While February and March are the ideal times to schedule your parking garage floor cleaning for the Spring and Summer, it’s not too late to get on our calendar for 2017!

Salt, Grease and Oil Destroy Concrete

While sweeping parking garage floors helps keep dirt and debris from entering your building, salt, oil and grease continue to penetrate and break down concrete floors. Don’t sweep – SCRUB!

Parking Garage Floor Cleaning and Re-Striping Job in Wayzata MN

Parking Garage Floor Cleaning and Re-Striping Job in Wayzata MN

Scrub n Shine Pressure Washes and Scrubs Parking Garage Floors

First, we remove all large debris and 90+% of fine debris by soaking and use of squeegees. Next, we pressure wash your entire floor, paying close attention to edges and corners. Then we mechanically deep scrub and squeegee the entire floor. No more dirt, debris and NO MORE SALT RESIDUE.

Our Concrete Floor Deep-Cleaning Service is Dust-Free

Most parking garage cleaning contractors use back-pack leaf blowers and ride sweepers in circles. They’re in and out quickly and leave in a cloud of dust. This dust gets into your air filtration systems, leaves silt in thermostats, smoke heads, security cameras and other sensitive equipment.



Our method is dust-free. We use water and bio-degradable cleaners from start to finish.

Scrub n Shine Cleans Parking Garage Floors in the Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

We also service St. Cloud and surrounding areas.

Contact us NOW to schedule your garage floor cleaning service.

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