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Old VCT Floor was Stripped Sealed and Clear Coat Finish Applied in St Paul

Breathing New Life into Aging VCT Floors: A St. Paul Transformation

In the heart of St. Paul, a recent undertaking showcased not only the resilience of flooring but also the transformative power of expert care. This project, a poignant example of the repercussions of neglecting proper floor maintenance, unfolded in a facility marred by the unintended consequences of old, cheap, and dirty mops. The accumulative layers of floor finish applied without care had rendered the once pristine surface grimy and lackluster.

Uncovering Years of Neglect

The consequences of relying on old, subpar cleaning tools became evident in the corners, along edges, and onto the vinyl baseboards. The visible grime spoke volumes about the need for a comprehensive restoration to resurrect the floor’s former grandeur.

Restoring the Glory

Undeterred by the challenge, our dedicated team embarked on a journey of renewal. The meticulous cleaning of the vinyl baseboards marked the initiation of the restoration process. Layer by layer, years of neglect were meticulously scraped away, revealing a surface ready for rejuvenation.

A Shining Culmination

The pinnacle of the transformation arrived with the application of a meticulous strip-seal-clear coat finish. Beyond restoring mere appearances, this process aimed to reinstate the floor’s integrity, offering a shining testament to the potential hidden beneath years of disregard.

Rediscover the Brilliance

If your vinyl flooring has succumbed to the passage of time, Scrub n Shine stands ready to revive its lost luster. Contact us, and let our expertise transcend the realms of restoration, providing you with a floor care experience that surpasses expectations.


At Scrub n Shine, we don’t just renew floors; we elevate them to unprecedented brilliance. Contact us for an unparalleled floor care experience that breathes new life into your cherished spaces.