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Scrub n Shine Sells Heavy-Duty Pet Odor Counteractant and Pet Stain Remover

Unleash the Power of Scrub n Shine’s Heavy-Duty Pet Odor Counteractant and Stain Remover

Scrub n Shine is excited to announce that our highly effective Heavy-Duty Natural Bio-Enzymatic Liquid Pet Odor Counteractant and Stain Remover is now available in convenient Ready-to-Use Quarts for the general public!

Powerful Pet Odor Remover with Natural Bio-Enzymes

Our natural bio-enzymatic spotter is designed specifically for tackling pet accidents, stains, and odors on various surfaces, including carpets, rugs, furniture, and upholstery. With a formulation that may be diluted up to 5:1, this product is versatile and effective.

Versatile Cleaning Solution

Whether dealing with fresh accidents or persistent stains and odors, our Heavy-Duty Pet Odor Counteractant and Stain Remover has you covered. Use it as a spot cleaner for quick clean-ups or as a residual cleaner for more stubborn stains and persistent odors. The natural bio-enzymes work to break down organic soils, leaving your surfaces pristine.

Non-Staining Formula with a Fresh Scent

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your surfaces. That’s why our formula contains no harsh chemicals, ensuring it won’t stain surfaces. The result is a fresh and clean scent, leaving your space smelling delightful.

Key Features:

  • Natural Bio-Enzymatic Spotter: Effectively removes organic soils from various surfaces.
  • Dilutable Formula: Can be diluted up to 5:1 for various cleaning needs.
  • Non-Staining: Won’t harm or stain surfaces, ensuring your belongings stay pristine.
  • Fresh Clean Scent: Leaves behind a refreshing fragrance.
  • pH of 9.0: Balanced pH for effective cleaning without compromising surfaces.

Say goodbye to the challenges of pet-related accidents and stains. Embrace the cleaning power of Scrub n Shine’s Heavy-Duty Pet Odor Counteractant and Stain Remover. It’s your trusted partner for maintaining a clean and odor-free environment. Contact us today to experience the difference!

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