Stop wasting your money on sweeping your parking garage. Salt destroys concrete and sweeping will not remove the embedded residue leftover after a long winter season. We blast away salt residue with state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment. Our attention to detail is second to none.

Three Reasons to Keep Your Parking Garage Clean (and Safe)

Reinforce a Positive Image

A cluttered or dirty parking garage starts and ends your employees’ and patrons’ day on a negative note. It detracts from all of the other services that you provide and eventually reaches a tipping point where people will actually contribute to the mess! People are more likely to respect your property when it’s clean and well maintained.

Protect Your Investment

You’ve spent a lot of time and money to acquire and maintain your property. You work hard to acquire patrons and hire employees and constantly strive to keep them all happy while preserving your reputation. Budgets are tight for everyone, but this is one maintenance item that cannot be neglected. Accumulated sand, gravel and other debris deteriorates the surface and its striping, not to mention, it gets tracked into your building! This is one maintenance item where a little investment, saves a ton of money!

Cost Effective Maintenance Packages Deliver More

At Scrub n Shine, our objective is to deliver our pressure washing services safely, on-time with consistent high-quality results for Minnesota commercial parking garage cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. We take pride in our work and we’ll strive to keep your parking garage safe and looking its best!