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Scrub and Recoat Instead of Strip and Wax

Choosing Wisely: Scrub and Recoat Versus Strip and Wax for Your Floors

Maintaining the integrity and appearance of your commercial floors is crucial, and understanding the key differences between floor maintenance methods is essential. At Scrub n Shine, we advocate for the “Scrub and Recoat” process as a strategic alternative to the traditional “Strip and Wax” approach. Let’s delve into the nuances to help you make an informed decision for your floor care needs.

What is Meant By “Scrub and Recoat”?

Scrubbing floor finish is a gentle yet effective process involving mechanically scrubbing the existing floor finish. Our chemicals are safe and not harsh, removing embedded soils and preparing the floor for additional layers of finish. This method is employed when there’s minimal or no floor finish left, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

When Do You Recommend Stripping Floors?

While strip jobs are necessary in certain cases, such as extensive build-up on edges or corners, we generally opt for a “Scrub and Recoat” when feasible. Stripping floors is a more time-consuming and expensive process, involving additional steps like neutralizing and sealing before applying new finish.

Understanding the Process

Both processes involve placing caution signs, mixing cleaning solutions, soaking the floor, and using floor machines. However, the key difference lies in the additional steps required for a Strip and Wax job, namely neutralizing and applying a floor sealer.

Personal Protection and Considerations

In both instances, we prioritize safety, wearing protective gear like gloves and stripping boots. Floor strippers can be slippery, emphasizing the importance of precaution. When hiring us for floor maintenance, it’s crucial to post the building to inform patrons and employees of restricted access during the process.

What We Need From You

To ensure a seamless process, we request your cooperation. Posting the building, removing items from the work area, providing access to a water source and electrical outlets are essential. Additionally, knowledge of circuit breaker locations and temporary disabling of alarm systems are crucial for a smooth operation.

After We’re Done

Once the process is complete, you can walk on the floor the next day, but it’s advisable to avoid dragging heavy objects for at least a week. Our floor finishing products have a minimal acrylic odor, posing no concern for harmful VOCs.

Clean Up and Contact Us

Rest assured, we take care of the cleanup process, promptly removing any equipment left behind. If fans are used for air movement, we retrieve them soon after completing our professional floor cleaning services. For further details or to discuss your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choosing Scrub and Recoat over Strip and Wax is not just a matter of efficiency and cost-effectiveness; it’s a commitment to maintaining your floors with the utmost care and consideration. Scrub n Shine is here to guide you through this decision-making process, ensuring your floors receive the care they deserve.

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