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Scrub n Shine Offers Turn-Key Odor Control System in Twin Cities and St. Cloud

Experience Freshness with Scrub n Shine’s Turn-Key Odor Control System in Twin Cities and St. Cloud

Scrub n Shine is thrilled to introduce its cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly odor control deodorization system, already making a positive impact on numerous properties throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Turn-Key 24/7 Odor Control for Less Than $6 Per Month!

Our state-of-the-art odor control deodorization system works tirelessly to counteract malodors, ensuring a fresh environment 24/7. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our system operates without harmful chemicals, eliminating the need for aerosol shots containing acetone, propane, and butane. Moreover, it is allergy and respiratory reaction-friendly.

For an unbeatable price of $5.50 per month (per dispenser refill), our system efficiently treats spaces up to 6,000 cubic feet. We take care of the entire process for you – from installing discreet and attractive dispensers in strategic locations, based on your input and approval, to quarterly high-fragrance refill replacements, each lasting an impressive 75-90 days.

Why Choose Scrub n Shine’s Odor Control System?

Effortless Maintenance

Say goodbye to time-consuming labor for maintenance staff and caretakers. Our system eliminates the need for setting timers, replacing batteries, or dealing with the aftermath of aerosol sprays.

No More Ozone Machines

Tired of gaudy ozone machines? Our discreet system ensures freshness without compromising aesthetics.

At Scrub n Shine, we are dedicated to revolutionizing odor control, providing a fresh and healthy atmosphere. Contact us today to embrace the future of odor control technology. We eagerly await your response!