WANTED! Businesses Using Restroom Paper Products From GP (Georgia-Pacific), KC Professional (Kimberly-Clark), SCA-Tork and Wausau Paper-Bay West

Revolutionizing Restrooms: The Quest for Superior Paper Products

In the realm of commercial restroom paper products, Scrub n Shine introduces an innovative and cost-effective alternative. We take pride in presenting a unique solution that not only meets but exceeds the standards of cleanliness, softness, and brightness. Are you currently using restroom paper products from GP (Georgia-Pacific), KC Professional ( Kimberly-Clark), SCA-Tork, or Wausau Paper-Bay West? If so, we want to show you the transformative difference our products can make.

Sustainability Meets Quality: Our Paper Converter’s Unique Approach

Our paper converter sources trees from forests they manage near the equator, spanning 2.4 million acres. The strategic location ensures these trees mature 2x-3x faster than those in colder climates, providing us with greater control and superior quality. Embracing sustainable practices, we offer clean, virgin fiber paper products that are both environmentally friendly and of unparalleled quality.

Virgin Fiber vs. Recycled Fiber: The Scrub n Shine Advantage

While recycling is commendable, not all recycled materials are created equal. Scrub n Shine firmly believes that recycled paper is best suited for products like newspapers and corrugated cardboard, not for items that come into direct contact with our skin. Our virgin fiber paper products stand out by offering a cleaner, softer, and non-sticky alternative. Unlike recycled paper, our virgin fiber products reduce tabbing (unwanted small shreds) and dust, while enhancing wet strength, absorbency, and overall performance.

Aggressively Marketing Superior Restroom Paper

Confident in the excellence of our new restroom paper products, we invite businesses in the Twin Cities area, St. Cloud area, and Western Wisconsin currently using SCA-Tork, GP (Georgia-Pacific), KC Professional (Kimberly-Clark), or Wausau-Bay West products to contact us. We are eager to showcase the transformative benefits our products bring to your restroom experience.

The Black Light Challenge: Unveiling the Difference

Take our Black Light Challenge to witness the remarkable disparity between your current recycled paper products and our virgin fiber alternatives. By holding a black light next to your existing paper products, you’ll observe the level of contaminants present. Our virgin fiber paper, in contrast, stands as a beacon of cleanliness and purity.

Contact Us for a Paper Revolution

Ready to elevate your restroom experience? Contact us to discuss your current situation, and let us guide you toward a superior paper product solution. At Scrub n Shine, we are committed to redefining standards and setting new benchmarks for restroom cleanliness.