You heat the garage year-round. Your patrons expect a clean and safe environment year-round, including the garage. With the proper commercial cleaning equipment (and support of Scrub n Shine) you can do it yourself and save money while keeping your parking garages looking great.

Commercial Sweeping Equipment and Commercial Scrubbing Equipment in All Sizes and Price Ranges

Heavy Duty Manual Push Commercial Sweepers Start at $699.99

These 27″-38″ wide commercial-grade units do a great job of cleaning and last a LONG TIME. They are are easy to push and maneuver.

Heavy Duty Rechargeable Commercial Sweepers Start at $2,399.99

These 24″-36″ wide units come with special deep-cycle batteries, charger and are incredibly easy to operate.

Some DUAL PURPOSE Machines Have Vacuum Motors with HEPA-Filtration!

A few of our rechargeable commercial sweepers are actually “Sweeper Vacuums” with pleated filter cartridges and foam pre-filter media. That means you can use it indoors to vacuum commercial carpet in large areas with the same machine that sweeps your garage! (make sure you clean the broom and brush to remove grease and oil, etc. before using it on carpet).

Consider Wet Scrubbing Your Parking Garage

We strongly recommend wet scrubbing parking garages to neutralize and remove salt residue as well as deep clean grease and oil spots. Self-contained auto scrubber machines apply cleaning solution, deep scrub and squeegee up the muck in one pass! Large debris should be picked up prior to using an auto scrubber.

Self-Contained Commercial Auto Scrubbers Start at $1,999.99

Corded 110V electric self-contained units start at under $2000. Rechargeable battery operated auto scrubbers start at $3599.99 (20″ machine with batteries and charger). Self-contained auto scrubber machines apply cleaning solution, deep scrub and squeegee in one pass!

Having Your Own Commercial Cleaning Equipment Allows Flexibility and Convenience

This is great for you as well as your patrons. No more displacing 100s of cars while a sub-contracted cleaning crew scrambles to get it all done quickly while you stand guard at garage entry doors (and the management office is bombarded with phone calls).

Imagine being able to do the main garage aisle anytime you want. Imagine being able to do this as part of your preventive maintenance schedule and NOT a huge project! Our machines are so easy to operate, even your boss could do it.

Scrub n Shine Offers a Supportive Do-It-Yourself Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Program

You know that Scrub n Shine sweeps and scrubs parking garages. We also have your best interests in mind. We feel strongly that more businesses can (and should) keep their parking garages safe and clean ALL OF THE TIME. With the proper equipment and on-going support, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money!

Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!

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