Many MRO professionals, snow removal contractors and building caretakers apply ice melter products with spreader equipment onto sidewalks. In many instances, the salt mixture is spread beyond the sidewalk, which kills grass and edge plantings.

Broadcast Spreaders are the Biggest Culprit

If spreading ice melter products by hand, or the use of hand-held spreaders are not feasible, consider using a drop spreader as opposed to a broadcast spreader. Broadcast spreaders “throw” the ice melter product in hard-to-control broad patterns.

Calcium Chloride “Burns” Hottest

We recommend the use of multi-chloride ice melter products that may contain a small amount of calcium chloride. But, pure calcium chloride will melt to -50 degrees and leaves a residue that will continue to “burn” long after it’s applied.

Overuse of Ice Melter Products Kills All Plantings AND Destroys Concrete

ALL Ice Melter Products will kill grass and plantings if over-applied onto them. Applying too much ice melter (“salt”) is the most common cause of Winter-kill. Just apply enough to keep your sidewalks safe. There should be no extra piles or trails of “salt”.

Ice Melt killed grass

Ice Melt killed grass

Scrub n Shine sells high-quality commercial-grade ice melter products that contain multiple chlorides, are rated safe for pets and plantings (when used as directed), melt well below zero and have a fine enough grind to fit through most drop spreaders and hand-held spreaders.

Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!

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