Blog Article 12/12/2017

Types of Disinfectants and How to Make the Best Choices for Your Facility. Make an Informed Decision on Purchasing the Best Disinfectant Products for Your Situation. Having the right products on hand along with a solid plan to prevent disease and infectio...

Blog Article 11/02/2017

2017-2018 Commercial Blend Ice Melt $11.99 for 50 lbs. Bag with FREE METRO DELIVERY! FREE METRO ICE MELT DELIVERY Stacked Where You Want It! Hassle-Free Pricing (10 Bags Minimum Order)

Blog Article 08/29/2017

This customer is one of our favorites. It's a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Church, its Daycar...

Blog Article 08/15/2017

Embedded Soils Removed From Commercial Flooring. All Commercial Flooring Needs to Have a Regular Maintenance Program in Place (and that maintenance program needs to include buffing the floor on a regular basis).

Blog Article 08/07/2017

Ways to Control Odors in Your Facility. Clean, Disinfect and Treat with a Good Enzyme Product. Absorb, Neutralize and Masking Will Also Help. Scrub-n-Shine has all of the products and knowledge to combat and eliminate odors within your facility.

Blog Article 06/20/2017

Trash Chute Cleaning Service at 10-Stories High-Rise Building in Minneapolis. We Clean Trash Chutes with Special High-Pressure Equipment that Blasts Every Inch of the Tube.

Blog Article 06/16/2017

12 Stories High-Rise Trash Chute Cleaning Job by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Contact us to discuss your trash chute cleaning needs. Nobody gets trash chutes clean like we do!

Blog Article 05/25/2017

Parking Garage Pressure Wash and Floor Scrubbing Job in St Cloud MN. Scrub n Shine teamed up with Hello Kitty on this St. Cloud parking garage floor cleaning job! Contact us to Discuss Your Commercial Parking Garage Floor Cleaning Needs Pam's Hello Kitty...

Blog Article 02/03/2017

Stinky Apartment Halls and Common Areas? We Can Help! Our Odor Control Deodorization Services for Multi-Housing properties are an extremely cost effective way to increase tenant satisfaction and retention. Free Samples Available to Twin Cities and St Clou...

Blog Article 01/31/2017

Parking Garage Floor Cleaning and Re-Striping Job in Minneapolis. We provide re-striping as a value-added service (additional charge) to parking garages we power scrub for you. Contact us to discuss parking garage concrete floor cleaning for your facility...

Blog Article 01/04/2017

This VCT Tile Floor is at Least 25 Years Old Our Floor Finishes Can Handle Heavy-Duty Winter Foot Traffic  Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. We can help!

Blog Article 12/11/2016

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Minneapolis. Want to Do It Yourself? We Sell Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Cleaning Chemicals, Tools and Equipment!

Blog Article 09/23/2016

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Cleaning Service in Minneapolis. We Use State-of-the-Art High Pressure Surface Cleaning Equipment. After Pressure Washing, We Mechanically Scrub the Floor. We Also Striped This Floor with Yellow Traffic Marking Paint

Blog Article 09/22/2016

Ancient VCT Floor with Some Serious Issues in Minneapolis Church. Previous Contractor Allowed Floor Stripping Solution to "Lock-Up" Several Times. In addition to finding shoddy workmanship by previous workers, we also found moisture issues. After discussi...

Blog Article 06/18/2016

Scrub-n-Shine is Equipped to Handle Trash Chute Stacks of Any Height. Our Combination of Heat, 3000 PSI and Strong (Bio-Degradable) Chemicals Gets the Job Done Right. We also treat the trash chute stack, doors and trash room, with a bio-enzyme that consum...

Blog Article 05/25/2016

Very Small (But Cute) VCT Floor Job in Edina, MN. VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) manufacturers will say that their new VCT floor tiles are already sealed, it really isn't. New VCT tile floors should be deep scrubbed and truly sealed with a high-quality, comme...

Blog Article 05/18/2016

Scrub n Shine's Passive Odor Control Versus Plug-Ins. Just one Scrub-n-Shine passive deodorizer does the work of (at least) 6 Febreze Plug-ins and 24 Glade Plug-ins!

Blog Article 05/07/2016

Scrub n Shine Sells NEW Round Floor Pads for Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines. Low speed polishing pads, buffing pads, deep scrubbing pads, stripping pads. High speed polishing pads and high speed burnishing pads.

Blog Article 05/02/2016

Scents Influence Consumer Behavior. Scents are not only very subliminal, triggering emotions in ways you would never expect, but they are also more memorable than any other sensory experience. Scrub n Shine has several deodorization (odor control) product...

Blog Article 03/30/2016

What are ESD Commercial Floor Mats? ESD Industrial Matting is designed to quickly drain static electricity from people to help protect sensitive equipment from damage. Scrub n Shine Sells ESD Industrial Matting.

Blog Article 03/28/2016

Complete Breakdown of Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Sales in US and Canada. Facts and figures derived from Sanitary Maintenance Magazine (Nov/Dec 2015 Issue). Scrub n Shine is a leading Jan-San distributor in the Twin Cities.

Blog Article 02/14/2016

Scrub n Shine Warehouse Floor Cleaning Service (Twin Cities and St Cloud). Scrub n Shine can help with DIY Warehouse Floor Cleaning, or we can do it for you!

Blog Article 01/01/2016

Yet Another Reason to Consider Scrub n Shine's Odor Control (Deodorization) System. This "plug-in" deodorizer was purchased at a Bath & Body Works. Similar to Glade Plug-In, this system needs electrical power to warm up its scented oil. As you can see...

Blog Article 01/01/2016

Water Based Wood Floor Coatings in St Cloud Area. While we don't do residential jobs, I thought it was worthwhile to share the results of a Scrub n Shine staff member that tried one of our new one-part water based floor finishes on his own floors.

Blog Article 12/30/2015

What is the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Eye Wash Devices? This article serves as a general reference, is not all encompassing and should not be used as legal advice. The ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard establishes a universal minimum performance and use requiremen...

Blog Article 12/08/2015

Which Disposable Industrial Wiper is Right for You? Are you still using general purpose disposable "rags" or disposable shop towels found in most retail stores? Save time and money with high-quality industrial wipers from Scrub n Shine! This article will...

Blog Article 12/07/2015

Reduce Waste with Scrub n Shine's NEW Line of Restroom Paper Products. Improved quality, labor savings, less waste and lower costs are all possible with Scrub n Shine's NEW line of LoCor paper products!

Blog Article 11/29/2015

Using a Spreader to Apply Ice Melter Products Wastes Product and Kills Grass. Broadcast Spreaders are the Biggest Culprit. Calcium Chloride "Burns" Hottest. Overuse of Ice Melter Products Kills All Plantings AND Destroys Concrete.

Blog Article 11/11/2015

10 Easy Tips to Reduce Electro-Static Discharge Caused (in Part) by Carpeted Floors. In summary, if you're pacing around while dragging your feet in synthetic shoes while wearing your fleece outfit and flinging your long hair, you better have sprayed the...

Blog Article 10/28/2015

NEW! US Products Cobra-H 9 Gallon Extractor with Heat $2,599.99. SPECIAL BUY! Normally $3000+ for this model with 15 ft. hoses and floor wand. Great deals on new and used commercial cleaning equipment can always be found at

Blog Article 09/29/2015

Rotating Circular Floor Plate in Loading Dock. Most downtown Minneapolis skyscrapers have some form of this in their delivery dock area. Large trucks, including semis, pull in, unload and are then spun around so they can pull right of the dock again. Pret...

Blog Article 09/15/2015

Scrub n Shine Loves Working for Twin Cities Non-Profit Groups! Whether it is scrubbing and pressure washing parking garage concrete floors in Minneapolis or installing customized odor control systems (with no VOCs or harmful propellants) in apartments, se...

Blog Article 08/31/2015

Spam Referral Sites are Becoming More Than a Nuisance. Countless websites exist for no other purpose except to link, back-link, cross-link, etc. to get clicks in hopes that people click on whatever ads they have on their own sites. These spam referral sit...

Blog Article 07/15/2015

Are You Still Using These Unsanitary Multifold Towels? If so, WHY? Had to snap a picture of this out of disbelief. If you're going to use multifold towels, PLEASE USE INTERFOLDED TOWELS. Consider hard roll towels with dispensers that cut and leave enough...

Blog Article 07/03/2015

Slate Floor Tiles Need Penetrating Sealer. Slate is a porous, natural stone that needs to be sealed. We use an "invisible" water-based sealer that leaves the stone in its natural-looking state. Slate is beautiful, but is not our favorite flooring material...

Blog Article 06/26/2015

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Pressure Wash, Scrub and Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, MN. These guys were great to work for! All vehicles were out of the garage and they were blown away at how clean the floors were when we finished.

F.A.Q. 06/15/2015

What is a Synergist? Synergist is a boosting ingredient that multiplies the effectiveness of the product it's being added to. For example, an insecticide plus a synergist does not add up as 1 + 1 = 2, but rather 1 + 1 = 4 or perhaps 8, when property balan...

F.A.Q. 06/13/2015

What is Surface Tension? Surface Tension is a property, due to molecular forces, by which the surface film of all liquids tends to bring the contained volume into a form having the least superficial area. The purpose of using chemicals to aid in cleaning...

F.A.Q. 05/22/2015

What is a Co-Solvent? A Co-Solvent (cosolvent) is a solvent which modifies the performance or stability characteristics of a polish.

F.A.Q. 05/20/2015

What is Meant by the Term "Bite-In"? Bite-In is a term used to describe whitening or dulling of floors during application of floor finishes. It can occur if re-application is done too quickly or if too much product is used, and usually occurs with self-se...

F.A.Q. 05/18/2015

What is an Anionic Detergent? An Anionic Detergent is a cleaning material which carries a negative charge. Most soaps are anionic, as they combine fatty acids and an alkali. Oleate Soap, Amine Soap, Sodium Soap and combinations of the three are frequently...

F.A.Q. 05/15/2015

What is Acid Hardness in Concrete and Terrazzo? Acid Hardness is achieved with chemicals, generally metal fluorosilicates, that are applied to concrete or terrazzo, reacting with free lime and calcium carbonates to form silica quartz, a very hard substanc...

F.A.Q. 05/14/2015

Why is Cross-Linking Floor Finish Important? Zinc (or Metal) Crosslinking occurs when extremely small amounts of Zinc and/or other metal compounds are used as part of the manufacturing process of floor finishes. Cross-linking helps provide increased hardn...

F.A.Q. 05/10/2015

What is Floor Traffic Wear? Traffic Wear is the marring or deterioration of a floor finish caused by foot and mechanical traffic.

Learning Article 05/06/2015

How to Clean Natural Marble Versus Cultured Marble. This article will help determine which type of marble you may be dealing with and how to clean each kind.

F.A.Q. 05/04/2015

What is Floor Tackiness? Floor Tackiness is the sticky, gummy character of a floor finish allowing the surface to attract and hold dirt, dust and soils.

F.A.Q. 05/01/2015

What Causes Streaky Floors? Streaking floors are not uniform and visibly duller. Dirty mops, poor cleaning chemicals (that are not rinse-free) and/or applying finish in too thin of coats are common causes. Also see FAQ on re-emulsification.

F.A.Q. 04/30/2015

What is Considered a Stain (Versus Just Being Dirty)? Stains are blemishes or deposits that are embedded into a substrate material and may be permanent. Many stains cannot be removed with conventional cleaning methods and require special chemicals, cleani...

F.A.Q. 03/02/2015

What is a Floor Machine? Floor Machines are motorized pieces of equipment used to scrub or polish floors. The most common versions of floor machines are rotary machines, although cylindrical brush machines are gaining popularity quickly.

Learning Article 03/10/2014

Choosing the Right Wet Mop for the Job isn't difficult. Different yarns are best suited for various tasks. Look at the quality of construction to get the best overall value. Consider the thickness of the yarn and stitched bands. How many plies does the mo...

F.A.Q. 04/14/2015

Do Commercial Floor Finishes Contain Preservatives? Floor finishes are susceptible to bacterial contamination. This is why most high-quality floor finishes contain small amounts of antimicrobial agents (preservatives) to prevent microbial deterioration. T...

F.A.Q. 03/03/2015

What is a Free Rinsing Cleaning Product? Free Rinsing Cleaning Products can be used to clean a surface without leaving a residue or be rinsed with water after its use.

Blog Article 07/22/2014

Scrub n Shine Sweeps Parking Garages of All Sizes! Whether your parking garage is 1,000 square feet or over 60,000 square feet, we can get the job done right!

F.A.Q. 03/07/2015

Do Floor Finishes with Higher Solids Produce More Gloss? Not necessarily. Gloss is all about optics and how your eyes perceive it. New technologies cross-link polymers on a nano level. High quality finishes use high quality acrylics and other quality ingr...

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Our Floor Maintenance Programs Dramatically Improve the Safety of Your Floors ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894 In accordance with ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894, Scrub-n-Shine’s floor finishes create a safe surface on VCT tile, resilient flooring, terrazzo, wood...

Blog Article 04/23/2015

CRI Gold Certified 500 PSI Box Extractor with Heat 200 Inches Water Lift Only $3999.99! Get truck-mount power in this 110 lbs. portable beast! Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Portable Carpet Extraction Equipment

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Many people believe that the higher the solids, the better the floor finish. This frequently discussed subject is misunderstood and simply not accurate.

F.A.Q. 03/04/2015

Are Floor Finishes Freeze-Thaw Stable? Freeze-Thaw Stable floor finishes should be able to survive a few short duration freeze-thaw cycles and still remain effective (if it's a good quality product). Anti-freeze agents, pH adjustments and surfactants...

F.A.Q. 04/22/2015

What is a Scrub and Re-Coat? Scrub and Re-coat is a process used to restore a floor's finish when it has become embedded with soil and/or has excessive scuffs, scratches and marks. This is usually done with a free rinsing, deep scrub ...

Blog Article 08/01/2014

Nilfisk-Advance's Third Independent Study of Tennant's ec-H2O™ System Still Shows No Performance Difference Versus Plain Tap Water Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning equipment, released a third set of...

Blog Article 02/28/2014

Use a Building Service Contractor (BSC) or Clean In-House? In-House Cleaning May Afford a Facility the Following Five Benefits: Vested Interest Security Staff Consistency Pay and Benefits Value-Added Service 1. Vested Interest With a “vested interest” in...

F.A.Q. 02/07/2015

What is a Copolymer? Copolymer is a chemical molecule made from two or more types of monomers. Copolymers are preferred over...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

What is Tampico? Tampico is a vegetable fiber obtained from Agava plants in Mexico. Used primarily as a counter brush and dry floors. It’s heat, alkali and acid resistant and slightly abrasive in nature and has a high absorbency rate with poor “bend recov...

F.A.Q. 02/27/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Flexibility? Floor Finish Flexibility is the ability of a floor finish to bend and flex without powdering, cracking or peeling.

F.A.Q. 08/13/2013

Check the product label. It will usually state a dry time that is accurate under ideal drying conditions. High humidity will extend the length of time between coats. With most floor finishes in most conditions, 45 minutes between coats should be sufficien...

Blog Article 03/04/2015

NOW is the Time to Schedule Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning! While we sweep heated parking garages year round, most businesses tend to want it done in the Spring. Consider a Wet Scrub Rather Than a Cheap Sweep. There's more to garage cleaning than blow...

Blog Article 03/11/2015

NEW! 18 Inch Corded Electric Auto Scrubber with 5 Years Warranty for ONLY $1999.99! Why mop when you can scrub a 4000 square foot area in just 20 minutes! Contact for all of your commercial cleaning equipment needs. We can help!

Learning Article 06/13/2014

The Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association (MFMA) defines panelization as “a condition where localized excessive cracks develop between some strip flooring boards while adjacent boards remain tightly bonded together with no apparent separations”. With t...

Blog Article 10/20/2014

Is MINNCOR Industries a Private Company or Just Another Government Agency? Is MINNCOR Subsidized With Tax Money? Is MINNCOR Staffed/Managed With/By Government Employees?

F.A.Q. 04/08/2015

What Causes Discoloration Under Floor Mats? It is usually caused by Plasticizer Migration. This occurs when a plasticizer in a floor mat or floor material (usually vinyl or other synthetic-backed matting) transfers itself (migrates) into the floor finish...

F.A.Q. 03/05/2015

What is Floor Finish Gloss Retention? Gloss Retention is the ability of applied floor finish to retain its gloss under normal wear conditions excluding exposure to water.

Learning Article 04/10/2015

Floor finish manufacturers have had to continually adapt technologies to keep up with stringent VOC regulations. With the recent explosion of waterborne floor finish products (many are low-quality box store products), we're seeing more panelized floors th...

F.A.Q. 03/27/2015

What Does pH Mean (in Cleaning Chemicals)? Neutral Cleaners are water based cleaning chemicals with a pH (potential percentage of hydrogen) that is generally between 7-9. Water based cleaning chemicals with pH between <1 and 8 are considered acidic. Ch...

Blog Article 03/07/2014

Electric-Powered Floor Machines Date Back to the Early 1900s Coincidentally, this was the same time vacuum cleaners were introduced that were light enough and inexpensive enough for professional cleaners to consider buying. Pushing and Pulling First Floor...

Blog Article 01/10/2015

Scrub n Shine Minneapolis College Wood Gym Floor Recoating Services. Wood Gym Floor Ready for Use in 36 Hours. Our water-based urethane finish produces an anti-slip gloss that leaves you with almost no down time. Scrub n Shine's Wood Gym Floor Finish is V...

F.A.Q. 04/25/2015

What is Floor Finish Slip Resistance? Slip Resistance is the resistance a floor finish provides when people walk on it with their shoes. It is measured as a slip coefficient by the James Machine. A rating of 0.5 is generally considered the minimum safe co...

Learning Article 06/27/2014

Floor Machine Brush Selection Guide. Machine Brush Should Be 2" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating. Machine Pad Driver Should Be 1" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating

Blog Article 04/29/2014

Scrub n Shine Sells Commercial Cleaning Equipment. We sell a full line of commercial cleaning equipment as well as parts on most models. We also sell industrial cleaning chemicals and facility maintenance supplies. Our equipment is delivered fully assembl...

F.A.Q. 04/28/2015

What is Meant by Floor Finish Total Solids? Floor Finish Total Solids is a combination of the volatile and non-volatile solids in the finish minus the diluent content. It is expressed as a percentage of all ingredients.

F.A.Q. 01/30/2015

What is Ceramic Tile? Ceramic Tile is a clay tile with a hard glazed surface. It is commonly used on floors and walls of restrooms. Wall tiles are frequently...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Brass Wire is generally comprised of 70% copper and 30% zinc. Brass Wire is highly conductive and corrosive resistant and non-sparking.

F.A.Q. 01/25/2015

Is Buffing the Same as Polishing? Buffing is a polishing or smoothing process generally achieved by using a rotary floor machine equipped with a buffing pad, brush, special screens or honing discs.

Blog Article 10/10/2014

Minnesota Best Practices - Managing "Street" Sweeping Debris. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Regulates the Disposal of Sweeping Debris. Test results have shown sweeping debris from normal sweeping operations are safe and acceptable for reuse in...

Blog Article 12/31/2014

This unofficial history of our modern day Gregorian calendar is brought to you by

Blog Article 03/13/2015

Sweep and Scrub Parking Garages Yourself (DIY) and SAVE! You know that Scrub n Shine sweeps and scrubs parking garages. We also have your best interests in mind. We feel strongly that more businesses can (and should) keep their parking garages safe and cl...

F.A.Q. 03/16/2015

What is Floor Finish Impact Resistance? Floor Finish Impact Resistance is the ability of a floor finish to resist damage from being struck (impacted by) a sharp blow.

F.A.Q. 01/12/2015

What is Meant by "Strip & Wax"? While some floor finishes may contain a small amount of wax in its formulation (usually Carnauba), there is no "wax" per se, involved in the process that is still commonly referred to as a Strip and "Wax". In the old da...

Learning Article 12/04/2014

Although, best left to professional exterminators, this article helps explain what bed bugs are and ways to treat them yourselves as a stop-gap measure until professional bed bug exterminators arrive.

Learning Article 05/02/2014

The differences between Disinfectants, Sporicides, Sanitizers, Sterilants, Aldehydes, Oxiranes and Antisepsis are noted within this article.

F.A.Q. 03/25/2015

What is Floor Finish Mottling? Mottling is the physical migration of floor finish film from smooth, even distribution at the time of application to small discrete pools of material, resulting in a blotchy or spotty appearance.

F.A.Q. 06/05/2014

What is (centi) Poise? (centi) Poise is a measurement of viscosity of liquids. It is particularly important in matching hand soaps with dispensers.

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Beryllium Copper is generally comprised of 98% copper, 2% beryllium. Beryllium copper has exceptional strength, thermal and electrical conducting and outstanding wear resistance.

Blog Article 03/09/2014

Too Many People Use Muriatic Acid to "Clean" Their Pools Harsh Acids Destroy Pools This extremely harsh chemical, simply burns everything that it comes in contact with, including the pool surface, pipes, heat exchanger and filters!  Whatever soils remain...

F.A.Q. 04/05/2015

What Causes Peeling of Floor Finish? Floor Finish Peeling is when floor finish pulls away from the floor surface in large flakes or strips. It is caused by poor adhesion, usually related to alkali residues.

Blog Article 03/09/2014

What is HACCP? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a comprehensive program to identify and document the control of food processing areas where contamination can occur.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates a HACCP program for all U.S...

Blog Article 11/07/2014

Going Through Paper, Soap, Trash Can Liners and Cleaning Chemicals Faster Than Ever? Manufacturers continue to make products thinner, smaller and cheaper than ever. In these instances, the manufacturer and/or distributor are usually trying to cut corners...

F.A.Q. 12/17/2014

Is Teflon Ever Used as a Broom or Brush Filler Material? Teflon is a rarely used material because of its softness and tendency to bend and not return to its original position. Teflon is exceptionally stable to heat and chemicals and is unaffected by stron...

F.A.Q. 04/20/2015

What is a Floor Finish Restorer? Floor Finish Restorer is a product used to restore a floor's finish without re-coating. It can be sprayed and buffed, mopped on and buffed or included in the daily scrubbing solution.

F.A.Q. 02/11/2015

What is Meant by Creaming? Creaming is the separation of a layer of the dispersed phase of an emulsion polish to the surface of the liquid continuous phase. This can be seen as...

F.A.Q. 03/11/2015

What is High Solids Floor Finish? High Solids Floor Finish generally contains 20% or more of non-volatile solids. The solids are what is left on the floor after the finish has completely dried.