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Using Building Service Contractors (BSCs) Versus In-House Cleaning

In-House Cleaning: Five Key Benefits

1. Vested Interest

Having an in-house cleaning team creates a sense of ownership within the building. The cleaner’s familiarity with job duties ensures that others know whom to approach if expectations aren’t met, fostering accountability.

2. Security

In-house cleaners provide an added layer of security as they are familiar with the building’s nuances. Their ability to identify anomalies or potential security threats contributes to a safer environment.

3. Staff Consistency

Consistency in staff, duties, and schedules cultivates a sense of continuity. In-house cleaners, by performing tasks consistently, reassure building occupants that operations will proceed as usual.

4. Pay and Benefits

Concerns about benefits and pay are minimized with in-house cleaning. Outsourcing may raise questions about the potential impact on in-house employees’ benefits and pay.

5. Value-Added Service

Dedicated in-house cleaners, attuned to their institution’s expectations, are more likely to provide consistent service, meeting institutional standards as part of their routine.

Building Service Contractors: A Compelling Choice

1. Specialization and Motivation

Building Service Contractors (BSCs) focus exclusively on efficient and effective cleaning. Their specialization allows them to outperform in-house operations by employing highly qualified personnel with specialized expertise.

2. Agent of Change With Additional Resources

BSCs can act as change agents, bringing in experienced team members to re-engineer and enhance cleaning programs. Their access to additional resources facilitates program improvement and adaptation.

3. Specialized Back-Up Support

On-site BSC managers report to both clients and industry-savvy regional managers. This dual oversight, backed by resources such as safety audits and training programs, ensures consistent performance, even during staff shortages.

4. Market Discipline

BSCs operate within market discipline, controlling costs and improving productivity to remain competitive. Fixed pricing contracts demand efficiency, ensuring the company’s profitability and longevity.

5. Client is (Partially) Out of the Employment Business

Outsourcing to BSCs reduces administrative burdens, including workers’ compensation costs, EEOC claims, and staff turnover-related expenses.

The overwhelming case for outsourcing cleaning to a quality Building Service Contractor lies in their ability to deliver superior results, cost-effectiveness, and reduced administrative complexities. Contact us to explore how outsourcing cleaning services can optimize your building maintenance.

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