You're Not Still Renting Commercial Floor Mats, Are You?

Upgrade Your Business with Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Floor Mats

Are your floor mats showing signs of wear and tear? It might be time to reconsider the traditional route of renting commercial floor mats. Scrub n Shine is here to guide you through the advantages of owning your mats and why choosing us for your commercial matting needs is a game-changer.

Economic Wisdom: Own Instead of Rent

Let’s address the cost factor first. Renting commercial floor mats might seem like a convenient option initially, but the long-term expenses could surprise you. Rental fees, fuel surcharges, environmental fees – the list goes on. Over a 5-year period, a 3x5 mat can accumulate a staggering cost of $780. At Scrub n Shine, we offer superior quality mats for purchase at a fraction of the rental cost, ranging from $70 to $120. The math is clear – owning is more economical than renting.

Environmentally Responsible Choice

Environmental consciousness is a priority in today’s business landscape. Renting mats may not align with these values. Rental mats involve fuel consumption for pick-up and delivery, extensive energy usage for washing and drying, and the introduction of chemicals into waste water systems. In contrast, most of our commercial floor mats at Scrub n Shine are crafted from recycled materials and outperform rental mats over a life cycle of 7-15 years. Choose sustainability with Scrub n Shine.

Customization for Your Unique Needs

Rental mat services often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, providing thin, smooth “wiper” mats. However, we advocate for a 3-Mat System that caters to your specific requirements. An aggressive scraper mat placed outside, followed by a scraper/wiper mat just inside the entry door, and a smooth wiper mat – this system ensures optimal debris removal and cleanliness. Scrub n Shine allows you to customize colors, styles, shapes, and sizes according to your preferences.

Consistency and Convenience: Your Way

Unlike rental mats, which may not be changed regularly or at your convenience, owning your mats grants you control. Most rental mats are changed when it suits the rental company, with service intervals ranging from weekly to monthly. Take charge of your business’s appearance by purchasing commercial floor mats from Scrub n Shine. Our 3-Mat System ensures your business looks its best every day.

Transform Your Space with Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Mats

Ready to elevate your business with top-notch commercial floor mats? Scrub n Shine is your go-to partner. Contact us for all your commercial floor matting needs, and let us help you make the right impression. Get what you need and what you want – choose Scrub n Shine for quality, economy, and sustainability.