Commercial Floor Refinishing is Challenging, Costly and VERY Labor Intensive

Not to mention, if you use the wrong floor cleaning products, wrong floor finishing products, wrong equipment, wrong cleaning procedures and/or application techniques, you may do more harm than good.

Variables That Affect Work Time

The following variables will factor into the amount of time the job will take:

  • Type of floor being cleaned- marble,VCT, vinyl, etc.
  • Age of the floor and amount of old floor finish being removed
  • Amount and type of soil on the floor
  • Size of the floor being serviced
  • How crowded the work space is with desks, counters, tables, etc., that may need to be moved or worked around

Don’t Want to Do It Yourself?

Things to Consider When Looking to Hire it Out

Small floor refinishing jobs can be billed by the hour with a setup fee. However, floor refinishing contractors usually charge by the job. Rates for refinishing floors can range from 20 cents to more than $1 per square foot.  This charge usually includes all labor, equipment and supplies necessary to do the work.

You’ll need to weigh out the cost of obtaining equipment, buying the supplies and training your employees. It usually makes sense to hire out your floor refinishing needs.

Time is Money, So the Overall Rate Will Be Affected By….. Logistics

Is it extremely difficult for the contractor to gain access to your building?
Consider the contractors’ drive time to the job, hauling equipment to/from the parking space, etc.

You can usually save money by clearing the work space yourself, so the contractor can get right to work on the floor.
Scrub the edges and corners yourself to save even more money.

Timing.  Is This a Rush Job or Did You Give the Contractor Plenty of Time to Plan?

If special chemicals and equipment are ordered on a rushed basis, it will likely yield a higher cost for supplies. Also, if adequate time wasn’t given to the contractor, other jobs may have had to be rescheduled to accommodate yours, creating a huge inconvenience and added cost to the you.

Condition of Existing Floor

If you’ve kept the floors in good condition, this will save a tremendous amount of money on your floor refinishing job. Many times a well kept floor just needs a scrub and recoat, rather than an expensive “strip & wax” job.

New floors with excess glue oozing from between tiles will create a lot of extra work for the contractor. Extremely old floors may have dozens of layers of floor finish, creating more work for the contractor.

At Scrub n Shine, we can get the job done right-the first time.
We have the best equipment, tools, chemicals and people in the industry.

Feel free to contact us about floor refinishing.  We can help with your floor refinishing needs.

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