Top 10 Reasons to Spec Scrub n Shine's RRF Paper Products

Discover the Superiority: Top 10 Reasons to Choose Scrub n Shine’s RRF Paper Products

Unveiling Scrub n Shine’s revolutionary Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) Paper Products, setting new standards for excellence and environmental responsibility. Here are the top 10 compelling reasons why spec’ing our RRF Paper Products is a game-changer:

LEED Compliance

Our RRF Paper Products adhere to LEED standards, ensuring your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Responsibly Harvested

Harvested under ideal conditions, our fibers are sourced responsibly, reflecting our dedication to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Unmatched Strength and Softness

Experience the perfect blend of durability and comfort. Our RRF Paper Products offer unparalleled strength without compromising on softness.

Excellent Toilet Tissue Dispersal

Designed for efficiency, our toilet tissue disperses smoothly in water, ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly flushing experience.

Greater Towel Wet Strength

Our paper towels exhibit remarkable wet strength, guaranteeing optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

Optical Brightening Agent-Free (OBA)

Say goodbye to Optical Brightening Agents. Our products boast natural brightness without the need for additional agents.

Improved Product Performance

Elevate your restroom experience with improved product performance. Our RRF Paper Products redefine industry standards.

Reduced Energy Footprint

Contribute to environmental conservation with a significantly reduced energy footprint. Our products align with sustainability goals.

Secure Supply of RRF-Based Products

Rest easy with a secure and consistent supply of RRF-based products, ensuring uninterrupted access to premium paper solutions.

Zero Deforestation Commitment

Embrace innovation with our Zero Deforestation Commitment. Scrub n Shine prioritizes sustainable purchasing and procurement practices.

For a firsthand experience of cleaner, softer, stronger, and brighter paper products, reach out to us today! Contact us to arrange a demonstration and witness the transformative power of Scrub n Shine’s RRF Paper Products. Elevate your standards and embrace environmentally responsible choices for a brighter future.

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