Overall, janitorial supply sales (Jan/San) are steadily growing (total sales in 2014 were $24.6 billion). But, traditional distributors are now facing competition from seemingly all angles.

Big Box Stores DO NOT Offer Better Value

We’ve all been to retail stores and have seen vacuum cleaners for $49 and “dollar store” cleaning products. But, you get what you pay for.

We could list numerous cases in this article (i.e., the apartment caretaker that went through five or six $49 vacuums within a year before buying a commercial vacuum that has lasted several years AND cleans their carpets better). Just know that there is no short cut when it comes to quality commercial cleaning products.

“Dollar store” floor cleaning chemicals take more juice per gallon (of water) AND will still not do a proper job.

Seems Like Everyone is in on the Act

Lumber stores, office supply stores, online auction stores, grocery stores, etc. all sell cleaning products as an after thought. Heck, one lumber store chain is now selling mattresses!

We don’t sell 2x4s, staples, Chinese-made Dora dolls or watermelons. We sell the highest quality commercial and industrial grade cleaning equipment, chemicals and supplies. So, if you’re serious about saving time while maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your facility, contact a knowledgeable janitorial supply professional.

Janitorial Distributors are a Much Better Value

Next time you’re in a big box store, ask them why surfactants are important to floor care. When you’re online at “wesellstuffcheap.whatever”, ask if they deliver their cleaning equipment fully assembled; if they offer free on-site training and can help with parts and service. Or ask the lumber store kid, if they can come out and look at what you’re trying to clean, give advice and make product recommendations. Ask the Produce Manager at the grocery store, which floor pad you should use to buff your floors and what RPMs you should buff at (with that pad).

Contact Scrub n Shine for all of your cleaning needs. We can help!

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