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Parking Garage Floors Need Scrub n Shine's Power Scrub to Properly Maintain Concrete

Preserving Parking Garage Floors: The Power of Scrub n Shine’s Wet Scrub

If you’re still relying on dry sweeping for your garage concrete floors, it’s time to consider the superior alternative – wet scrubbing with Scrub n Shine! Parking garages endure significant wear and tear, with grit, oil, salt, and more seeping into the concrete, driven deeper by constant vehicle and foot traffic. During winter, salt residue accumulates, forming an ice melter film that dry sweeping alone cannot eliminate.

Steps for Proper Maintenance

Use a Penetrating Sealer

Salt residue and oil can penetrate porous concrete. Applying a penetrating sealer helps prevent this, enhancing the life and appearance of your parking garage concrete floor.

Salt Awareness

Salt is particularly damaging, leading to a chemical reaction with porous concrete. This results in the breakdown of air sacs and general degradation. Consider top-coating options like epoxy paint, urethane-epoxy, or ultra high-solids acrylics for added protection.

Regular Sweeping

Regularly sweep garage floors to remove grit from sand and dirt, preventing damage to concrete and floor coatings. This practice not only maintains the floor’s appearance but also creates a safer environment by preventing debris from being tracked into the building.

Wet Scrub at Least Annually

Dry sweeping alone cannot remove ice melt residue. Scrub n Shine’s wet scrub process goes beyond, cleaning concrete floors three times with zero dust. The process involves removing large and fine debris, pre-spraying degreaser on oil spots, thorough pressure washing, wet mechanical scrubbing with a salt neutralizer, and a final rinse and removal that dries in minutes.

Scrub n Shine’s Superior Wet Scrub Process

  • Step 1: Removes all large debris and the majority of fine debris.
  • Step 2: Involves a pre-spray of degreaser on oil spots, thorough pressure washing, and careful attention to not disturb paint lines.
  • Step 3: Executes wet mechanical scrubbing with an ice melter neutralizer, followed by a final rinse and removal that dries rapidly.

Contact Us for a Cleaner, Safer Parking Garage

Contact us to discuss your parking garage’s specific needs. Scrub n Shine is here to provide expertise, ensuring your parking facility receives the care it deserves. Let us help you preserve and enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your concrete floors!