Our Odor Control Deodorization Services for Multi-Housing properties are an extremely cost effective way to increase tenant satisfaction and retention!

Scrub-n-Shine’s Turn-Key Odor Control System Deodorizes 24/7

Our cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly odor control system is already hard at work in several properties throughout Minnesota. It deodorizes 24/7 and we do all of the work for you!

Filthy Apartment Unit

Filthy Apartment Unit

Cost Effective Odor Control for Apartment Communities

For about the same price of a “plug-in” deodorizer that disperses over a small area, our system counteracts bad odors and leaves a clean scent in spaces up to 6,000 cubic feet per unit! One of our dispensers is equal to approximately 24 of a leading “plug-in” deodorizer!

We Make Odor Control Hassle-Free

Our dispensers are installed where they need to be (with your input and approval). We stop by every 3 months to replace the high-fragrance refills. No more time-consuming labor from maintenance staff and caretakers to maintain deodorizers! No more setting timers, replacing batteries or having smoke heads going off from misplaced or malfunctioning aerosol sprays. No more gaudy ozone machines or walking the halls with spray bottles everyday that create carpet residue!

Clean Hallway of Building

Clean Hallway of Building

Free Samples Available to Twin Cities and St Cloud Apartment Communities

We’d like to leave a trial sample for you at no charge and explain in greater detail how this system works. Just LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and CONTACT US to arrange a date and time. You’ll also receive 10% off your first 3 months of service if you Like Us on Facebook!

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