Regular Trash Chute Cleaning is Essential to the Health of Your Patrons

It is essential to have trash chutes and trash rooms cleaned on a regular basis. Regular trash chute cleaning reduces the stench that wafts through elevator shafts and circulates throughout the building; reduces the opportunity for germs and viruses to incubate and spread while giving your patrons the peace of mind that you are committed to their health and well-being as a proactive part of your overall maintenance program.

Pre-Treat, Scrub and Scrape Soils, Then Pressure Wash Trash Chutes

We ask that the building be posted so your patrons are aware of our work being done and that all dumpsters be temporarily be removed from the bottom end of the trash chute(s). We also scrub the “trash room”.

Treating the Trash Chutes and Trash Room With High-Powered Enzymes

Immediately after cleaning trash chutes… We only use the highest quality, strongest industrial enzymes that consume organic matter between trash chute cleanings and leave a fresh, clean scent.

We strongly recommend the use of industrial enzymes granules within the dumpsters. Our dumpster granules contain the highest level of active enzymes on the market as well as a repellent to ward off bees and other pests.