Removing enamel spray paint from porous materials is extremely difficult.

Sandstone Block is Porous and Soft

This graffiti spray paint tag removal job was extremely tricky. Most contractors would blast away with high pressure water. But, this block was so soft, that it would’ve permanently etched the material. There was no way that we were about to pressure wash this block. It was way too soft.

Instead, we applied chemicals several times and worked it with soft brushes, blotting each time with absorbent towels. A final rinse was done with a garden hose.

Wicking and Shadowing May Occur in Porous Material

We cannot guarantee that there will be no shadows or wicking with spray paint tag removal. Any contractor that guarantees they can, are doing so to get your business. We guarantee our work, strive for complete customer satisfaction and will do our best to get it all the first time. But, when these tag “artists” spray at close range and shoot the enamel paint deep into a porous material such as retaining wall block, the paint is absorbed deep into the material.

Not Damaging the Substrate is Paramount When Doing Graffiti Tag Removal

While paint is absorbed into porous block, so are chemicals when treating these enamel spray paint tags. Care must be taken to use proper chemicals that will loosen and remove spray paint, but not damage the material that it is being removed from. Here again, be very careful with pressure washing and coarseness of brushes and tools to avoid damaging the substrate.

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