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Wood Gym Floor Finish & Synthetic Sports Floor Finish Back in Use 24 Hours After Recoat!

Revitalizing Wood Gym Floors: Fast and Efficient Recoating by Scrub n Shine

When it comes to wood gym floors, downtime during maintenance can be a significant concern. At Scrub n Shine, we take pride in our ability to minimize disruption while ensuring your gym floors look exceptional. Our recent Wood Gym Floor Finish & Synthetic Sports Floor Finish project showcases our commitment to efficiency and quality.

Cutting-Edge High-Performance Gym Floor Finishes

We understand the importance of staying ahead in our industry. Utilizing cutting-edge hardwood floor finishing products, advanced floor cleaning equipment, and innovative application methods, we consistently achieve superior results. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our adoption of Cross-Linking, Nano, and IPN technologies.

Cross-Linking, Nano, and IPN Technologies

Cross-linking polymers revolutionized hardwood floor finish technology, enhancing flow, gloss, and dry times. However, Scrub n Shine goes further by incorporating the latest nano and IPN technologies. Our wood floor finishes feature nano-level tight polymer weaves, delivering a durable gloss that remains repairable. This innovation allows for burnishing between floor finish recoats.

Water-Based Gym Floor Finishes: The Future of Wood Floor Care

Bid farewell to oil-based floor finishes as we introduce a single-component, water-based wood floor finish designed for wood gym floors. This innovative solution adheres to any sound wood gym floor without the mess and expense of screening. Offering toughness, high gloss, and excellent slip resistance, our gym floor finish allows you to use the gym the very next night. Moreover, it accommodates the natural expansion and contraction of boards, preserving the integrity of your wood gym floor.

A Win-Win Situation

With our system, forget about screening, tacking, and solvent odors. We ensure minimal downtime, completing the entire process in a single day with very low odor (slight urethane acrylic smell). This NWFA Approved product can often be recoated within just 60 minutes, reducing labor costs and saving you money. It’s a win-win situation for efficient maintenance without compromising on quality.

Choose Scrub n Shine for Your Gym Floor Finish Recoat

Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us to discuss your wood gym floor finish situation. Let Scrub n Shine handle your next wood gym floor finish recoat, restoring shine and vitality to your hardwood floors. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and excellence with Scrub n Shine!

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