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VCT Floor Tile High Gloss Restoration Job in Edina, MN

Rediscovering Brilliance: VCT Floor Tile High Gloss Restoration in Edina, MN

Unveiling the Beauty of Old VCT Flooring

In the heart of Edina, MN, an old VCT floor faced the inevitable consequences of time – rust stains and a lackluster appearance. Unfinished VCT flooring had absorbed rust and various other stains, diminishing the floor’s once vibrant appeal. This restoration project not only aimed to revitalize the aesthetics but also to enhance the durability of the flooring.

A Visual Journey: Before and After

Explore the visual journey of the restoration process through the images captured during the project:

The Challenge: Unfinished VCT Flooring

Unfinished VCT floors are more susceptible to stains, particularly rust, due to their porous nature. Over time, these floors lose their gloss, making the stains more pronounced. The challenge was not just to eliminate the stains but also to provide a high-gloss finish that would redefine the flooring’s overall look.

Our Expertise in VCT Finishing

Scrub n Shine specializes in VCT finishing, offering a comprehensive solution to bring back the high-gloss shine. Our professionals understand the nuances of VCT flooring and use advanced techniques to restore and protect the surface. We don’t just clean – we transform, ensuring your floors withstand the test of time.

Elevate Your VCT Flooring

If you’re facing challenges with unfinished VCT floors, Scrub n Shine is here to help. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. From rust stains to general wear and tear, our expertise ensures a tailored solution for your VCT flooring.

Rediscover the brilliance of your VCT flooring with Scrub n Shine – where restoration meets innovation.