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Scrub n Shine Floor Finishes Have Excellent Buff-Ability

Achieve Brilliance: Scrub n Shine Floor Finishes with Exceptional Buff-Ability

Elevate the aesthetics of your floors with Scrub n Shine’s latest innovation – a floor clear coat boasting excellent buff-ability and a stunning high gloss appearance. Our acrylic floor finish is designed for both beauty and functionality, offering the best of both worlds in floor finish formulations.

The Perfect Balance

Scrub n Shine understands the importance of balance in floor finishes. Our latest formulations strike the perfect equilibrium between essential attributes. From excellent adhesion, smooth flow, and extended pot life to quick dry time, efficient cure rate, and a radiant gloss, our floor finishes redefine excellence in hard floor care.

Resilient Scuff Resistance

In addition to its visual appeal, our floor finishes are engineered for resilience. They boast impressive scuff resistance, ensuring your floors maintain their flawless appearance even in high-traffic areas. What sets us apart is not just the initial brilliance but the ability to buff these floors back to their like-new condition for months.

Choose Your Approach: DIY or Professional Assistance

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or seek professional assistance, Scrub n Shine has you covered. For the DIY enthusiasts, we offer quality products, expert advice, and local training to ensure you achieve the desired results. Alternatively, our skilled professionals are ready to provide commercial floor cleaning services, ensuring your floors receive the care they deserve.

Resources for Informed Decisions

To empower our clients, we’ve compiled a set of resources about commercial floor maintenance. Whether you’re curious about the intricacies of floor buffing, interested in non-buffable floor finish, or seeking guidance on floor pad selection, our resources cover it all. Knowledge is key, and Scrub n Shine is here to share it with you.

Elevate Your Floors with Scrub n Shine

Contact us today to discuss your commercial floor maintenance needs. Whether you’re looking for top-notch floor cleaning products or require professional services, Scrub n Shine is your trusted partner in achieving brilliance for your floors.

Discover the brilliance of Scrub n Shine floor finishes – where excellence meets aesthetics!