New Technological Advances in Commercial Cleaning Equipment

New Technological Advances in Commercial Cleaning Equipment. Are New Cleaning Equipment Technologies Worth the Extra Money? Scrub n Shine Sell Commercial Cleaning Equipment! Contact us for help in deciding which cleaning technology will work best for your…

Are New Cleaning Equipment Technologies Worth the Extra Money?

Commercial equipment manufacturers continue to develop new technologies, but are they worth the extra cost and how do these new advances help?

Let’s Examine Commercial Cleaning Equipment Gadgets and Gizmos From Two Industry-Leading Manufacturers

At Scrub n Shine, we don’t see the value of most add-on gimmicks that include charged, ionized or other water technologies, but we really like the ReadySpace®, AquaPlus™ and Cyclone™ technologies!

Tennant-Nobles’ ec-H2O™ (Add-On System) Electrically Converted Water Technology Turns Tap Water Into a “Powerful Cleaning Solution”

Tennant-Nobles’ claims their ec-H2Oconverter eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals when scrubbing floors and that the ec-H2O System uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods. By using no chemicals, ec-H2O eliminates the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals. It also eliminates health issues associated with harsh cleaning chemicals; no touching, breathing, splashing, or disposing of chemicals. This system is the first chemical-free scrubbing system to achieve NFSI certification for reducing slip and fall accidents.

Other ec-H2OClaims Made By Tennant-Nobles

ec-H2Ois Registered by NSF as safe for use in food and beverage handling environments. ec-H2O is safe to touch and helps reduce cost by eliminating the need to buy a general purpose cleaner.  ec-H2O™ eliminates time required for chemical handling, mixing, and usage training and maximizes productivity by increasing scrub times and reducing fill and drain times.

Tennant-Nobles’ Patented ReadySpace® Technology

With two sets of contra-rotating rollers, this technology allows you to do deep extraction carpet cleaning or with the ReadySpace® rollers, clean much more frequently, removing soils before they become ground in.

ReadySpace® Cleans and Dries Carpet in Less Than 30 Minutes

These “soil-transfer rollers” grab dirt from carpet fibers and lift it into the machine while the solution sprayers rinse the rollers – NOT THE CARPET. Using the ReadySpace® rollers, the carpet itself is never saturated and dry times are significantly reduced. This allows reuse of carpeted spaces more quickly and more frequent cleaning of high traffic areas.

Scrub n Shine Loves ReadySpace® Technology by Tennant-Nobles

We know first-hand, the deep extraction rollers do a phenomenal job of deep cleaning. There is nothing like using contra-rotating brushes for deep cleaning carpet!

Also, From Tennant-Nobles, FaST® Foam-Activated Scrubbing Technology

FaST® Foam Activated Scrubbing Technology is a value-added feature available on most of their auto scrubbers. FaST® is certified “high-traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Tested safe for floor finishes by ASPEN, a nationally recognized, independent test lab.  FaST® leaves no chemical residue. With FaST®, there is no chemical handling (this system uses concentrated chemical packs that load directly into Tennant-Nobles auto scrubbers equipped with FaST® capability). With FaST®, get up to 150 minutes of non-stop, productive scrubbing from fewer empty and fill cycles, 90% longer than the closest competitive scrubber.

Nilfisk-Advance’s EcoFlex™ System

Nilfisk-Advance’s EcoFlex™ System, introduced in 2009, is a new cleaning technology that with the touch of a button, allows the operator to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, (water-only) cleaning and varying degrees of detergent use, down pressure and flow rates. EcoFlex™ saves time as well as money spent on chemicals and labor.

Nilfisk-Advance’s REV™ with Random Orbital Scrubbing Technology

REV™ is the first and only floor auto scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions. High speed ¼ inch micro scrubbing and rotational low speed macro scrubbing. This patent-pending combination delivers a uniform, non-swirled floor surface while using far less water and chemicals. In addition to being a superior daily scrubber, REV is so effective at deep scrubbing, you can remove floor finish in a single pass—with no chemicals at all— leaving floors ready for restoration.

Nilfisk-Advance’s Cyclone™ High Pressure Surface Cleaning with Water Recovery Recycling System

The revolutionary Cyclone™ Surface-Cleaning Technology System delivers unmatched deep cleaning of concrete and other hard surfaces by scouring away dirt, tire marks, and petroleum deposits, with no discharge into the environment or damage to the cleaned surface. Virtually all water is reclaimed and contaminants are filtered out, allowing for the re-use of the reclaimed water for extended cleaning cycles. This remarkable self-contained system delivers the most environmentally-friendly outdoor surface cleaning solution by minimizing water usage, eliminating chemical use and water runoff, and aiding in EPA compliance. One-pass cleaning by a single operator dramatically increases productivity and provides a greater return on investment.

Scrub n Shine Gives “Two Thumbs Up” on Nilfisk-Advance’s Cyclone™ Surface-Cleaning Technology System!

What’s not to love (except they aren’t exactly giving these away)?  Here are the features of their Cyclone™ Surface-Cleaning Technology System

  • Unique Cyclone cleaning head deep cleans surfaces and recovers water and debris without a vacuum
  • Multi-stage filtration system for extended cleaning cycles
  • Onboard inline water heater heats water for more aggressive cleaning
  • 390 gallon, multi-chambered fresh/reclaimed water tank
  • Powerful high pressure pump delivers 4,350 psi maximum pressure at 5.5 gpm flow
  • Debris recovery box separates out larger debris from recovered water

Nilfisk-Advance’s AquaPLUS™,  AXP™, Deep Treat™ and LIFT™ Technologies

AquaPLUS™ battery-powered carpet extractors, available with AXP™, feature Advance’s patented LIFT™ low-moisture technology with dual counter rotating brushes for a clean that receives the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval for soil removal and dry times. Carpets dry within 30 minutes, reducing the risk of mold and other airborne allergens.

AquaPLUS™ extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system. The single-spray nozzle design eliminates streaking that can lead to delayed drying, while meeting green-cleaning standards outlined in the new GS-42 guidelines.

The patented AXP™ system on the AquaPLUS™ AXP™ extractor provides the flexibility to clean with any detergent, including those that are green certified.  AXP™ Onboard Detergent-Dispensing System is available as an “add-on”. AquaPLUS™ meets LEED-EB’s IEQ credit guidelines for quiet operation.

The Deep Treat™ single-pass, pre-spray feature on the AquaPLUS™ AXP™, eliminates hand-held spray bottles and allows the proper application of pre-spray chemical, minimizing chemical use and costs.

Scrub n Shine Sell Commercial Cleaning Equipment!

Contact us for help in deciding which cleaning technology will work best for your situation. We deal with many manufacturers and can find a machine to suit your needs.