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Achieving Brilliance in New Construction: VCT Floor Tile Transformation

A testament to our commitment to excellence, Scrub n Shine recently undertook the challenge of revitalizing a 13,000 square ft. VCT floor tile in a beautiful new building in Plymouth. The task involved thorough scrubbing, sealing, and applying a clear coat finish before the owners moved in. The outcome left the building owner astonished and delighted with the results.

The Challenge of New Construction

Newly constructed spaces often bear the brunt of construction activities, and the VCT floor was no exception. It required a comprehensive cleaning, sealing, and finishing process to ensure a pristine appearance. The 13,000 square ft. area posed a significant undertaking, but our experienced team was up for the challenge.

Efficient One-Day Transformation

Utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, we completed the entire process in just one day. The owner, impressed by the efficiency and remarkable transformation, expressed his satisfaction. Our use of a t-bar for applying the high gloss floor finish coatings ensured an even application without any mop marks, contributing to the floor’s impeccable appearance.

Coordination and Cooperation

Special thanks to Larry, who played a crucial role in coordinating with other contractors to keep off the floor during the process. Effective communication and collaboration ensured a smooth operation, even on a sunny 85-degree Friday.

Witness the Transformation

View the images below to witness the transformation of the VCT vinyl tile floor. The seamless finish and radiant gloss are a testament to our expertise in floor care and maintenance.

Explore VCT Flooring Resources

For those interested in the nuances of VCT flooring, we’ve compiled 10 helpful resources addressing various aspects, from gloss retention to floor finish quality. If you’re looking to enhance the shine and longevity of your vinyl floor, Scrub n Shine is here to help. Contact us to discuss your VCT flooring situation and let us bring brilliance to your commercial space.

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