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We Are Your Premier Partner in Odor Control for Commercial Properties!

Exclusive to Commercial Properties (excluding residential)

At Scrub n Shine, we take pride in being the forefront in Odor Control for commercial properties, ensuring optimal indoor air quality by addressing odors at their source. Our approach involves utilizing powerful industrial-strength enzyme products that don’t just mask odors – they eliminate them. As Minnesota’s leading commercial odor control contractor, we offer both passive and active deodorization systems, delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions in Minneapolis, MN.

Why Choose Scrub n Shine’s Odor Control?

Cost Savings

  • Our hydrogen-based system is a cost-efficient choice, with usage costs less than $6/month. Save over $40/year per dispenser compared to traditional metered aerosols! Our dispensers are affordable at only $10 (free with qualifying purchase).
  • Metered aerosol systems usage costs are $7-9/mo per dispenser (plus batteries). That’s 40% more than our system! Their dispensers cost $30-70 each.

Time Efficiency

  • Powered by hydrogen, our system eliminates the need for batteries or timers. Simply change the patented cartridge every 3 months, cutting labor costs by 80%.
  • Metered aerosols cost 4-5 times more labor to maintain – change aerosol cans every 30 days, batteries every 1-2 years, set timers every 6 months (or more).

Continuous Deodorization

  • Our system ensures continuous deodorization, evenly distributing a scented malodor counteractant 24/7, covering up to 6000 cubic feet.
  • Metered aerosols spray in a tight pattern every 15-30 minutes.

Safety First

  • Our system is safe for people with allergies, asthma, elderly, and children – no harmful chemicals expelled.
  • Metered aerosols use harmful chemicals (acetone, propane & butane) as active ingredients.

Property Protection

  • Our system will not damage your property, avoiding the issues caused by metered aerosols, such as stripped glazing, discoloration, and melted dispensers.
  • Metered aerosols have caused damage to floor tiles, carpet, wallpaper, wood, paint, entrance mats, and smoke heads.

Attractive Dispensers

  • Choose from our sleek and modern white or chrome dispensers – a discreet and appealing solution.
  • Metered aerosol dispensers are bulky, unattractive, and complicated.

Contact Scrub n Shine for Superior Odor Control

Join Scrub n Shine for superior Odor Control – environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and unmatched in performance. Choose from enticing scents like Citrus Twist, Mango, Cucumber Melon, Arctic Mist, and Blue Wave, with dispensers available separately. Contact us today to embrace a fresh and odor-free environment!

Ready to enhance your environment with our top-notch Odor Control services? Contact Scrub n Shine today, and let us bring a fresh and odor-free atmosphere to your commercial property. Our experienced team is ready to discuss your specific needs, offer expert advice, and provide a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.

Transform your space with Scrub n Shine – where excellence meets freshness!

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