NOW is the Time to Schedule Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning!

NOW is the Time to Schedule Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning! While we sweep heated parking garages year round, most businesses tend to want it done in the Spring. Consider a Wet Scrub Rather Than a Cheap Sweep. There’s more to garage cleaning than blow…

While we sweep and scrub heated parking garages year-round, most businesses tend to want it done in the Spring, Summer and Fall. NOW is the time to schedule this work.

Consider Wet Scrub Rather Than a Cheap Sweep

There’s more to commercial garage floor cleaning than blowing sand and dirt around. We strongly recommend an annual wet scrubbing of parking garages to neutralize and remove salt residue as well as deep clean grease and oil spots.

Low RPMs and HEPA Filters Keep Airborne Dust to a Minimum

If you just want dry sweeping done, we’ll generally sweep in two stages. It’s more time consuming, but worth the extra effort. The first pass is done with low RPM mechanical units. The second pass is done with HEPA-filtered, power sweepers.

When we wet scrub, we’ll usually do one pass with low RPM sweepers, then deep scrub and squeegee with our commercial scrubbers.

We Don’t Use Back Pack Blowers

Many of our competitors use leaf blowers that blow dust and dirt EVERYWHERE. This is by far, the most common complaint we hear from customers of their previous contractor (that we end up replacing).

Sweep Annually (if not more) to Keep Silt to a Minimum

We do our best to limit dust and dirt from becoming airborne. If your garage has not been swept in a long time, it’s likely that a thick layer of fine silt has built up. If this is the case, SOME dust will become airborne, but we do our best to limit that.

Commercial Scrubbers With Squeegees for Wet Scrub Jobs

Most of our competitors do not offer wet scrubbing. Those that do offer this service, lightly wet the surface and still SWEEP IT, smearing mud all over your floor. We use commercial machines that deep scrub and squeegee the floor in one pass. We pre-spray grease and oil spots prior to scrubbing.

Twin Cities Parking Garage Sweeping and Scrubbing Service Area

Due to logistics of hauling equipment, people and sweeping debris, our parking garage sweeping and scrubbing service is currently offered in the Twin Cities area only.

Re-Striping Your Parking Garage

This is a service that we currently do not offer, but stay tuned…

We Do Not Sweep Outdoor-Open Area Parking Lots

Our niche is covered (usually underground) parking garages where quality results and low airborne particulates are desired by our customers.

Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!