Scrub n Shine now sells its Heavy-Duty NATURAL Bio-Enzymatic Liquid Pet Odor Counteractant and Pet Stain Remover in Ready-to-Use Quarts to the general public!

Strong Pet Odor Remover with Natural Bio-Enzymes Formulation May be Diluted Up to 5:1

Natural bio-enzymatic spotter for pet accidents, stains, and odors on carpets, rugs, furniture, and upholstery. Removes organic soils and eliminates odor problems from fabric and hard surfaces. Use as a spot cleaner to clean up accidents or as a residual cleaner to remove stubborn stains and persistent odors.

Non-Staining Pet Odor Counteractant Liquid Contains No Harsh Chemicals

Contains no harsh chemicals, will not stain surfaces, and will leave the area with a fresh clean scent. Opaque liquid with fresh scent and pH of 9.0.

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