This parking garage is located beneath an apartment community in St. Paul, MN.

Apartment Management Companies Appreciate Our Attention to Detail

We pressure wash parking garage floors with high-pressure equipment that blasts water approximately an inch from the floor surface. Most of our pressure washing competitors still wave a wand from 2-3 feet from the floor surface and call it a day.

We Also Mechanically Scrub the Garage Floor

After deep cleaning with our high-pressure equipment, we scrub the floor with a commercial scrubber and vacuum up all excess water, and of course, dirt, salt, etc.

Our Entire Garage Floor Cleaning Process is Wet

Are you still paying a company to come in with leaf blowers and sweepers, creating a dust storm that damages smoke heads, thermostats and air handling equipment? AND, after the dust settles, you’re still left with what really damages concrete – salt residue!

Our entire process is wet. We will not damage any sensitive electrical devices and your floors will be much cleaner than if it was swept.

Contact us to arrange for an annual cleaning of your commercial parking garage. We can help!