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Minneapolis Country Club Established in 1888 Calls on Scrub-n-Shine for Tile and Grout Cleaning

Reviving Elegance: Minneapolis Country Club’s Tile and Grout Transformation

In the lap of timeless elegance, the Minneapolis Country Club, established in 1888, recently entrusted Scrub-n-Shine with the restoration of its exquisite pool and tennis building floors and walls. As we pulled in among the distinguished bow-tie, oval, and ram vehicle logos, the task ahead echoed the grandeur of this historical country club.

Tailored Solutions for Quarry Tile Floors

The country club presented us with a unique challenge – two kitchens adorned with quarry clay tile floors and additional quarry tiles from the locker rooms, each posing distinct cleaning issues. The kitchens bore the marks of culinary artistry, with grease, wine, and more deeply embedded in the grout. On the other hand, the locker room quarry tiles faced challenges from chlorine and hard water.

Challenges in Non-Pressure Cleaning

What added complexity to the task was the club’s stipulation against the use of pressure washing equipment. Their preference was clear – a meticulous approach involving thorough scrubbing and mopping.

Precision and Expertise

Our team at Scrub-n-Shine, equipped with industry-leading expertise, delved into the challenge. The meticulous scrubbing and mopping process ensured the restoration of these historic tiles without compromising on the club’s specified cleaning method.

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