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Higher Solids in Floor Finish Do NOT Equal Higher Quality

Choosing the Right Floor Finish: Debunking Old Myths and Embracing Innovations

In the world of hard floor care, the quest for the best floor finish is akin to selecting the perfect trash can liner – a journey that has evolved with technological advancements. Previously, the mantra was “the thicker, the better” for both liners and floor finishes, particularly favoring high solids content. However, modern innovations have revolutionized this perspective.

Nano Technology Redefines Quality

Cutting-edge floor finish manufacturers are now incorporating Nano Technology to create a new generation of super blends. Contrary to the old belief in high solids, these advanced formulations boast lower percentages of solids yet outperform their predecessors. This mirrors the progress in trash can liners, where thinner but higher-quality materials surpass their thicker counterparts.

Polymer Matrix Technology: A Leap Forward

An ingenious approach known as Polymer Matrix Technology has emerged, involving the blending of polymers within polymers. This process combines the strengths of distinct polymers into a single base component, leading to unprecedented performance improvements. The result is a floor finish that defies expectations, showcasing the power of innovation in hard floor care coatings.

Understanding Floor Finish Solids

Traditionally, “solids” represented the percentage of the floor finish that dries as a solid onto the floor, following the belief that building coats with high solids content was the key to achieving desired gloss and protection levels. However, the industry has evolved, challenging the need for a “strip and wax” approach and encouraging a more efficient scrub and re-coat method.

Scrub and Re-Coat: A Modern Approach

Floor finish is no longer referred to as “floor wax,” and the practice of stripping floors is reserved for extreme cases. Instead, the emphasis is on a deep scrub using proper chemicals to remove scuff marks and build-up. This method prepares the surface for a new floor finish without the need for extensive stripping, sealing, and multiple coats.

Quality Matters: State-of-the-Art Blending Technologies

Many floor care contractors may not be well-versed in the composition of their floor finishes or the manufacturing processes behind them. Our commitment lies in using quality floor finishes manufactured with state-of-the-art blending technologies, ensuring superior results and longevity.

Choosing the Right Solids Level for Your Needs

Determining the appropriate level of solids depends on various factors: the type of flooring, environmental exposure, and the importance of sheen and slip resistance. While higher solids finishes offer durability, they can be more challenging to buff, strip, and restore compared to lower or mid-level solids finishes.


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