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Restore Shine to Vinyl Floor of Old VCT Floor Tile in Minneapolis Church

Preserving the Past: Revitalizing Minneapolis Church’s VCT Floor

A remarkable journey through time begins as Scrub n Shine undertakes the restoration of what could be the inaugural VCT floor ever installed. Tucked away in a church basement on Lake of the Isles, this historic flooring beckoned for meticulous rejuvenation, promising resilience after years of dedicated service.

Unveiling Layers of History

The VCT floor, potentially the pioneer of its kind, exhibited the grace of time but bore the imprints of at least 10, if not 20, coats of floor finish. The task at hand was clear – delicately peel away the layers of history while safeguarding the intrinsic essence of this unique flooring.

Breathing Life Back

Before entertaining the notion of replacing this historic flooring, the discerning choice was to reach out to Scrub n Shine. Armed with expertise in breathing life back into tired floors, we embarked on a mission to revive the aged VCT floor, offering our clients substantial savings.

A Renaissance in Aesthetics

Through a meticulous process involving stripping, sealing, and finishing, the VCT floor underwent a profound transformation. The outcome – a beautifully restored flooring that not only pays homage to its historical significance but also emanates renewed vibrancy.

Restoring Historic Landmarks

From church basements to banquet rooms, and religious institutions to worship centers, Scrub n Shine has etched its legacy, restoring historical VCT floors across diverse landmarks in Minneapolis.

Legacy Preservation

This undertaking underscores our dedication to restoring the aesthetic charm of commercial spaces while emphasizing the potential of preserving historical flooring, contributing value to architectural legacies.

Your Floor’s Historical Odyssey

If your old VCT flooring holds historical significance, resist the urge for immediate replacements. Contact us at Scrub n Shine, where our specialization lies in breathing life back into weary floors, safeguarding their history, and offering substantial savings in the process.