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Is it More Economical to Rent Versus Buy Commercial Floor Mats?

If you plan on being in business longer than 7-11 months, then the answer is a resounding NO. The rental fee alone is generally 20-30 cents per square foot PER WEEK. On top of that, there are usually fuel surcharges, environmental fees and other fees. At just 20 cents per square foot (and no other fees), a 3×5 mat will end up with a cost of $780.00 over a 5-year period! In contrast, we sell mats that are much better quality (and better looking)¬†for $70-120!

Is it More Environmentally Friendly to Rent Versus Own Commercial Floor Mats?

No. Rental mats require fuel for pick up and delivery, energy to wash and dry, and add chemicals to waste water systems, not to mention the amount of water used when they repeatedly pressure wash the same mats, over and over.

At Scrub n Shine, most of our commercial floor mats are made from recycled materials and outperform rental mats over a life cycle of 7-15 years!

Custom Logo Mat Inlay

Custom Logo Mat with Logo Inlay

Mat Rental Suggests One Type of Mat Fits All

Most rental mats are thin, smooth “wiper” mats that are not removing debris like a scraper mat would. These thin, smooth work great for the mat rental company because they are cheaper to buy and easier to clean. We strongly encourage our clients to use a 3-Mat System that includes an aggressive scraper mat outside, a scraper/wiper mat just inside the entry door, and finally, a smooth wiper mat.

Aren’t Rental Mats Changed and Cleaned Regularly?

Most outdoor mats, anti-fatigue mats, bar and kitchen mats are not changed at all! It is up to the customer to clean and maintain those mats while paying a rental fee.

ESD Anti-Fatigue Matting

ESD Anti-Fatigue Matting

Rental Mats are Changed When it is Convenient for the Rental Company

Service intervals range from weekly to monthly. Most rental mat customers vacuum their mats daily want their businesses looking good ALL OF THE TIME.

Get What you Need AND What you Want by Purchasing Commercial Matting from Scrub-n-Shine.com!

Purchasing allows you to employ the 3-Mat System and coordinate colors, styles, shapes, sizes to suit your needs.

Custom commercial floor mats at www.Scrub-n-Shine.com

Custom commercial floor mats at www.Scrub-n-Shine.com

Contact us for all of your commercial floor matting needs. We can help!

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