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Commercial Floor Refinishing, DIY or Hire it Out?

Making Informed Choices: DIY or Professional Commercial Floor Refinishing?

The decision to refinish your commercial floors is not one to take lightly. It involves a complex set of considerations ranging from the type of floor and its age to the soil level and the overall size of the space. Commercial floor refinishing is a challenging, costly, and labor-intensive task. The use of incorrect cleaning and finishing products, equipment, or techniques can lead to more harm than good.

Factors Impacting Work Time

Several variables influence the time required for a commercial floor refinishing job:

  1. Type of Floor: Whether it’s marble, VCT, vinyl, etc.
  2. Age of the Floor: The older the floor, the more challenging the refinishing process.
  3. Amount and Type of Soil: The level and type of soil on the floor impact the cleaning process.
  4. Size of the Floor: Larger spaces naturally demand more time.
  5. Work Space Congestion: The presence of desks, counters, or tables affects the workflow.

DIY or Professional Hire?

  • DIY Considerations: Equipment and Supplies: The cost of obtaining equipment and supplies adds up.
  • Employee Training: Training your staff for floor refinishing involves time and expenses.
  • Cost Analysis: Weigh the expenses against the convenience and quality of the job.
  • Hiring Professionals: Billing Structure: Hourly rates with setup fees for small jobs; larger jobs are generally billed per square foot.
  • Overall Rate Factors: Logistics, including contractor access and drive time, affect the overall rate.
  • Time Considerations: Rush jobs may incur higher costs due to rushed orders and rescheduling inconveniences.
  • Existing Floor Condition: Well-maintained floors save costs; older or new floors with excess glue may increase expenses.

Why Choose Scrub n Shine?

At Scrub n Shine, we offer a comprehensive solution for commercial floor refinishing. Our experienced team utilizes industry-leading equipment, tools, chemicals, and techniques to ensure the job is done right the first time. Whether it’s a routine scrub and recoat or a more extensive strip and wax procedure, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your floor refinishing requirements. Let us guide you through the process, providing the best solution for your commercial floors.

Elevate Your Floors with Scrub n Shine’s Expertise!

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