Using a Spreader to Apply Ice Melter Products Wastes Product and Kills Grass

Preserving Your Landscape: The Right Approach to Ice Melter Application

Unveiling the Impact of Spreader Use on Grass and Plantings

In the endeavor to keep sidewalks safe during winter, many professionals resort to spreading ice melter products using equipment like spreaders. Unfortunately, this practice often results in unintended consequences, such as damaging grass and plantings adjacent to the targeted areas. The indiscriminate use of broadcast spreaders, in particular, poses a significant threat to the surrounding greenery.

Broadcast Spreaders: The Main Culprit

The prevalent use of broadcast spreaders exacerbates the issue, as they disperse ice melter products in hard-to-control, broad patterns. This lack of precision leads to salt mixture reaching areas beyond the intended sidewalks, causing harm to the delicate balance of grass and edge plantings.

The Calcium Chloride Conundrum

While we advocate for the use of multi-chloride ice melter products, including those containing a small amount of calcium chloride, it’s crucial to understand the nuances. Pure calcium chloride, while effective in melting ice at temperatures as low as -50 degrees, leaves a residue that continues to “burn” long after application. This sustained impact can lead to undesirable consequences, particularly when over-applied.

Overuse Woes: Killing Plantings and Harming Concrete

Regardless of the ice melter product chosen, excessive application poses a dual threat. Overuse not only damages grass and plantings but also wreaks havoc on concrete surfaces. Winter-kill, a common consequence of excessive salt application, can be avoided by adhering to the principle of applying just enough ice melter to ensure sidewalk safety. There should be no surplus piles or trails of salt left behind.

At Scrub n Shine, we offer a range of high-quality commercial-grade ice melter products. These formulations, enriched with multiple chlorides, are designed to be pet-friendly and plant-safe when used as directed. Their ability to melt well below zero, coupled with a fine grind suitable for most drop spreaders and hand-held spreaders, makes them a reliable choice for winter maintenance.

Contact us to initiate a discussion about your winter maintenance needs. We understand the importance of striking the right balance between safety and environmental preservation, and our team is here to guide you through it.

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