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Revolutionizing Resilient Floor Care: Polymer Matrix Technology™

Unveiling the Innovation

Polymer Matrix Technology™ stands as a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of formulating resilient floor care coatings. This innovative approach involves blending a “polymer within a polymer,” a novel process that has redefined the performance standards of floor care products.

The Blend: Polymer Within a Polymer

Our exclusive manufacturer has pioneered a method where two distinct polymers are combined into a single base component. This unique blending process results in comprehensive performance improvements, leveraging the inherent strengths of each polymer. The synergy of these polymers within the same base component sets Polymer Matrix Technology™ apart as a game-changer in the industry.

Tailored Formulations for Unique Finishes

Expanding on the base component, specific performance characteristics are carefully formulated into each of our unique finishes. This customization allows us to match the desired level of Performance Per Coat to your Maintenance Frequency, ensuring that the floor finish precisely meets the needs of your facility.

The UHS Advantage: Faster, Efficient Maintenance

Considering the efficiency of Ultra High Solids (UHS) finishes, our Polymer Matrix Technology™ aligns seamlessly with ultra high-speed (UHS) equipment. This synergy creates a faster maintenance solution for your floors.

High-Speed Burnishing for Optimal Results

In contrast to the time-consuming process of low-speed buffing, our UHS equipment allows for swift spray buffing, cutting the time in half. The result? Faster and more cost-effective maintenance that translates to savings for you.

Compatibility is Key in UHS Systems

Achieving optimal results with UHS systems requires meticulous attention to compatibility. Every element, from the floor finish to the equipment, must work seamlessly together. Let us craft a tailored floor maintenance program that not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your floors but also reduces maintenance costs.

Elevate Your Floor Care Strategy

Polymer Matrix Technology™ brings a new dimension to floor care, offering enhanced performance, efficiency, and cost savings. Contact us to explore how this innovative technology can be tailored to your specific situation. Let’s elevate your floor care strategy together!


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