A Good Floor Maintenance Plan Involves a Financial Commitment

You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad, the rest of your efforts are meaningless.  Management needs to realize the importance of contracting great floor maintenance contractors that won’t take short cuts.

Many building management professionals (and other contractors) think if you slop down a cheap floor finish to make it shiny for awhile, your customers and employees will find it acceptable. They don’t.

At Scrub n Shine, We Approach Floor Maintenance the Way it Should Be Done

It’s All About “the Build”

Well maintained facilities recognize the overall financial savings of a gradual build and regular maintenance of high quality floor finishes.

Regular Buffing or Burnishing is Critical

Regular buffing (or burnishing) floors is critical in maintaining the floor’s luster, extend the life of the floors as well as the length of time between re-coats. This inexpensive method of removing scuff marks and embedded soil, keeps your floors looking their best on a regular basis while reducing the likelihood of slip & fall accidents.

The Devil is in the Details

We believe a thorough floor cleaning should include corners, edge work, transition trim and baseboards. With new customers, we generally find nasty buildup on baseboards and in corners.  We use a special cleaner and a lot of elbow grease to break down the years of neglect and remove the crud.

A Proactive, Detail-Oriented Approach

We take a proactive approach in all of our cleaning duties.  Regular buffing or burnishing of hard floors is strongly encouraged as part of an overall maintenance program.

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