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National Retail Chain Store Via National Janitorial Company Calls on Scrub n Shine

Rescuing Retail: The Challenge of Neglected Vinyl Composite Flooring

Our journey with this national retail chain store started over three years ago, but bureaucratic challenges between the two national companies led us to part ways after two years. Recently, they reached out to us again, seeking our expertise to restore their severely neglected vinyl composite flooring. While we successfully revitalized the VCT flooring, the lack of a consistent maintenance program poses a threat to its long-term appearance.

Micro-Managing Challenges

The national janitorial company, based in New York, oversees the retail store in the Twin Cities, which, in turn, reports to its corporate office in Oregon. The complexity of managing floor care from an office suite 2000 miles away proved unsustainable in our initial partnership.

Lessons from the Past

Three years ago, our first Work Order from the national janitorial company revealed a lack of knowledge in vinyl floor care. They requested monthly high-speed burnishing with red pads, oblivious to the fact that the VCT flooring had no vinyl floor finish. Educating them on the importance of proper care, especially in a high-traffic store during Minnesota winters, was necessary.

Unrealistic Requests

Despite our recommendations for a robust maintenance program and multiple coats of quality floor finish, they opted for infrequent buffing and even requested a “Strip & Wax” for a floor with no existing finish. The results were subpar, and after two years, the VCT floor tile suffered irreversible damage, leading us to terminate our association.

Restoration Efforts

Recently, we were called back to restore the shine to the vinyl floor. Intensive scrubbing and multiple coats of vinyl floor finish were necessary to present the commercial flooring in an acceptable state. However, without a realistic and consistent vinyl floor care program, the floor’s appearance is at risk of rapid degradation.

Looking Forward

To ensure the long-lasting appeal of your vinyl flooring, consider implementing a regular vinyl flooring maintenance program. Contact us to discuss customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are here to help you preserve and enhance the beauty of your commercial space.

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