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NOW is the Time to Schedule Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning!

Elevate Your Parking Garage Cleanliness: Schedule Now for Impeccable Results!

As the seasons change, it’s time to give your commercial parking garage the care it deserves. While we provide thorough cleaning services throughout the year, the demand tends to peak during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Act now and schedule our comprehensive cleaning services to ensure your parking garage remains pristine.

The Power of Wet Scrubbing: Beyond a Simple Sweep

Don’t settle for a basic sweep that merely stirs up dust. Our recommendation? Opt for an annual wet scrubbing of your parking garage. This goes beyond surface-level cleaning, addressing salt residue, grease, and oil spots. Our meticulous process ensures a deep clean that enhances the longevity of your garage flooring.

Minimal Airborne Dust: Quality Assurance in Every Clean

Concerned about airborne dust during the cleaning process? Rest assured, our low RPM mechanical units and HEPA-filtered power sweepers keep airborne dust to a minimum. We take the extra time to clean in two stages, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning that surpasses industry standards.

Say No to Backpack Blowers: Embracing Cleaner Practices

Unlike some competitors who use leaf blowers that disperse dust and dirt everywhere, we have chosen a cleaner approach. Our clients often express dissatisfaction with contractors using backpack blowers, making it the most common complaint we address. We prioritize your satisfaction and cleanliness standards.

Annual Cleaning: A Proactive Measure Against Silt Buildup

To maintain the cleanliness of your parking garage, we recommend annual (if not more frequent) cleaning. Over time, a thick layer of fine silt can accumulate, and our proactive approach helps minimize dust becoming airborne during the cleaning process.

Specialized Wet Scrubbing with Commercial Scrubbers

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our wet scrubbing process. Unlike competitors who simply wet the surface and clean, we employ commercial machines for deep scrubbing and squeegeeing in a single pass. Grease and oil spots are pre-treated for optimal results.

Service Area: Twin Cities Excellence

Currently, our parking garage cleaning service is available exclusively in the Twin Cities area. The logistical challenges of hauling equipment and personnel dictate our service range, ensuring we maintain the highest standards of quality.

Future Services: Stay Tuned for Re-Striping Options

While we currently do not offer re-striping services, stay tuned for updates. We are committed to evolving our services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Niche: Covered Parking Garages

Our expertise lies in covered, often underground, parking garages where quality results and low airborne particulates are paramount. We understand the unique demands of these environments and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Ready to elevate the cleanliness of your commercial parking garage? Contact us to discuss your situation and explore how our cleaning services can make a difference. We are here to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier environment for your parking facility.

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