become unsanitary. This can cause major problems when applying floor finish, maintaining floor finish or trying to ....

F.A.Q. 01/12/2015

What is Meant by "Strip & Wax"? While some floor finishes may contain a small amount of wax in its formulation (usually Carnauba), there is no "wax" per se, involved in the process that is still commonly referred to as a Strip and "Wax". In the old da...

Learning Article 04/04/2014

General Maintenance Tips for Most Janitorial Cleaning Equipment. It’s ironic when the very equipment used to keep a building clean is filthy itself. Clean equipment instills confidence in everyone that witnesses your work. Clean equipment lasts longer and...

F.A.Q. 02/19/2015

What is Dry Stripping? Dry Stripping is a method of removing a floor finish by using an appropriate floor machine, floor pad and spray stripping solution. This method is not recommended for floor containing asbestos.

F.A.Q. 03/12/2015

What are UHS Floor Finishes? UHS is an acronym for Ultra High Speed. UHS floor finishes are High Solids Floor Finishes that generally contain 20% or more of non-volatile solids. They provide a hard protective coating, but are difficult to maintain because...

F.A.Q. 04/15/2015

Is It a Good Idea to Pre-Soak Mops Before Using Them? Yes, it's a good idea to presoak mops in water before using them. This will open up the fibers of the mop to allow even absorption of floor finish or cleaning chemical. It will also ...

F.A.Q. 02/09/2015

What is Meant by the Term, Coverage? Coverage is the expected area that a product will effectively cover when used as directed. For example...

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Clean Floor Grout. Floor Tiles and Grout Need Regular Maintenance. Remove Soils by Scrubbing with the Right Tools and Chemicals. Consider products that are oxygenated or contain peroxide or soda. In some cases, chlorinated products or mild acids wo...

Blog Article 12/02/2014

Ebola is a virus with a high fatality rate that was first identified in Africa in 1976. There are five subspecies of the Ebola virus. Ebola is Extremely Infectious and Moderately Contagious. There is no Specific Treatment or Vaccine for Ebola. Fatality ra...

F.A.Q. 04/04/2015

What is Particle Size in an Emulsion? Particle Size in an emulsion is the actual size of the suspended droplets. Typically, the smaller the particle size the clearer the emulsion.

F.A.Q. 03/25/2015

What is Floor Finish Mottling? Mottling is the physical migration of floor finish film from smooth, even distribution at the time of application to small discrete pools of material, resulting in a blotchy or spotty appearance.

F.A.Q. 03/23/2015

What is Minimum Film Forming Temperature with Floor Finish? This can vary depending upon the floor finish ingredients. However, the temperature at which most floor finishes lose their ability to film form on a cold floor is about 45-50 degrees F.

F.A.Q. 02/26/2015

What Causes Fish Eyes or Bird's Eyes in Floor Finish? Fish Eyes (also called bird's eyes) are small circles that appear in a floor finish after it has dried. This can be caused by applying too heavy of coats of finish, too much agitation during the applic...

Blog Article 03/07/2014

Electric-Powered Floor Machines Date Back to the Early 1900s Coincidentally, this was the same time vacuum cleaners were introduced that were light enough and inexpensive enough for professional cleaners to consider buying. Pushing and Pulling First Floor...

F.A.Q. 02/28/2014

What is High Speed Floor Burnishing? This high speed buffing process is done to keep your floors looking great in between re-coats.

Blog Article 07/10/2014

Scrub n Shine Leases Commercial Cleaning Equipment! Lease to Own with as Little as $1 Buyout on the Back End. Our Lease to Own Program is Easy and Covers 100% of the Equipment Cost. Consult your tax adviser to determine the impact on your business.

F.A.Q. 03/10/2015

What is the Difference Between Healing and Heeling Floor Finish? Healing is the ability of a floor finish to be repaired after scratching, scuffing and marking. Heeling is a technique of applying ....

F.A.Q. 02/27/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Flexibility? Floor Finish Flexibility is the ability of a floor finish to bend and flex without powdering, cracking or peeling.

Learning Article 05/02/2014

The differences between Disinfectants, Sporicides, Sanitizers, Sterilants, Aldehydes, Oxiranes and Antisepsis are noted within this article.

Learning Article 06/27/2014

Floor Machine Brush Selection Guide. Machine Brush Should Be 2" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating. Machine Pad Driver Should Be 1" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating