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Restored Shine to Vinyl Floor in a Church in Minneapolis, MN

Resurrecting Elegance: Vinyl Floor Restoration in a Minneapolis Church

Amidst the sacred walls of a Minneapolis church, Scrub n Shine undertook the daunting task of restoring a VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) floor that had weathered decades of neglect. The tale begins with a maintenance man applying a high solids floor finish over dirty surfaces, perpetuating a cycle of decay.

Unearthing the Past

The condition of the VCT flooring was dire, a testament to years of improper maintenance. The church had previously hired an inexperienced contractor, attracted by a lower bid, only to face disastrous consequences. The inept team not only damaged the church’s auto scrubber but also left the vinyl tile floors in a worse state than they found them.

Unraveling the Mistakes

The amateur contractor committed a cardinal sin in commercial floor care – allowing the floor stripping solution to dry and harden multiple times. Rectifying this error proved to be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. The church, realizing the gravity of the situation, sought the expertise of Scrub n Shine.

Confronting Moisture Woes

Beyond the shoddy workmanship, we discovered moisture issues that complicated the restoration process. After careful consideration, a compromise was reached. We executed a strip, removing what we could in a single pass, and then applied three coats of a commercial-grade, mid-solids floor finish. The objective was to make the vinyl floor tiles presentable until the church could assess its budget and gather bids to address the underlying moisture problems.

A Momentary Compromise for a Long-Term Solution

While the immediate results may not have been ideal, we prioritized the long-term interests of the customer. This vinyl floor cleaning service aimed to see the church through its upcoming events, including a German Dinner and other fall activities. We not only restored their floor but also fixed their auto scrubber, showcasing our commitment to comprehensive floor care.

Anticipating Future Collaborations

As the vinyl floor now stands ready for a polka band at the upcoming events, Scrub n Shine looks forward to a continued partnership with the church in the years to come. Our mission is not just to clean floors but to ensure they shine with longevity, resilience, and unmatched radiance.

For all your commercial vinyl flooring maintenance needs, Scrub n Shine stands as your reliable ally. Contact us, and let’s embark on a journey to revive the luster of your vinyl flooring.