Our Floor Care and Maintenance Programs Dramatically Improve the Safety of Your Floors

ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894

In accordance with ASTM Procedures C-1028-1894, Scrub-n-Shine’s anti slip floor finish create a safe surface on VCT floor tile, resilient flooring, terrazzo, hardwood flooring and more!

Anti Slip Floor Finish Coefficient Friction of .50 is Considered Safe

Our floor care and maintenance programs that include the use of our restorers, slip resistant floor finish, neutral cleaner and a regular buffing and/or burnishing program, raises the anti slip coefficient to nearly 0.7 (walkway surface with a dry condition.)   That’s 40% better than the industry standard!

At Scrub n Shine, we can achieve a high glossy floor AND increase the anti slip co-efficient of your floors!

Contact us to discuss your situation anti slip floor coating.  We can help with anti slip floor finish and floor polishing services.

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