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Nilfisk-Advance, "Tennant ec-H2O™ Claims Cannot Be Verified"

Nilfisk-Advance Challenges Tennant’s ec-H2O™ System Claims: The Unveiling Truth

In a continued saga of industry scrutiny, Nilfisk-Advance, a renowned manufacturer of professional floor cleaning equipment, has released its third independent study focusing on Tennant’s ec-H2O™ cleaning performance. The results of these tests, which measured the efficiency of ec-H2O™ against plain tap water, once again indicate no discernible difference in cleaning performance.

Scientific Lens on ec-H2O™ System

The study utilized Hucker’s soil, an industry-recognized soil standard devoid of petroleum products, to assess the cleaning capabilities of ec-H2O™ compared to plain tap water. Surprisingly, the results showed identical performance levels, further challenging Tennant’s claims that ec-H2O™ acts as a potent cleansing agent.

In May 2011, Michael Fenger, General Manager, Product Marketing, EMEA/APAC for Nilfisk-Advance, expressed his views on the matter. He stated, “These current test results complete the scientific picture showing that ec-H2O™ performs no better and no different than plain tap water when used in a commercial floor scrubber.”

A History of Controversy

This recent study follows two prior independent tests commissioned by Nilfisk-Advance, both yielding similar outcomes. The first test, using ASTM D4488 soil, demonstrated that ec-H2O™ water exhibited no superior performance compared to plain tap water. Additionally, it suggested that when cleaning with ec-H2O™, the scrubber’s effectiveness diminished compared to using tap water and detergent. The second test focused on ATP reduction, revealing that ec-H2O™ achieved the same ATP reduction level as plain tap water.

Nilfisk-Advance’s Stance

Anders Terkildsen, Executive Vice President, EMEA Sales for Nilfisk-Advance, stated, “In light of the cumulative, independent industry testing by Nilfisk-Advance and others, we expect that Tennant will cease its unfounded claims that ec-H20™ acts like a ‘powerful cleansing agent/detergent’ when used in a commercial floor scrubber.”

Scrub n Shine’s Perspective

In the midst of this industry dispute, Scrub n Shine, a respected player in the field, offers its perspective. While acknowledging the prowess of both Nilfisk-Advance and Tennant in manufacturing quality equipment, Scrub n Shine emphasizes the importance of using the right industrial chemicals alongside advanced cleaning technologies. The company believes that these “independent” tests might carry a competitive undertone but underscores the necessity of considering varied perspectives.

The industry awaits Tennant’s response, which may involve counterstatements regarding Nilfisk-Advance’s quality control and its recent acquisitions.

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