This DIYer tried refinishing his VCT tile with straight stripper solution over a badly embedded dirty floor.

Always Deep Scrub Commercial Floors Before Considering Stripping

Always deep scrub first to remove as much soil as you can before doing the “strip job”.

Most Floors Don’t Need to Be Stripped

Some floors show poor (lazy) previous maintenance with yellow-brown-black build in the corners, door jambs and along the edges. If you determine that this build up was caused by several coats of finish that had been applied over dirty floors, then strip it. Deep scrubbing first, will help you make this determination.

Locked-Up Stripper Solution is Extremely Difficult to Remove

NEVER ALLOW DIRTY STRIPPER SOUTION TO DRY. Dirty stripper solution allowed to dry is called “Locked-Up” stripper or “Locked-Up” finish. It creates an almost impenetrable bond of soils and emulsified floor finish that takes a tremendous amount of work to correct. This locked-up solution dries in low spots in the floor, usually in small dips that are very difficult to get flat floor pads, scrapers, etc. into. In some cases, it cannot be removed. This is due to dozens of layers of finish that were previously applied over dirty floors (and possibly multiple instances of locked-up stripper/finish before you got there).

Thankfully, this customer is a general contractor and understood this was the case with his floor. We got it looking pretty good, but you can still see hints of deeply embedded, locked-up soils.

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