We have deep cleaned this vinyl floor, sealed and restored shine to this vinyl floor, along with several other retail store floors at Albertville Premium Outlets.

Contact us to discuss your vinyl flooring maintenance or other commercial floor maintenance situation. We can help!

VCT Floor finish

VCT Floor finish contractors in Minneapolis

VCT Tile Floor finish

VCT Tile Floor heavy-duty clear coat finish in Minneapolis

VCT Tiles finish

VCT Tiles finish products and services in Minneapolis

10 Helpful Resources About Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

  2. What is a Floor Sealer?
  3. What is Floor Finish?
  4. What is Floor Finish Gloss?
  5. Do Floor Finishes with Higher Solids Produce More Gloss?
  6. Commercial Floor Gloss is a Combination of Visual Perceptions
  7. What is Floor Finish Gloss Retention?
  8. What is in a Floor Finish Product?
  9. What is a Dry Bright Finish?
  10. Why does a floor lose its shine?
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