Sports Floor Care

Sports Floor Care

Elevate your sports facility with Scrub n Shine, the foremost expert in preserving the integrity of synthetic sports floors and wood gym floors!

Our Meticulous Re-Coating Process

Thorough Cleaning and Tacking

We begin by removing loose dirt, grit, tape, or gum, followed by a meticulous tacking process using an untreated mop or tack towel.

Optimizing Adhesion

To enhance adhesion, we apply a Re-coat Conditioner and Prep Cleaner. While the floor is wet, we use a low-speed floor machine with a Floor Prep Pad (FPP) to deep clean and condition.

Abrasion for Floor Finish

If the floor finish requires attention, we may abrade it using two FPPs or a 120-grit screen. Tacking follows to ensure the elimination of any residue after abrading.

Auto Scrubber Efficiency

Contrary to misconceptions, we embrace the use of auto scrubbers, particularly on expansive floors like gymnasiums. Our strategic approach ensures the floor is never excessively wet, working in manageable sections for effective scrubbing.

Finishing Touch

We apply multiple coats of a waterborne heavy-duty floor finish tailored to your flooring type. Wood gym floors and synthetic sports floors receive distinct coatings, with the option for oil-modified finishes upon request.

Why Choose Scrub n Shine?

Minimal Odor, Swift Drying

Our sports floor finishes are 1-part waterborne, ensuring minimal odor. The floor is ready for use in just 2-3 days. Unlike competitors using flammable 2-part oil-based products that take weeks to cure, our finishes prioritize safety and a quick return to regular activities.

Contact Us to Elevate Your Sports Flooring

Ready to enhance the performance and longevity of your sports flooring? Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our expert team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of your sports facility.

Choose Scrub n Shine for Excellence in Sports Floor Care!

Completed Sports Floor Care Jobs

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