NEW! Scrub n Shine now offers a unique, cost-effective alternative in commercial restroom paper products!

Our Paper Converter Uses Trees from Forests They Manage Themselves, Near the Equator

More control equals better quality! Located near the equator, their 2.4 million acres of forests, produce trees that are able to mature 2x-3x faster than trees grown in colder climates. This unique situation enables them to offer clean, VIRGIN FIBER paper products in a sustainable, earth-friendly way.

Sustainable Virgin Fiber Produces Cleaner, Better Paper Versus Recycled Fiber

Recycling is a good thing and we’d never discourage it. However, we believe recycled paper should be used in making newspaper, corrugated cardboard, etc., not for products to be used on our skin!

Each time paper is recycled, inks, dyes, waxes, food, beverages, and other contaminants are removed, but never completely. Some of the recycled paper has been recycled multiple times before. Even if all of the contaminants could be removed, the binder that has carried over multiple times creates a slightly sticky paper product.

Scrub n Shine is Aggressively Marketing Restroom Paper Business!

We are so confident in our new restroom paper products, we are asking businesses located in the Twin Cities area, St. Cloud area and Western Wisconsin that are currently buying the following products, to contact us immediately:

SCA-Tork Restroom Paper Products

Matic, Intuition, Elevation, Xpress, EasyCube, M-Tork

GP (Georgia-Pacific) Restroom Paper Products

EnMotion, Envision, SofPull, Cormatic, BigFold, Preference, Compact

KC Professional (Kimberly-Clark) Restroom Paper Products

Scott, Kleenex, SaniTouch, SlimRoll, M-Series, MOD, Coreless, Cottonelle

Wausau-Bay West Restroom Paper Products

OptiCore, Alliance, DublNature, DublSoft, Artisan, EcoSoft

Take the Black Light Challenge

We invite you to let us show you how much cleaner, softer and brighter our paper products are versus what you’re currently using. By holding a black light next to your current paper products, you’ll see the level of contaminants in the recycled paper that you are currently using.

Our virgin fiber paper products also reduce tabbing (unwanted small shreds) and dust, while increasing wet strength, absorbency and overall performance.

Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!

Scrub n Shine restroom paper flyer

Scrub n Shine restroom paper flyer

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