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Deep Clean Hardwood Floors and Wood Gym Floor Finish in Minneapolis, MN

Revitalize Your Sports Floors with Deep Cleaning and High Gloss Finish in Minneapolis, MN

Rediscovering the Shine: Wood Gym Floor Revitalization

When your wood gym floor loses its luster, and dirt becomes embedded in its surface, it’s time for a transformation. Our Wood Gym Floor Scrub and Clear High Gloss Gym Coating Services in Minneapolis, MN are designed to breathe new life into your sports floors, ensuring they gleam with a captivating brilliance.

The Deep Cleaning Process

We encountered a wood gym floor finish that had lost its sheen, marred by dullness and soil infiltration. Employing our expertise, we executed a meticulous deep cleaning process. Leveraging a hardwood floor sealer and a specialized wood gym floor finish with high solids content, we achieved remarkable results—a glossy floor that radiates freshness and vitality.

Beyond Cleaning: Gym Floor Markings

In a unique turn of events, our customer requested additional detailing beyond the conventional cleaning process. Seeking gym floor markings such as lines, dashes, and squares, our client faced unresponsiveness from local specialty painting companies. Stepping up to the challenge, we took on the task of enhancing the gym’s aesthetics.

Precision in Design

We extended the baseline, introducing another parallel black line, and incorporated two yellow dashed lines—one along a baseline and the other bordering a sideline. The intricacies of the project involved strategically placing twenty-five 2”x2” yellow squares evenly across the gym. Additionally, a yellow dashed circle adorned the center of the basketball court, adding a touch of artistry to the space.

Painting Insights

It’s worth noting that achieving vibrant yellow hues, even with primer application, requires multiple coats. In our case, three coats of yellow paint were applied, while black exhibited full coverage in just one coat. The attention to detail and precision in execution underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Elevate Your Sports Floors to New Heights

Whether you have traditional hardwood sports floors or contemporary “Sport Court” type synthetic flooring, we stand ready to revitalize and elevate their appearance. Contact us to embark on the journey of restoring your sports floors to a high gloss, breathing life into the very foundation of your athletic spaces.

Contact Us and let us unleash the radiance within your sports floors, leaving them with a lasting, glossy impression.

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