Wood Gym Floor Finish & Synthetic Sports Floor Finish Back in Use 24 Hours After Recoat!

Wood Gym & Synthetic Sports Floors Back in Use 24 Hours After Re-Coat! Scrub n Shine’s Water Based Gym Floor Finishes are tough, offer great gloss, great slip resistance, and you can use the gym the next night! We’re in and out the same day with very…

Our hardwood gym floor finishes minimize down time and look great!

Scrub n Shine’s Cutting Edge High-Performance Gym Floor Finishes

We work hard to stay at the forefront of our industry, always utilizing cutting edge hardwood floor finishing products, floor cleaning equipment and application methods to get the best results.

Cross-Linking,  Nano and IPN Technologies

Cross-linking polymers was a huge break through in hardwood floor finish technology. This polymer within a polymer technology greatly improved the flow, gloss and dry times of hardwood floor finishes. But the latest nano and IPN technologies have raised the bar even further and Scrub n Shine is at the forefront again. Our types of wood floor finishes feature tight polymer weaves at the nano-level, producing a tough gloss that is still repairable (can be burnished between floor finsh recoats).

Scrub n Shine’s Water Based Gym Floor Finishes Have it All

Oil based floor finish is fast becoming a thing of the past. We now have a single component, water based wood floor finish for wood gym floors that adheres to any sound wood gym floor WITHOUT the mess and expense of screening. Tough, high gloss, great slip resistant floor finish, and you can use the gym the next night! All of this without the worry of panelization. Our gym floor finish allows the boards to expand and contract, just like a solvent based product would!

NOTE: CHEAP FLOOR FINISHES cure as one big sheet, and can actually ruin the integrity of your wood gym floor finish!

It’s a Win-Win Situation

With our system, there’s no screening, no tacking, no solvent odor and almost no down time!

We’re in and out the same day with very low odor (slight urethane acrylic smell). This tight-weaved NWFA Approved product can usually be recoated within 60 minutes, cutting our labor costs and saving you money! It’s tough, but can be buffed to remove scuff marks, etc . between recoats.

Let Scrub n Shine Do Your Next Wood Gym Floor Finish Recoat

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us to discuss your wood gym floor finish situation. Our gym floor care can help restore shine to hardwood floors!

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