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With Scrub n Shine, your facility will always benefit from the latest and greatest products that look great and work at optimum efficiency.  Relax, knowing that we use the best equipment, products and cleaning techniques.

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There is always more to learn about keeping commercial facilities clean and safe.  Every year it seems there is a new strain of flu or virus that old disinfectants may not address.  This, along with different flooring materials, new carpet fibers, new industrial chemical blends, new floor finishes (now with nano-zinc cross-linking technology), new restroom partition composites, new foam matting composites, new microfiber products, new liquid ozone generators, new hydrogen powered deodorization systems and the list goes on and on.

We’re Good Listeners

Life should be a two way street.  We do our best to keep you informed and we hope that if you hear about something that could help us work more efficiently in maintaining your facility, we hope you’ll let us know.  We don’t have a “been there, done that” know-it-all attitude and we’re always open to ways that make our company better.  Please send us your thoughts and ideas to brent@scrub-n-shine.com!

Learning Article 11/26/2015

Scrub n Shine Floor Pad Selection Guide. Proper floor pad selection depends upon matching the characteristics of the floor machine, such as speed, weight, etc., as well as the characteristics of the floor finish, such as hardness, buff-ability, etc.

Learning Article 09/02/2015

Use of Color-Coded Microfiber Cloths Can Reduce Cross-Contamination. Assigning specific cleaning tasks to color-coded cleaning tools can drastically reduce or eliminate cross-contamination. For cleaning most surfaces, microfiber cloths, dusters and mop pa...

Learning Article 07/09/2015

Tips to Prevent Quaternary Absorption and the Dangers of Quaternary Binding. This article discusses ammonium chloride (quaternary) cleaners, how it works, and the serious issue of quat binding that is associated with using these types of cleaners. Quatern...

Learning Article 06/03/2015

Commercial Floor Gloss is a Combination of Visual Perceptions. Gloss is a combination of visual perceptions which promote the appearance of wet sheen. Terms Used When Describing Gloss Include....

Learning Article 05/06/2015

How to Clean Natural Marble Versus Cultured Marble. This article will help determine which type of marble you may be dealing with and how to clean each kind.

Learning Article 04/12/2015

Natural Slate Floor Tiles Can Last Well Over 100 Years. Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. It is th...

Learning Article 04/10/2015

Floor finish manufacturers have had to continually adapt technologies to keep up with stringent VOC regulations. With the recent explosion of waterborne floor finish products (many are low-quality box store products), we're seeing more panelized floors th...

Learning Article 03/31/2015

Disposable Gloves Durability and Fit Quick Reference. This quick reference compares the strength, protection, comfort and fit of disposable gloves made of nitrile, latex and vinyl.

Learning Article 03/30/2015

Disposable Gloves Materials Quick Reference. Nitrile Disposable Glove Material. Latex Disposable Glove Material. Vinyl Disposable Glove Material.

Learning Article 03/29/2015

How to Determine Disposable Glove Sizing. The sizing chart above can assist in determining the glove size that would best fit an individual. Please note with the variations in types of gloves this is only a guide to help determine sizing. Nobody has a lar...

Learning Article 03/01/2015

Paper Products Industry "Green" Glossary.

Learning Article 02/23/2015

Trash Can Liner Sizing Guide from your friends at Scrub-n-Shine.com. Buying the right-sized trash bags can save a lot of money and frustration.

Learning Article 12/28/2014

USDA Non-Food Categories with Abbreviated Descriptions. Let Scrub n Shine help make sense of compounds authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs. Compounds such as dusting aids, furniture waxes or polishes, wall or floor finishes or wa...

Learning Article 12/28/2014

Parts per Million (PPM) Chemical Dilution Formula. When calculating the amount of concentrated disinfectant or sanitizer that is needed to get the job done, it's important to know the parts per million (PPM) of "actives" (active ingredients). This is also...

Learning Article 12/16/2014

Dilution Chart and pH Scale Chart from Scrub n Shine. This helpful chart shows how many ounces of chemical to add per gallon of water to achieve desired dilution ratios. This chart also shows U.S. volume equivalents and a handy pH scale chart.

Learning Article 12/15/2014

Box Store Chemicals Offer Little Value. It doesn't take much math to figure that a product that sells for half the price of a high-quality industrial concentrate, but requires 3-5 times more product is no bargain. Most of Scrub n Shine's Chemicals are Des...

Learning Article 12/15/2014

Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) Codes. Sometimes referred to as HazMat or Haz Mat codes, HMIS symbols are found on all chemical containers as well as many delivery trucks. HMIS Categories are Health, Reactivity, Flammability Flashpoint, an...

Learning Article 12/04/2014

Although, best left to professional exterminators, this article helps explain what bed bugs are and ways to treat them yourselves as a stop-gap measure until professional bed bug exterminators arrive.

Learning Article 12/04/2014

Commercial Mat Rental vs Purchasing Entrance Mats. Renting a 3x5 mat will end up with a cost of $780 over a five year period! Purchase a better quality 3x5 mat for $70-120! That's a huge savings! Purchasing also allows you to coordinate colors, styles, si...

Learning Article 11/24/2014

Traditional coatings like floor finish are densifier-based. These products create coatings of urethane and acrylic in which the urethane and acrylic polymers are linked together through relatively weak covalent bonds. With Interpenetrating Polymer Network...

Learning Article 11/12/2014

Lignin Sulfonate as an Ice Melter Ingredient? Manufacturers and distributors of ice melter products are constantly looking for ways to cheapen their products and make more money. Some are using beet juice, while others are using leftover by-products from...

Learning Article 11/12/2014

Calcium Chloride Versus Magnesium Chloride in Ice Melter Products. At 20˚F, CaCl2 has 22% more penetration after 10 minutes and 38% after 30 minutes than MgCl2. At 5˚F, CaCl2 had penetrated 58% more ice after 30 minutes. Calcium chloride’s (CaCl2) eutecti...

Learning Article 10/31/2014

In this article, we discuss removing tar and oil from wood, masonry, painted surfaces, unpainted metals, synthetic hard surfaces, glass, cotton laundry fabrics, canvas, synthetic laundry fabrics, carpets and hand cleaning.

Learning Article 10/08/2014

What You Should Be Asking Your Ice Melt Vendor. What is the “Effective Melting Temperature”? What are the Effective Ingredients? Scrub n Shine Quality Ice Melter Products are the Best Value in the Twin Cities. At Scrub n Shine, we never hide anything or m...

Learning Article 08/15/2014

Building Glass Restoration and Maintenance is cost effective. Water contains minerals that bond to glass and cause unsightly stains. Left untreated, these stains will eventually etch glass and reduce its tensile strength.

Learning Article 08/07/2014

Advancements in Commercial Floor Auto Scrubber Squeegee Assemblies and Squeegee Blades Continue. Parabolic squeegee assemblies, Break-Away Squeegee Assemblies, Squeegee Assemblies That Require No Tools to Change. Linatex rubber squeegee blades, urethane s...

Learning Article 07/07/2014

Exposure to mold may cause or contribute to watery eyes, congestion, coughing, skin irritation, asthma and other respiratory problems. Scrub n Shine Uses Products that Effectively Eliminates Existing Mold and Inhibit Mold Regrowth in a Single Solution! Ou...

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Clean Floor Grout. Floor Tiles and Grout Need Regular Maintenance. Remove Soils by Scrubbing with the Right Tools and Chemicals. Consider products that are oxygenated or contain peroxide or soda. In some cases, chlorinated products or mild acids wo...

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Mop Floors and General Commercial Floor Maintenance Procedures.

Learning Article 06/27/2014

How to Polish Granite Floors. Granite Resurfacing and Polishing Procedures: Strip, Hone, Vacuum, Mop, Polish, Sweep

Learning Article 06/27/2014

Floor Machine Brush Selection Guide. Machine Brush Should Be 2" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating. Machine Pad Driver Should Be 1" Smaller Than Machine Size Rating

Learning Article 06/20/2014

Vacuum Cuffs and Hoses Compatibility Chart. This is a cross reference chart for commercial vacuum hoses and cuffs for commercial cleaning equipment

Learning Article 06/13/2014

The Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association (MFMA) defines panelization as “a condition where localized excessive cracks develop between some strip flooring boards while adjacent boards remain tightly bonded together with no apparent separations”. With t...

Learning Article 06/06/2014

Polymer Matrix Technology™ represents an innovative approach in the formulation of resilient floor care coatings. It is a new process of blending a “polymer within a polymer”. Through this unique process, our exclusive manufacturer is able to create overa...

Learning Article 05/12/2014

Conversion Tables that help convert mils to microns, microns to mils, kilograms to pounds, millimeters to inches, liters to gallons and much more.

Learning Article 05/02/2014

The differences between Disinfectants, Sporicides, Sanitizers, Sterilants, Aldehydes, Oxiranes and Antisepsis are noted within this article.

Learning Article 04/18/2014

Cylindrical Versus Rotary Floor Cleaning Machines - with structured floors, such as rubber-studded floors and uneven or stone floors, cylindrical machines produce better results. Cylindrical Machines use less cleaning solution, create less mess and do the...

Learning Article 04/04/2014

General Maintenance Tips for Most Janitorial Cleaning Equipment. It’s ironic when the very equipment used to keep a building clean is filthy itself. Clean equipment instills confidence in everyone that witnesses your work. Clean equipment lasts longer and...

Learning Article 03/10/2014

Scrub n Shine's Commercial Restroom Cleaning is a top to bottom, dry to wet process. Scrub n Shine only uses EPA Registered disinfectants.

Learning Article 03/10/2014

Choosing the Right Wet Mop for the Job isn't difficult. Different yarns are best suited for various tasks. Look at the quality of construction to get the best overall value. Consider the thickness of the yarn and stitched bands. How many plies does the mo...

Learning Article 03/08/2014

The Chemistry of Cleaning - Your selection of chemicals to use should be based upon the soil being removed and the surface from which the soil must be removed. The three basic types of cleaners (acids, alkalis, and solvents) are designed to work primarily...

Learning Article 03/05/2014

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Floor Finish. Here is a Short List of the Numerous Questions We've Been Asked About Floor Finish Over the Years (Many of These Were Asked By Other Floor Contractors)

Learning Article 02/28/2014

This Glossary of Floor Care Terminology was compiled by Scrub n Shine LLC and is the exclusive property of Scrub n Shine LLC and Scrub-n-Shine.com. Any copy use of this list is prohibited.

Learning Article 02/28/2014

What is a Commercial Floor Strip and "Wax"? While some floor finishes may contain a small amount of wax in its formulation, there is no "wax" per se, involved in the process. Stripping floor finish is just what the term implies; it is removing or "strippi...

Learning Article 02/27/2014

We pay attention to transition pieces, trim, baseboards and edge-work when we re-coat and maintain floors as well as all other cleaning duties.

Learning Article 02/27/2014

Some companies use bonnet methods as their primary means of carpet cleaning. Using this method alone, only cleans the top 1/3 of the fibers and "buffs" the rest of the soil into the carpet backing and pad. Bonnet cleaning alone, leaves a residue that attr...

Learning Article 02/14/2014

Using the right filler material is critical to finding the right brush or broom for the job.