The VCT flooring in this church’s basement was in brutal condition. Their maintenance man had been applying the hardest floor finish he could find, over dirty floors for DECADES.

Making Matters Worse, the Church Hired an Inept Contractor Before Finally Calling Us

Proving yet again, that you get what you pay for. The church hired a group of non-English speaking men to strip and wax the VCT tile floors. Their bid was much cheaper than ours. But, after they broke the church’s $5,000 auto-scrubber and left the floor in worse condition than they found it, the church called us.

Previous Contractor Allowed Floor Stripping Solution to “Lock-Up” Several Times

The biggest “no-no” in commercial floor care, is allowing dirty floor stripper solution to dry and re-harden. They didn’t do this once, but several times. Trying to remove locked-up floor stripper is incredibly time consuming and costly to the customer.

Hydrostatic Moisture Issues Forced a Compromised Solution on This Job

In addition to finding shoddy workmanship by previous workers, we also found moisture issues. After discussing their options, we agreed to do a strip (of what we could remove in one pass) and apply three coats of a commercial-grade, mid-solids floor finish. The goal was to make the floor presentable until they fully assess their budget and obtain bids to address the moisture issues.

Not the Ideal (Immediate) Result, but We Did the Right Thing for the Customer

This floor service should get them through their German Dinner and other Fall activities (we also fixed their auto-scrubber). We look forward to working with them in the years to come!

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