Nilfisk-Advance’s Third Independent Study of Tennant’s ec-H2O™ System Still Shows No Performance Difference Versus Plain Tap Water

Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning equipment, released a third set of independent test results related to Tennant’s ec-H2O™ cleaning performance (electrically-activated water used in today’s professional floor scrubbers). The third set of independent tests measured the cleaning performance of ec-H2O™ relative to plain tap water using Hucker’s soil, an industry recognized soil containing no petroleum products and used to test the performance of surface cleaners. The Hucker’s soil testing showed no performance difference between a Tennant scrubber using ec-H2O™ and the same scrubber using only plain tap water.

May 2011, Nilfisk-Advance’s Michael Fenger Speaks Out About Tennant’s ec-H2O™ System

“These current test results complete the scientific picture showing that ec-H2O™ performs no better and no different than plain tap water when used in a commercial floor scrubber,” said Michael Fenger, General Manager, Product Marketing, EMEA/APAC for Nilfisk-Advance. “Nothing in the comprehensive data, collected under controlled and repeatable testing conditions, supports Tennant’s continued claims that ec-H2O™ acts like a ‘powerful cleansing agent/detergent’.”

Nilfisk-Advance’s Two Previous Independent Studies Showed Similar Results

Nilfisk-Advance previously commissioned two separate independent tests to measure Tennant’s claims regarding ec-H2O™’s performance. The first test used ASTM D4488 soil and showed that ec-H2O™ water performed no better than when the same scrubber cleaned with plain tap water. Those results also indicated that when cleaning with ec-H2O™, the scrubber did not clean as effectively as when the scrubber cleaned with tap water and detergent. The second independent test measured the performance of ec-H2O™ relative to plain tap water to reduce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). That testing showed that a floor scrubber using ec-H2O™ reduced ATP to the same level as plain tap water.

Nilfisk-Advance Expects Tennant to Cease its “Unfounded” ec-H2O™ System Claims

“In light of the cumulative, independent industry testing by Nilfisk-Advance and others, we expect that Tennant will cease its unfounded claims that ec-H20™ acts like a “powerful cleansing agent/detergent” when used in a commercial floor scrubber,” said Anders Terkildsen, Executive Vice President, EMEA Sales for Nilfisk-Advance. “These independent test results show that, while ec-H2O™ may clean floors, it cleans no differently than if the same scrubber used plain tap water. Given the compelling scientific data and the importance of scientifically-proven products, it is rather surprising that Tennant claims to have ‘set the record straight’ and yet has not stopped misstating the performance of ec-H2O™.”

Scrub n Shine Weighs In

Nilfisk-Advance, Tennant and Nobles (engineered by Tennant) are giants in our industry and make very good equipment.  We feel that there is no gadget or gizmo on any brand or model of cleaning equipment that eliminates the need for using the right industrial chemicals.

We respect Michael Fenger’s opinion, but these “independent” tests seem to be conducted by Nilfisk-Advance to try to gain a competitive advantage against Tennant.  Many “independent” tests commissioned by one company of products made or sold by a competitor are a lot like “independent” real estate appraisers that are contracted by mortgage company brokers.  You can usually achieve your desired result if you approach it in your own way.

Look for Tennant to possibly fire back with statements about varying levels of quality control at Nilfisk-Advance and their numerous acquisitions of different brands names in recent years (Kent, Clarke, Viper, Alto, American Sanders, etc.)

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