If you’re still dry sweeping your garage concrete floors, consider wet scrubbing (and Scrub n Shine)!

Parking Garage Concrete Floors Take a Beating

Think about what your garage floor is exposed to. Grit, oil, salt (and more), are absorbed into the concrete, then driven deeper into the concrete by vehicle and foot traffic. Look at your parking garage floor during the winter months and you’ll see salt residue everywhere. Dry sweeping will not remove this ice melter film.

Steps You Can Take to Properly Maintain Your Parking Garage Concrete Floors

Use a Penetrating Sealer

Salt residue, oil and more, penetrate porous concrete. The application of a penetrating sealer can help prevent this from occurring and extend the life and improve the appearance of your parking garage concrete floor.

Salt is Especially Damaging to Concrete

Salt residue creates a chemical reaction with porous concrete, resulting in the breakdown of tiny air sacs that exist in air-entrained concrete as well as spall, shale, flaking and general degradation of concrete.

Consider Top-Coating After Applying a Penetrating Concrete Sealer

There are a few top-coating options. The most popular garage floor coating is epoxy paint. It’s easy to apply, inexpensive and durable. Other options include urethane-epoxy, ultra high-solids acrylics and more.

A good top-coating product will seal out the elements and make it much easier to clean.

Sweep Garage Floors on a Regular Basis

Grit from sand and dirt damages concrete and garage floor coatings. Removing sand and dirt on a regular basis from your garage floor will prevent it from being tracked into your building, create a safer environment, extend the life of your floor (and floor coating) and keep your garage looking good.

Scrub n Shine sells affordable sweeping equipment! Walk-behind commercial sweeping equipment starts at less than $3,000.

Wet Scrub Garage Floors at Least Once Per Year

Ice melt residue (salt residue) cannot be removed by dry sweeping alone. Some companies claim that a “wet sweep” will accomplish this. This “wet sweep” process simply dampens their broom to help control some of the dust. It is not a wet scrub.

Scrub n Shine Parking Garage Wet Scrub Process Cleans Concrete Floors 3 Times with ZERO DUST!

Step 1 removes all large debris as well as the majority of fine debris.

Step 2 involves a pre-spray of degreaser chemical on oil spots and thorough pressure washing (being careful not to take up paint lines, etc.).

Step 3 is a wet mechanical scrubbing with an ice melter (salt) neutralizer and final rinse/removal that dries in minutes.

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