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Schedule Your 2017 Parking Garage Floor Cleaning NOW!

Enhance the Longevity of Your Parking Garage: Schedule Your 2017 Floor Cleaning Now!

While February and March are considered prime times for scheduling parking garage floor cleaning to prepare for the Spring and Summer seasons, it’s not too late to secure a spot on our calendar for 2017!

Protect Your Concrete from Salt, Oil, and Grease

Sweeping your parking garage floors is a good practice to prevent dirt and debris from entering your building. However, the insidious culprits, such as salt, oil, and grease, persist and infiltrate concrete, causing gradual breakdowns. Instead of merely sweeping, it’s time to take a more robust approach – it’s time to SCRUB!

Scrub n Shine: Elevating Parking Garage Floor Cleaning

At Scrub n Shine, we employ a comprehensive approach to cleaning parking garage floors. Our process begins by meticulously removing large debris, followed by the elimination of over 90% of fine debris through soaking and squeegee usage. Subsequently, we embark on a thorough pressure washing, paying special attention to edges and corners. The climax of our cleaning procedure involves mechanical deep scrubbing and squeegeeing, leaving your floor devoid of dirt, debris, and the notorious salt residue.

Dust-Free Concrete Floor Deep-Cleaning

Distinguishing ourselves from conventional parking garage cleaning contractors, our method is entirely dust-free. While others use backpack leaf blowers and ride sweepers that stir up dust, our approach utilizes water and biodegradable cleaners from start to finish. This ensures a clean environment and eliminates the risk of dust infiltrating air filtration systems and sensitive equipment like thermostats, smoke heads, and security cameras.

Serving the Twin Cities and Beyond

Our commitment extends beyond the Twin Cities, reaching areas like St. Cloud and its surroundings. Wherever you are, Scrub n Shine is ready to revitalize your parking garage floors.

Don’t wait any longer – Contact us NOW to schedule your garage floor cleaning service and fortify your parking facility against the damaging effects of salt, oil, and grease. Ensure a clean, safe environment for your patrons and protect the longevity of your parking garage infrastructure.

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