Products and Services Disclaimer

Who We Are and What We Do

Scrub n Shine LLC is wholly owned by Total Property Services, both based in Minnesota. Specializing in commercial floor maintenance and clear coating, Scrub n Shine has expanded its services due to customer demand. Our offerings now include commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, graffiti removal, garage sweeping, store window cleaning, trash chute cleaning, and various aspects of general cleaning.

Our Comprehensive Product Line

At Scrub n Shine, we pride ourselves not only on our cleaning services but also on providing a full line of professional cleaning equipment, janitorial supplies, paper products, hand soaps, industrial matting, chemicals, and much more. Our product range caters to diverse facility needs, ensuring your premises look great and operate safely and efficiently.

Our Exceptional Team

All our team members are U.S. citizens who undergo background checks and are proficient in English. Our team leaders are professionals with excellent management and communication skills. Scrub n Shine is insured, and references are available upon request.

Equipment and Supplies Assurance

When contracted for cleaning services, we bring our equipment and supplies to ensure consistent, high-quality results. Our adherence to insurer and OSHA requirements guarantees proper training and documentation for everything we use.

Professional Conduct

During our service, we maintain a professional conduct standard. Our team refrains from smoking on your property, playing loud music, answering your phones, or doors. We are there to get the job done right and work efficiently.

After-Hours Security Measures

For after-hours jobs, we prefer the alarm system to be disarmed. If necessary, we request access codes and alarm monitoring details. Scrub n Shine is not liable for alarm service calls, and you agree to hold us harmless.

Property Damage Waiver

We request valuable items be secured during our service and disclaim liability for any accidental damage. Scrub n Shine is not responsible for loose, missing, or previously damaged property in or around our work area.

Service Order Changes

Notify Scrub n Shine at least one full business day in advance for any changes to agreed-upon work requirements. Changes may result in extra charges.

Payment Policy

Payment arrangements are made at the time the Service Agreement is signed. Ask about our pre-payment discounts.

After Floors Are Sealed and/or Finished

We cannot warranty flooring against future blemishes due to normal usage. Allow proper drying time before foot traffic or heavy object placement. Regular maintenance is encouraged for floor appearance and longevity.

General Note of Caution Regarding Products

Some products may contain natural rubber latex, causing allergic reactions. Products providing resistance or protection have limitations and are not foolproof.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Scrub n Shine, LLC, and its affiliates or contractors acting on its behalf, disclaim all warranties other than as expressly provided.

These disclaimers are not all-inclusive, and we reserve the right to amend or add to them as we deem necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you! Your business is always appreciated!

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