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New Technological Advances in Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Unveiling Breakthroughs: The Future of Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Dive into the cutting-edge world of commercial cleaning with Scrub n Shine as we explore the latest technological marvels in the industry. Are these innovations worth the investment, and how can they revolutionize your cleaning practices? Let’s delve into the advancements from industry leaders Tennant-Nobles and Nilfisk-Advance.

Tennant-Nobles: Pioneering Chemical-Free Scrubbing

ec-H2O™ - A Game-Changing Cleaner

Tennant-Nobles introduces ec-H2O™, an electrically converted water technology that transforms tap water into a potent cleaning solution. Boasting a reduction of up to 70% in water usage compared to conventional methods, ec-H2O™ eliminates the need for traditional cleaning chemicals, addressing environmental concerns and health risks. This NSF-certified system ensures slip and fall accidents are minimized, making it a trailblazer in chemical-free scrubbing.

ReadySpace® Technology - A Revolution in Carpet Care

With ReadySpace®, Tennant-Nobles brings forth a patented carpet cleaning technology. Featuring contra-rotating rollers, this innovation enables deep extraction carpet cleaning or frequent cleaning using the ReadySpace® rollers. By grabbing dirt from carpet fibers without saturating the carpet itself, ReadySpace® ensures reduced drying times, facilitating quicker reuse of carpeted spaces and more frequent cleaning of high-traffic areas.

FaST® Foam-Activated Scrubbing - Enhancing Auto Scrubbers

Tennant-Nobles takes scrubbing to new heights with FaST® Foam-Activated Scrubbing Technology. Certified “high-traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute, FaST® minimizes slip-and-fall risks and leaves no chemical residue. With concentrated chemical packs directly loaded into FaST®-equipped auto scrubbers, it offers up to 150 minutes of non-stop, productive scrubbing, outperforming competitors by 90%.

Nilfisk-Advance: Eco-Friendly Flexibility and Cyclone™ Power

EcoFlex™ System - Dynamic Cleaning on Demand

Nilfisk-Advance introduces the EcoFlex™ System, a versatile cleaning technology allowing operators to seamlessly switch between chemical-free (water-only) cleaning and varying degrees of detergent use, down pressure, and flow rates. This one-touch system not only saves time but also reduces expenses on chemicals and labor.

REV™ with Random Orbital Scrubbing - Innovation in Floor Cleaning

REV™ by Nilfisk-Advance is a ground-breaking floor auto scrubber that combines distinct orbital and rotational motions for superior cleaning. Achieving a uniform, non-swirled floor surface, REV™ consumes less water and chemicals. It excels not only as a daily scrubber but also as a powerful deep scrubber, eliminating floor finish in a single pass without any chemicals.

Cyclone™ High Pressure Surface Cleaning - Environmental Excellence

Cyclone™ Surface-Cleaning Technology by Nilfisk-Advance sets a new standard for outdoor surface cleaning. This self-contained system deeply cleans concrete and hard surfaces while reclaiming water and filtering contaminants. The revolutionary Cyclone™ minimizes water usage, eliminates chemical runoff, and increases productivity, aligning with EPA compliance standards.

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