This was in their customer waiting area and a few adjacent halls.

Ground-In Dirt May Leave Shadows in VCT Flooring

This customer has two desks behind the service counter and rolls their desk chairs directly on the VCT floor. Well, after several years without proper care, the chairs ground the soils deep into the VCT flooring.

Do not use floor finish stripper when trying to remove deeply embedded soils from VCT flooring. Instead, try a medium-high foaming industrial degreaser and a black stripping pad. It may take several attempts to remove the soils. You’ll know that you’ve finally “reached bottom” when the scrubbed solution starts to show colors from the VCT tile.

As was the case here, very badly neglected floors with spots of extremely worn flooring, may leave a slight shadow, even when it’s deep cleaned. The shadow is a result of the floor surface on the badly worn area itself, being different than the rest of the floor. We’ve seen this in heavily trafficked halls as well. We always try to explain that it took several years to almost ruin the floor, and that it will take a few service calls to try to get the sheen consistent across the entire floor.

Well Known National Franchise Did a Very Poor Job on This VCT Floor Last Time it was Done

You can see the pits and debris that were locked into the old floor finish (see above image). Really poor workmanship!

We Deep Scrubbed, Sealed and Applied Three Coats of the Industry’s Best Clear Coatings

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