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This Minnesota College Needs Scrub n Shine's Wood Gym Floor Care!

Elevate Your College Gym: Scrub n Shine’s Wood Floor Care Expertise!

The gym at this Minnesota college is facing a flooring crisis – poor adhesion, blistering, and peeling caused by an inferior floor finish from a supposedly reputable “school specialist.” Clearly visible swirls from insufficient screening paint a picture of substandard work. Minnesota, it’s time for an upgrade! Opt for excellence with Scrub n Shine!

Unveiling the Gym Floor Predicament

The wood floor in this college gym narrates a story of poor craftsmanship and a floor finish that falls short of expectations. Don’t accept mediocre conditions – entrust Scrub n Shine with the expertise your wood gym floor rightfully deserves.

Why Choose Scrub n Shine?

Scrub n Shine takes pride in delivering excellence in gym floor finishes. We provide you with premier wood gym floor finishes, paired with unparalleled proficiency in preparation and application. Bid farewell to adhesion problems, blistering, and unattractive swirls – Scrub n Shine is here to revamp your college gym floor.

Get in Touch with Scrub n Shine

Let’s delve into your gym floor care and wood gym floor finish requirements. Whether you’re in Minneapolis, St. Cloud, St. Paul, or anywhere in the Twin Cities, Scrub n Shine is your trusted source for top-notch Sports Floor Care in Minnesota!

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Choose Scrub n Shine for enduring quality. We anticipate the opportunity to rejuvenate your college gym floor, ensuring it mirrors the excellence your institution represents. Contact us today!

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