This gym floor was dull and soil-embedded. Now, it’s clean, sealed and finished with a hard, glossy finish!

We Also Added Gym Floor Markings (Lines, Dashes and Squares)

This is a service that we normally do not perform, but after calling several local specialty painting companies and receiving no response, our customer asked us to do it.

We extended the baseline, added another parallel black line and added 2 yellow dashed lines that extended one baseline and one sideline.

The most time consuming parts were laying out twenty-five 2″x2″ yellow squares that they wanted evenly dispersed throughout the gym as well a yellow dashed circle in the center of the basketball court.

FYI, even with the use of primer, yellow will not “cover” in one coat. It took 3 coats of yellow paint, while black “covered” in just one coat.

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