Dial Professional Foaming Hand Soap System with Leaking Issues

Scrub n Shine’s Solution to Dial Professional Foaming Hand Soap System Leaks

Unveiling the Pitfalls of Conventional Hand Soap Systems

Commercial hand soap systems commonly feature dispensers equipped with bottom push pads and internal valves. However, this design flaw often leads to inevitable failures, resulting in messy leaks. The Dial Professional Foaming Hand Soap System is no exception, as depicted in the images.

Scrub n Shine’s Innovative Approach

In response to the recurrent issues associated with traditional dispensers, Scrub n Shine introduces an innovative foaming hand soap system. Unlike its counterparts, our system boasts a top push pad design with valves seamlessly integrated into each refill.

Why Scrub n Shine?

  • Top Push Pad Design: Our foaming hand soap system addresses the common leakage problem by adopting a top push pad configuration.
  • Valves in Refills: By embedding valves into each refill, our system ensures a secure and leak-free handwashing experience.

Elevate Your Commercial Restroom Experience

For all your commercial restroom supply needs, Scrub n Shine is your trusted partner. Contact us to explore our innovative foaming hand soap system and revolutionize the hygiene standards in your commercial space.