Blog Article 11/02/2017

2017-2018 Commercial Blend Ice Melt $11.99 for 50 lbs. Bag with FREE METRO DELIVERY! FREE METRO ICE MELT DELIVERY Stacked Where You Want It! Hassle-Free Pricing (10 Bags Minimum Order)

Blog Article 08/29/2017

This customer is one of our favorites. It's a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Church, its Daycar...

Blog Article 08/15/2017

Embedded Soils Removed From Commercial Flooring. All Commercial Flooring Needs to Have a Regular Maintenance Program in Place (and that maintenance program needs to include buffing the floor on a regular basis).

Blog Article 08/07/2017

Ways to Control Odors in Your Facility. Clean, Disinfect and Treat with a Good Enzyme Product. Absorb, Neutralize and Masking Will Also Help. Scrub-n-Shine has all of the products and knowledge to combat and eliminate odors within your facility.

Blog Article 06/20/2017

Trash Chute Cleaning Service at 10-Stories High-Rise Building in Minneapolis. We Clean Trash Chutes with Special High-Pressure Equipment that Blasts Every Inch of the Tube.

Blog Article 06/16/2017

12 Stories High-Rise Trash Chute Cleaning Job by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Contact us to discuss your trash chute cleaning needs. Nobody gets trash chutes clean like we do!

Blog Article 05/25/2017

Parking Garage Pressure Wash and Floor Scrubbing Job in St Cloud MN. Scrub n Shine teamed up with Hello Kitty on this St. Cloud parking garage floor cleaning job! Contact us to Discuss Your Commercial Parking Garage Floor Cleaning Needs Pam's Hello Kitty...

Blog Article 05/16/2017

Vinyl Floor Scrub and ReCoat Service in Chanhassen MN. General Contracted Cleaners have our assurance that we will not compete with them. We appreciate the work that frequently comes from cleaning companies that do not have the experience nor expertise to...

Blog Article 05/10/2017

Old VCT Floor Restoration Job in St Michael MN. This iconic bar wasn't happy with the results of their existing floor maintenance program and they called us in to help. Old Dirty VCT Floors Can Usually Be Restored to Look Great Again.

Blog Article 05/09/2017

Schedule Your 2017 Parking Garage Floor Cleaning NOW! While sweeping parking garage floors helps keep dirt and debris from entering your building, salt, oil and grease continue to penetrate and break down concrete floors. Don't sweep - SCRUB! Contact us N...

Blog Article 02/15/2017

Scrub-n-Shine Trash Chute Cleaning Video on YouTube. You can hear the power of our state-of-the-art equipment as it blasts the crud away!

Blog Article 01/10/2017

17" Corded Brush-Assist Self-Contained Automatic Scrubber for $2,199.99! Limited Time Offer. Contact us for all of your commercial cleaning equipment needs. We can help!

Blog Article 01/04/2017

This VCT Tile Floor is at Least 25 Years Old Our Floor Finishes Can Handle Heavy-Duty Winter Foot Traffic  Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. We can help!

Blog Article 12/09/2016

The owners of this upscale office building have contracted us to pressure wash their parking garages every year. This time, they asked us to re-stripe the parking stalls and handicap stencils. We Offer Parking Stall Re-Striping as a Value-Added Service.

Blog Article 09/23/2016

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Cleaning Service in Minneapolis. We Use State-of-the-Art High Pressure Surface Cleaning Equipment. After Pressure Washing, We Mechanically Scrub the Floor. We Also Striped This Floor with Yellow Traffic Marking Paint

Blog Article 08/26/2016

Why Scrub Instead of Sweep Parking Garages? Our Wet Cleaning Process Will Not Damage Sensitive Electronic Equipment (Like Dry Sweeping Does). SALT residue is what destroys concrete and the only way to remove salt residue, is to pressure wash and scrub it...

Blog Article 08/18/2016

This wood gym floor is located inside a church, near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Our Single Component Clear Urethane-Acrylic Floor Finish Allows Gym Floor Usage Within 24-48 Hours! We Use Low-Odor Wood Floor Coatings No need to shut down the entire build...

Blog Article 06/22/2016

New VCT Floor Sealing and Clear Coating Services Twin Cities. All commercial hard floor surfaces should be professionally sealed and finished to enhance its beauty and extend the life of the floor product - even NEW FLOORS.

Blog Article 06/18/2016

Scrub-n-Shine is Equipped to Handle Trash Chute Stacks of Any Height. Our Combination of Heat, 3000 PSI and Strong (Bio-Degradable) Chemicals Gets the Job Done Right. We also treat the trash chute stack, doors and trash room, with a bio-enzyme that consum...

Blog Article 05/25/2016

Very Small (But Cute) VCT Floor Job in Edina, MN. VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) manufacturers will say that their new VCT floor tiles are already sealed, it really isn't. New VCT tile floors should be deep scrubbed and truly sealed with a high-quality, comme...

Blog Article 05/12/2016

Seven Quick and Easy Steps to Employee Engagement. You keep telling yourself that you're in the customer relationship business. But, are you making the time to create the same bonds with your employees?

Blog Article 05/09/2016

Taking Pre-Orders for 32 Inch Manual-Push Sweepers for $259.99 Each! Limited time offer for businesses within the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas ONLY. Contact us NOW to pre-order yours!

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Contact Scrub-n-Shine to remove embedded salt and debris from your parking garage. Each Scrub-n-Shine Garage Service Includes: We pressure wash your floor at well over 3000 PSI - not once, but TWICE. Then we mechanically scrub and remove all water and deb...

Blog Article 04/25/2016

Scrub n Shine Delivers Just About Anywhere! Restroom products, cleaning chemicals, janitorial equipment and much more!

Blog Article 03/21/2016

Polished Concrete Floor Gets Much Needed Scrub and ReCoat in Wayzata. The customer was told that polished concrete will never need a sealer or coatings - ever. Well, after years of wear, it needed a little help.

Blog Article 03/05/2016

Janitorial Supply Distributors Holding Their Own Versus Big Box Stores. Seems Like Everyone is in on the Act. Lumber stores, office supply stores, online auction stores, grocery stores, etc. all sell cleaning products as an after thought. Janitorial Distr...

Blog Article 03/01/2016

Book Your 2016 Twin Cities Parking Garage Floor Cleaning NOW. February/March is the ideal time to schedule your parking garage floor cleaning for the Spring and Summer. Our Concrete Floor Deep-Cleaning Service is Dust-Free. Scrub n Shine Cleans Parking Ga...

Blog Article 01/03/2016

Commercial Restroom Fixtures and Restroom Supplies Available at Scrub-n-Shine. Disposable hand towels and dispensers, toilet paper and dispensers, hand soap and dispensers, touch-free flush valves, faucets, deodorizers, urinal screens and blocks, antimicr...

Blog Article 12/21/2015

VCT Vinyl Tile Floor Really Pops After Deep Scrub and Re-Coat (Maplewood, MN). We've worked for this customer before and love how the multi-colored floor looks when we're done!

Blog Article 12/07/2015

Top 10 Reasons to Spec Scrub n Shine's RRF Paper Products. For cleaner, softer, stronger, brighter paper products, contact us to arrange a demonstration!

Blog Article 12/02/2015

WANTED! Businesses Using Restroom Paper Products From GP (Georgia-Pacific), KC Professional (Kimberly-Clark), SCA-Tork and Wausau Paper-Bay West. We invite you to let us show you how much cleaner, softer and brighter our paper products are versus what you...

Blog Article 11/29/2015

Old VCT Tile Floor Strip and "Wax" Job in Suburban St Paul (Mounds View, MN). Scrub n Shine Restores Old VCT Tile Floors. This floor was stripped, scrubbed and finished with commercial-grade, high-gloss clear coating.

Learning Article 11/26/2015

Scrub n Shine Floor Pad Selection Guide. Proper floor pad selection depends upon matching the characteristics of the floor machine, such as speed, weight, etc., as well as the characteristics of the floor finish, such as hardness, buff-ability, etc.

Blog Article 11/04/2015

NEW Backpack Vacuum with HEPA Filtration, 2-Piece Aluminum Wand and Tool Kit $339.99! Limited time offer. Save over $100 versus comparable equipment elsewhere. 10 Quarts model only $20 more!

Blog Article 10/28/2015

NEW! US Products Cobra-H 9 Gallon Extractor with Heat $2,599.99. SPECIAL BUY! Normally $3000+ for this model with 15 ft. hoses and floor wand. Great deals on new and used commercial cleaning equipment can always be found at

Blog Article 10/15/2015

Scrub n Shine Deep Cleans Textured Epoxy Commercial Garage Floor Coatings. It can be tricky to clean specialty garage floor coatings that have anti-slip textures without damaging paint lines or pulling up the textured coating itself. So far, we've been ve...

Blog Article 10/07/2015

This Minnesota College Wood Gym Floor Needs Scrub n Shine Coatings Services! Check out the poor adhesion, subsequent blistering and peeling of this poor-quality floor finish (courtesy of a large well-known supplier that specializes in "schools"). You can...

Blog Article 09/27/2015

Scrub n Shine Loves Working at Center Point Energy Locations in MN! Commercial Parking Garage Floor Coatings Protect Concrete and Enable Cleaning. Scrub n Shine, LLC is an Authorized Vendor to Do Business at Center Point Energy Locations.

Blog Article 09/15/2015

Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Janitorial Products Available at Scrub n Shine! Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Commercial Restroom Equipment and Supplies, Commercial Floor Matting, Highest Quality Floor Finishes and Heavy...

Blog Article 09/01/2015

Scrub n Shine LOVES Dinkytown! We just wrapped up a rigorous week and a half of deep scrubbing parking garages around the U of M. Below are a few pictures of the 300,000+ square feet of concrete that we pressure washed and scrubbed over the past few weeks...

Blog Article 08/15/2015

Wood Gym Floor Clear Coatings Services Job in Minneapolis. Their hired cleaning service (that cleans the entire school) used a tennis ball to remove scuff marks and marred the finish. Then, they panicked and mopped a large area of the gym floor with a str...

Blog Article 07/15/2015

Are You Still Using These Unsanitary Multifold Towels? If so, WHY? Had to snap a picture of this out of disbelief. If you're going to use multifold towels, PLEASE USE INTERFOLDED TOWELS. Consider hard roll towels with dispensers that cut and leave enough...

Blog Article 06/28/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in Plymouth, MN. These pictures show the level of detailed deep cleaning that we did at a condominium parking garage.

Blog Article 06/27/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in St Paul, MN. This St. Paul parking garage floor was pressure washed and mechanically scrubbed. No more salt residue and oil spots were pre-sprayed with an industrial degreaser pri...

Blog Article 06/23/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Cleaning Services in Prior Lake, MN. We use a high pressure scrubbing system to remove salt residue, surface oil and embedded soils. They couldn't believe how clean we were able to get the floors!

Blog Article 06/22/2015

Parking Garages Need Pressure Wash and Power Scrub to Properly Maintain Concrete. Grit, oil, salt (and more), are absorbed into the concrete, then driven deeper into the concrete by vehicle and foot traffic. Look at your parking garage floor during the wi...

F.A.Q. 06/21/2015

What is a Floor Wax Emulsion? Floor Wax Emulsion is a stable mixture of one or more waxy materials in an emulsion with the use of emulsifiers or surfactants.

Blog Article 05/26/2015

NEW! Heavy Duty 16 Inches Wide Bag-Less Commercial Upright Vacuum with Extra Large Dirt Cup $289.99!

F.A.Q. 02/15/2015

What Causes Discoloration of Flooring? Discoloration is a color change or darkening that is visible to the naked eye. It can be caused by a number of factors including...

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Too Many People Use Muriatic Acid to "Clean" Their Pools Harsh Acids Destroy Pools This extremely harsh chemical, simply burns everything that it comes in contact with, including the pool surface, pipes, heat exchanger and filters!  Whatever soils remain...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Keep the coat thickness of floor finish on the medium to thin side. If drying conditions aren’t ideal, lengthen your times between coats. If you think that your floor may be trapped with moisture, deep scrub and burnish the floor to assist in the curing p...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

How is Polyester Used in Brooms and Brush Bristles? Polyester is used in some applications where it is exposed to sunlight or solvents. It has better abrasion resistance than polypropylene, but not as goods as nylon. It also has excellent bend recovery, e...

Learning Article 04/10/2015

Floor finish manufacturers have had to continually adapt technologies to keep up with stringent VOC regulations. With the recent explosion of waterborne floor finish products (many are low-quality box store products), we're seeing more panelized floors th...

F.A.Q. 01/23/2015

What is Buff-able Floor Finish? Buffable Floor Finish responds well to being buffed (or burnished) with mechanical action. A floor machine or burnisher with a buffing pad, is typically used for this purpose.

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Many people believe that the higher the solids, the better the floor finish. This frequently discussed subject is misunderstood and simply not accurate.

F.A.Q. 03/10/2015

What is the Difference Between Healing and Heeling Floor Finish? Healing is the ability of a floor finish to be repaired after scratching, scuffing and marking. Heeling is a technique of applying ....

F.A.Q. 03/22/2015

What is Metal Interlock Floor Finish? Metal Interlock floor finish provides improved detergent resistance and ability to remove its protective film if desired (it is "strip-able"). A metal salt is added to the polymer emulsion to provide this special bind...

Blog Article 12/29/2014

Can't help but notice all of the different derivatives of Scrub n Shine showing up on the internet now. Others are filing business names and website domains using every combination of punctuation along with the letter N, as well as "AND". We Are: SCRUB N...

F.A.Q. 03/13/2015

What is a High Speed Floor Machine? High Speed Floor Machine (also referred to as burnishers) are rotary pad driven buffers that operate at speeds of 1000 rpm or higher. High speed floor machines can only be used on ....

F.A.Q. 01/28/2015

How Many Types of Burnishers are There? Burnishers are ultra high speed rotary machines that are used to polish existing commercial floors that have substantial build of ultra high solids (UHS) finish. These machines are powered by ....

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Beryllium Copper is generally comprised of 98% copper, 2% beryllium. Beryllium copper has exceptional strength, thermal and electrical conducting and outstanding wear resistance.

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Mop Floors and General Commercial Floor Maintenance Procedures.

Learning Article 12/15/2014

Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) Codes. Sometimes referred to as HazMat or Haz Mat codes, HMIS symbols are found on all chemical containers as well as many delivery trucks. HMIS Categories are Health, Reactivity, Flammability Flashpoint, an...

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Discoloration, or yellowing of floor finishes, is caused when certain ingredients darken upon exposure to heat and light. A high quality floor finish will have low styrene content acrylic polymers, incorporate non-yellowing polyethylene waxes and formulat...

Learning Article 03/10/2014

Choosing the Right Wet Mop for the Job isn't difficult. Different yarns are best suited for various tasks. Look at the quality of construction to get the best overall value. Consider the thickness of the yarn and stitched bands. How many plies does the mo...

F.A.Q. 03/11/2015

What is High Solids Floor Finish? High Solids Floor Finish generally contains 20% or more of non-volatile solids. The solids are what is left on the floor after the finish has completely dried.

F.A.Q. 02/19/2015

What is Dry Stripping? Dry Stripping is a method of removing a floor finish by using an appropriate floor machine, floor pad and spray stripping solution. This method is not recommended for floor containing asbestos.

Blog Article 01/02/2015

Scrub n Shine offers what chain stores, huge janitorial supply warehouses and franchise commercial cleaning service companies can't. Small Businesses Have Better Pricing. Small Businesses Have More Control and Lower Overhead. Small Businesses are More Fle...

Blog Article 03/28/2014

A Comparison of New GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Existing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Versions The Following Table Provides Comparison of MSDS Elements for the Following Systems: Globally Harmonized System1 ISO Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Pr...

F.A.Q. 04/19/2015

What is Re-Soiling? Re-soiling is when a surface begins to soil again after cleaning, usually due to a residual film (residue) left on the surface after it was cleaned.

Blog Article 04/11/2014

In March 2012, OSHA issued a final rule that substantially modified the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to conform to the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The final rule requires that all em...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

What is Bassine? Bassine is made from the stalks of the leaves from the faw palm. The fibers are dried and usually dyed brown, cut to size and bundled. It is mostly used in deck scrubs and garage and street brooms.

F.A.Q. 03/17/2015

What is Floor Finish Islanding? Floor Finish Islanding occurs when applied floor finish is not adequately anchored (poorly bonded), resulting in small pools of finish scattered over the substrate, surrounded by uncoated areas.

F.A.Q. 04/14/2015

Do Commercial Floor Finishes Contain Preservatives? Floor finishes are susceptible to bacterial contamination. This is why most high-quality floor finishes contain small amounts of antimicrobial agents (preservatives) to prevent microbial deterioration. T...

Learning Article 04/18/2014

Cylindrical Versus Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines - with structured floors, such as rubber-studded floors and uneven or stone floors, cylindrical machines produce better results. Cylindrical Machines use less cleaning solution, create less mess and do the...

F.A.Q. 03/07/2015

Do Floor Finishes with Higher Solids Produce More Gloss? Not necessarily. Gloss is all about optics and how your eyes perceive it. New technologies cross-link polymers on a nano level. High quality finishes use high quality acrylics and other quality ingr...

F.A.Q. 05/12/2015

What are Walk-Off Floor Mats? Walk-Off Floor Mats are entrance mats used to reduce and eliminate soils from getting into a building. Matting will prolong the life of the floor finish and carpet.

F.A.Q. 04/03/2015

What Does the Term Orange Peel Mean as it Relates to Floor Finish? Orange Peel is the pitting of a floor finish or surface that makes it look like the skin of an orange.

F.A.Q. 02/28/2014

What is High Speed Floor Burnishing? This high speed buffing process is done to keep your floors looking great in between re-coats.

F.A.Q. 03/20/2015

What is linoleum? Linoleum is a floor covering made from materials such as solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate. Linoleum has been largely replaced with polyvinyl chlorid...

Blog Article 08/22/2014

Response Brand Polypropylene Flooring by Sport Court can be sealed and clear coated. Scrub n Shine uses a uniquely formulated product that produces a great sheen and scuff resistance with some flex.

F.A.Q. 02/18/2015

What is Dry Buffing? Dry Buffing is a floor polishing technique that uses an appropriate floor machine and floor pad. Never dry buff floors containing asbestos.

Learning Article 02/27/2014

We pay attention to transition pieces, trim, baseboards and edge-work when we re-coat and maintain floors as well as all other cleaning duties.

Blog Article 05/26/2015

NEW! Heavy Duty 12 Inches Wide Bag-Less Commercial Upright Vacuum with Extra Large Dirt Cup $229.99!

Blog Article 03/09/2014

A Good Floor Maintenance Plan Involves a Financial Commitment You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad, the rest of your efforts are meaningless.  Management needs to realize the importance of contracting great floor m...

Learning Article 07/07/2014

Exposure to mold may cause or contribute to watery eyes, congestion, coughing, skin irritation, asthma and other respiratory problems. Scrub n Shine Uses Products that Effectively Eliminates Existing Mold and Inhibit Mold Regrowth in a Single Solution! Ou...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Steel Wire is made of carbon steel and it is available in high carbon and low carbon depending on your application. Carbon steel wire is used where stainless steel wire or higher cost is not needed. Steel wire is very aggressive. Stainless Steel is availa...

Blog Article 04/21/2014

Official Looking Letter NOT ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY Don't fall for this apparently worthless service.  The letter and envelope will list Minnesota Corporate Compliance as the servicing agent. Minnesota Corporate Compliance Company in St Paul, MN...

F.A.Q. 02/28/2015

What is Floor Finish? Floor Finish is a liquid that is applied to a clean and sealed floor for the purpose of protection and/or appearance. When dried, the protective film will be approximately the thickness of wax paper and can be...

Blog Article 05/19/2014

What is VCT Flooring? VCT floor tiles are composed of colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips formed into solid sheets by heat and pressure. Floor tiles are generally cut into 12" squares and are usually 1/8" thick.

F.A.Q. 04/16/2015

What is Floor Re-Coating? Floor (Finish) Recoating is the process of applying successive coats of floor finish (after floor is prepared by doing a deep scrub with a rinse free cleaner or completely stripped).

Learning Article 12/04/2014

Commercial Mat Rental vs Purchasing Entrance Mats. Renting a 3x5 mat will end up with a cost of $780 over a five year period! Purchase a better quality 3x5 mat for $70-120! That's a huge savings! Purchasing also allows you to coordinate colors, styles, si...

F.A.Q. 02/26/2015

What Causes Fish Eyes or Bird's Eyes in Floor Finish? Fish Eyes (also called bird's eyes) are small circles that appear in a floor finish after it has dried. This can be caused by applying too heavy of coats of finish, too much agitation during the applic...

F.A.Q. 01/12/2015

How are Strip and Wax Procedures Similar to Scrub and Re-Coats? The Strip and Wax Process is Similar to Doing a Scrub and ReCoat in the Following Ways: We generally place wet floor or caution signs in appropriate areas; mix our Scrubbing or Stripping solu...

Blog Article 11/07/2014

Going Through Paper, Soap, Trash Can Liners and Cleaning Chemicals Faster Than Ever? Manufacturers continue to make products thinner, smaller and cheaper than ever. In these instances, the manufacturer and/or distributor are usually trying to cut corners...

Learning Article 06/13/2014

The Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association (MFMA) defines panelization as “a condition where localized excessive cracks develop between some strip flooring boards while adjacent boards remain tightly bonded together with no apparent separations”. With t...

Blog Article 07/24/2014

New Technological Advances in Commercial Cleaning Equipment. Are New Cleaning Equipment Technologies Worth the Extra Money? Scrub n Shine Sell Commercial Cleaning Equipment! Contact us for help in deciding which cleaning technology will work best for your...

F.A.Q. 03/16/2015

What is Floor Finish Impact Resistance? Floor Finish Impact Resistance is the ability of a floor finish to resist damage from being struck (impacted by) a sharp blow.

F.A.Q. 12/28/2014

What are Carpet Bonnets or "Bonnet Pads"? Carpet bonnets are round, soft, cloth pads that made of cotton, rayon, polypropylene yarns and/or synthetic blended of yarns. There are also bonnets made of microfiber material. Bonnet pads are soaked in a special...

Learning Article 05/02/2014

The differences between Disinfectants, Sporicides, Sanitizers, Sterilants, Aldehydes, Oxiranes and Antisepsis are noted within this article.